Guardwell Gloves Reviews | Copper Fit BUSTED!

What are Guardwell Gloves?

In todays uncertain world anything you touch could contain the harmful viruses. And you cannot but come in contact with all the things. You cannot isolate yourself from the rest of the things for too long, you have to go out and touch things. So how do you make sure that touch things but don’t come in contact with the harmful viruses and bacteria? With a hand glove.



Guardwell Gloves Reviews | Copper Fit BUSTED!

Copper Fit, the manufacturers of the famous Copper Compressions Sleeves and have now come up with a lightweight, full-finger, compression glove to protect you from the viruses and bacteria on the surfaces you touch everyday.


How does Guardwell Gloves work?

According to the Copperfit’s official review, copper infused Guardwell compression glove fits like a second skin. The copper in the Guardwell glove claims to reduce the odor causing bacteria. The manufacturer also claims that the Guardwell Gloves use the most advanced compression fabric infused with copper “properties”. The Guardwell gloves are claimed to be lightweight and can be worn all day and provide an added benefit of “compression“.

Sure-grip Silicone Bands in the palm and finger claim to provide a strong non-slip grip so that you can perform heavy-duty tasks. According to the manufacturer’s review, the Guardwell Glove does not compromise on the power, control and agility. The Guardwell gloves are washable and re-usable. The nylon fabric used in the Guardwell Glove claims to be breathable and moisture wicking so that your hands stay cool, dry and comfortable – all day.

The Guardwell Gloves claim to be mobile-friendly too, in the sense that you can use your mobile as efficiently as you would do without them, thanks to the so-called “Touch-Screen Smart Technology Fingertips”.



Guardwell Gloves Reviews

Okay, now that we have seen the claims made by the manufacturer, lets see if the Copper Fit Guardwell really works. What have our product experts and users to say about the Guardwell Gloves.

Not Heavy Duty Gloves

One user mentions in his review that the Copper Fit Guardwell Gloves are not meant for heavy duty work at all. As per his review, he used the gloves while playing golf and after a few shots the Guardwell glove was torn at the bottom of the right thumb. He further mentions in his review that the quality and the built of the Guardwell gloves is questionable.

“The Guardwell gloves ripping off” is the most common complain that we have received. They come apart at the seam or split in the palm, some users have reported that the gloves fall apart in a few days and some have reported few weeks – but they do fall apart. The sewing is very poor and the stitches start to come out too soon. Many users have repaired the open sews by mending and darning.


Arthritis Gloves Sold as “Hand Protector”

One user has reported that the Guardwell Gloves is nothing revolutionary, in-fact these are “arthritis compression gloves” and these as seen on tv marketers are selling them as “hand protectors” to profit from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While there is nothing wrong using the Guardwell gloves, you should know their limitations. The reviewer mentions that the Guardwell gloves are okay, if you just wear them all day and don’t have to do anything heavy. But if you have to do anything heavy then these gloves won’t stand the treatment.

You don’t need a compression gloves to protect yourself from Covid-19, a regular spandex/nylon gloves offer more protection and convenience.



The Non-Slip Rubber Stripes Peel Off

The non-slip “rubbery stripes” on the Guardwell gloves peel off easily. Users have reported that these stripes come off even before the gloves begins to rip off. Once the rubbery stripes are lost, the Guardwell gloves loose their “gripping” feature. One reviewer mentions that the rubber stripes are just stuck to the top of the glove material and they come off very easily even with washing. Reviewers have reported that once the rubber lines on the Guardwell gloves are gone, they find it much easier to use the phone with the gloves on.

The rubber grip lines on the Guardwell gloves make office and household chore cumbersome, reviewers say. You cannot have all the features [non-slip and agility] at the same time, somethings have gotta give.


Touch-Screen Smart Technology Fingertips

The finger tips of the Guardwell gloves have excess material which makes them uncomfortable at the tip of the fingers. The so called “Touch-Screen Smart Technology Fingertips” breaks easily. One particular user who has to operate a computer at his office mentions in her review that the finger-tip cushioning breaks in about a week of usage.

Users don’t find the “Touch-Screen Smart Technology Fingertips” all that friendly and many prefer to remove the gloves when they have to type of the phone.



Won’t Buy Again

Many users feel they wasted their money on the Guardwell Gloves and report that they won’t be buying these Copper fit gloves again. According to the user reviews the Copper Fit Guardwell Gloves are over-hyped arthritis gloves and nothing more. There are plenty of such gloves available on the market and there is nothing specifically good about the Guardwell gloves.


Does it contain real copper?

Nope. The Copper Fit Guardwell gloves does not contain REAL Copper. If you read the description about the gloves carefully you would notice that the official review says that the fabric is “treated” with copper features and does not contain actual copper.


Does the Guardwell glove kill the germs?

Guardwell gloves do not kill Coronavirus or any other germs. While the marketers of the Copper Fit Guardwell Glove do want you to believe that these gloves do kill germs, but it is not so. There is no independent tests done by a competent authority that attests this fact. The “Copper infused fabric” is more of a marketing ploy and offers very little [close to NONE] benefits.


Guardwell Gloves Alternative

Before making a decision of buying the so called “Copper infused gloves” you should be very clear why do you need them. If you need a glove to wear at the workplace like an office – a simple nylon-spandex gloves can serve the purpose. You do not require a copper-infused glove like the Guardwell. Reviewers write to us that there are far better option like the “LIO FLEX Touch Working Gloves” that are tried and tested are far better and cheaper than the exaggerated Guardwell Gloves.

If you are looking for heavy-duty gloves than the “G & F Products 12 Pairs Large Rubber Latex Double Coated Work Gloves” are a better choice.



Our Verdict

We go with the Guardwell Glove reviews, it is not well built and looses its non-grip functionality pretty fast. the gloves themselves rip open at the seams and are not suited for heavy duty work. The manufacturer of the Guardwell gloves have tried to put [or portray] too many features in a simple glove and are trying to sell them as “hand protector” against Covid-19. Clearly the promoters of the Guardwell Gloves are taking the advantage of the Pandemic to sell their product. Stay clear of the Guardwell Gloves.

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