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What is Flawless Cleanse Spa?

Cleanse Spa is a new 3-in-1 Spinning Spa brush from Finishing Touch. According to the official website [CleanseSpa.com] review, the Cleanse Spa brush cleanses, massages and exfoliates your skin. A good exfoliating and rejuvenating massage with the Flawless Cleanse Spa in a hot shower will make your day. Or you can use the Flawless Cleanse Spa in the evening after a long hard day at work, to refresh your body and mind. The Flawless Cleanse Spa claims to give you the salon quality treatment in the comfort of your home.

Flawless Cleanse Spa Review | CleanseSpa.com Exposed

The water-resistant Flawless Cleanse Spa features an extended contour handle that reaches all the parts of your body – legs, toes, bottom of the feet, lower and upper back etc. The Cleanse Spa claims to turn your ordinary shower routine into a body rejuvenating spa. The Flawless Cleanse Spa comes with three [3] multi-purpose cleansing heads.



Loofah Cleansing Head

Attach the rotating Loofah head to Flawless Cleanse Spa to give you a full-body spa-like rejuvenating experience. The soft Loofah gives your entire body a soft, gentle and soothing wash.

Cleansing Massage Head Use the rotating Cleansing “Massage” brush head when you want to soothe and rejuvenate the tired sore muscles.

Exfoliating Head The salon quality brush head transforms the Flawless Cleanse Spa into a gentle shower exfoliator. Exfoliates and smooths dry and rough skin.

The Flawless Cleanse Spa comes with a convenient stainless steel shower hook.


Flawless Cleanse Spa Price

You get 1 Flawless Cleanse Spa unit for $29.99 + Free Shipping. The Flawless Cleanse Spa Price is available only at the official website CleanseSpa.com.


Flawless Cleanse Spa Review

Disadvantages of Flawless Cleanse Spa

Battery Operated

The biggest disadvantage of the Flawless Cleanse Spa is that it is battery operated. The official website CleanseSpa.com very cleverly hide this fact and focuses only on the supposed benefits of the spa which too are over-exaggerated.




Another big drawback of the Flawless Cleanse Spa is that it is underpowered and as the battery drains the performance deteriorates even further. The Flawless Cleanse Spa stops working with just a moderate pressure.


Don’t make the Flawless Cleanse Spa wet, it is not waterproof, it is just water-resistant. Using it in a heavy shower will cause the machine to quit working soon. There are few reviews which mention that the Flawless Cleanse Spa machine has stopped working altogether within a few months time.

Limitations of the Rotating Brush

The brush head that comes with Flawless Cleanse Spa is not like the sonic-care brushes. The bristles of the brush-head are not strong enough to exfoliate the skin on the back, and do not provide scrubbing. Our back secretes a lot of “Sebum”, which gets deposited on the hair follicle of our back. This build-up of Sebum can clog the pores of the skin on the back. The Flawless Cleanse Spa rotating brush head is not strong enough to dislodge the Sebum, back acne and dead cells from the skin of your back.



Changing the Heads is a Hassle

Reviews reveal that it is difficult to change the heads of the Flawless Cleanse Spa. Detaching the various heads from the handle is difficult, you need to pull the head hard to get it off. Many users mention in their reviews changing the heads in shower becomes even more tricky as the soapy hands slip on the handle. So most of the users end up with only one attachment when bathing, impossible to change the heads in the middle of the bath.

Difficult for People with Back Issues

People with back issues find it difficult to use the Flawless Cleanse Spa. One user review mentions that it is difficult to reach to the back and the toes.

Bulky and Difficult to Use

There are quite a few reviews that reveal that the Flawless Cleanse Spa is a bulky product. Being heavy, older folks find it difficult to use the Flawless Cleanse Spa with one arm. Elderly people and those suffering from arthritis in particular would find it difficult to use the Flawless Cleanse Spa. The slippery hands make it difficult to guide the machine to the desired area.

Flawless Cleanse Spa is Loud

Though this might not be a serious issue for many, some user reviews mention that the Flawless Cleanse Spa is quite loud.



You Need a Strong Arm

Or else the machine will not stay in place. You need to hold the Flawless Cleanse Spa machine firmly with both hands. If your grip on the handle is not strong you won’t be able to scrub off the dead skin cells and other muck effectively.

A Bit Short for Taller People

Taller people find the Flawless Cleanse Spa to be a bit short. Taller people might not be able to reach their mid-back and might find it uncomfortable.


The Flawless Cleanse Spa machine is unidirectional, that is the brush rotates only in one direction. Many users regard this as a major disadvantage. An exfoliating brush spinning in both the directions can exfoliate far better than an unidirectional one.

Exfoliation Not Very Great

Some users report that the exfoliation head is not very effective. One review particularly claims that he tried the Flawless Cleanse Spa exfoliation head on the thighs and calves and he did not see any difference at all. The user decided to return the Flawless Cleanse Spa. The verdict is that the simple exfoliating brush works better than the Flawless Cleanse Spa.


Advantages of Flawless Cleanse Spa

Use Liquid Soap

For the Flawless Cleanse Spa to work efficiently, you need to use liquid soap. Using the liquid soap on the head creates good suds and the brush glides effortlessly on the skin.



Suds Up Well

Almost all the reviewers agree that the Flawless Cleanse Spa suds up well. Great way of putting soap on the back and lower back. The spinning motion disperses the soap on the entire back.

Great Attachments

Many users find the various [3] attachments quite handy. One reviewer claims that the trick is to use the Flawless Cleanse Spa slowly and not rush. Though it does not scrub deeply like the sonic brushes. Grooved Handle provides easy grip.


Our Verdict

Lack of built-in rechargeable batteries, difficulty of use, poor results and better alternatives make Flawless Cleanse Spa an expensive gadget you don’t require.

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