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What is Goodvana End Tag

Want to get rid of the nasty skin tags? Introducing “Goodvana End Tag” the new skin tag remover that claims to contain turmeric and Aloe Vera which gives it moisturizing properties. The promoters claim in their review that simply apply the “Goodvana End Tag” on the skin tags and they fade away and fall off. The official review further claims that the “End Tag” prevents the skin tags from coming back. The person in the official tv ad mentions in his review that he had 20 skin tags on his neck and they were very embarrassing, with the Goodvana Skin Tag all of those have gone.

Goodvana End Tag REVIEW

How does Goodvana End Tag Work?

The Goodvana End Tag formula works by drying the legion and it falls off. No pain and no expensive treatment, they claim. Another reviewer [a woman] in the official Goodvana End Tag video claims that skin tags caused her lot of embarrassment as people used to stare at them at work, with the Goodvana End Tag they are gone forever. The Goodvana End Tag promoters claim that it is gentle enough on sensitive areas like around the eyes, face and neck. A dermatologist on an average charges $75 for removing single skin tag while you get a one 4 oz bottle of the Goodvana Tag End for $29.99. According the the promoter you can have 50 applications per bottle.

Pricing and Availability

The Goodvana End Tag is available only at the official website You get one bottle of Goodvana End Tag [15 ml] for $29.99 + Free Shipping. You can buy two bottles for $44.98. The product is competitively priced but the 30-day money back guarantee is a lie. You still must pay $14.99 to ship the bottle(s) to the manufacturer.

Goodvana End Tag REVIEWS

The manufacturer makes promising claims about the Goodvana End Tag but the actual user reviews reveal a completely different truth. The Goodvana End Tag is nothing like it is made to look like.

Not Available on – One reviewer says that the product is not sold on the because that would reveal the truth about the product. You cannot hide the reviews users post on

Just does not work – So many users complain in their reviews that they applied the Goodvana End Tag 2 to 3 times a day for several weeks and there has been no difference in the skin tags. The tags is still there and looks like they will continue to be there. Goodvana End Tag did not remove any of the tags.

Another user to reported a similar story. He tried the Goodvana End Tag on three skin tags – two small and one large, NOTHING. The skin tags have neither shrunk nor have they fallen off – as the video ad claims. Some people have developed rashes after trying the Goodvana End Tag.

We can keep quoting scores of reviews which have the same theme, “It did nothing to my skin tags”. Almost 25% of the reviews give Goodvana End Tag one-star rating. The Goodvana End Tag does not work.

Ingredients – One reviewer brings to notice that the Goodvana End Tag is not supposed to work because it is a scam. “Nowhere on the website does the manufacturer mentions the ingredients about the solution. This is the first sign that this is a scam. A good product always has its ingredients listed prominently”, – he states.

“The turmeric and Aloe Vera is just to make the product look natural or herbal and offers no real benefit”, says another review.

No Tests – The Goodvana End Tag does not have any medical tests conducted. Nor is it approved by the FDA.

Brand – The Goodvana is a brand promoted by Telebrands, the as seen on tv company known for crappy products that are cheap “made in China” copies of the branded products. Not many users are comfortable with buying a health product from such a company. The Telebrands has become a much maligned brand name and hence they are selling these products under a different brand name – GOODVANA.

Nothing New – There is nothing new or revolutionary in the Goodvana End Tag. It is not the only or the first skin tag remover in the market. Skin Tag Removers are the favorite products of the “As Seen On TV” scam artists. And you have these miracle skin tag remover products coming up very now and then. There have been lot of them – Handvana, EndTag, Tag Away, Provent and others. Neither of these work.

Why do people fall for such products?

Skin Tag removers that actually work, are costly, somewhat painful [because they are “mechanical” and “intrusive”] and tricky to use. And people are reluctant to use them because they are painful, this situation is exploited by these scammers with the miracle products like the Goodvana Skin Tag. Reviewers mention that there is no such thing as “Apply the solution and the tag falls away in a few days”, it is not that easy. The skin tags have to be removed mechanically and it hurts [though not unbearable]. So stop searching for an easy way out and buy something that actually works.

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