Ear Basics REVIEW | As Seen On TV Personal Sound Amplifier BUSTED!!

Ear Basics Personal Sound Amplifier
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What is Ear Basics?

Ear Basics is the latest rechargeable personal sound amplifier (PSPA) that claims to amplify the sound 30 times. The promoters of the Ear Basics further claim that their “personal sound amplifier” is discreet, contoured, unisex and its volume can be adjusted.

How does Ear Basics work?

Ear Basics works on the same principle that all other Personal Sound Amplifier use, it amplifies the sound signals. Personal Sound Amplification Products like the “as seen on tv” Ear Basics feature following components:
  • Microphone
  • Amplifier
  • Speaker
  • Volume Controller
  • Batteries
The microphone in the Ear Basics captures the sound waves and converts the sound waves into electrical signals. The sound amplifier in the Ear Basics then increases the amplitude of the electrical signals using the batteries. The speaker then convert these electrical signals back to sound waves but with higher amplitude. With the volume control you can adjust the pitch of the output audio.

The Ear Basics Personal Sound Amplifier features clear tubing which makes it difficult to notice. It also comes with 6 ear buds. The Ear Basics claims to fit the contour of your ears. With the batteries fully charged the Ear Basics claims to work for 20 hours before needing to be recharged.

Is Ear Basics a Hearing Aid?

Nope. Ear Basics Personal Sound Amplifier is not an alternative to Hearing Aids and is not supposed to be used if you are experiencing hearing loss. For hearing loss you need a FDA approved Hearing Aid prescribed by the physician.

Ear Basics Uses

For watching TV in low volume with your partner sleeping. The Ear Basics will (theoretically) increase the pitch of the volume FOR YOU and not disturb others. This is the most common use of the personal sound amplifiers like the Ear Basics. Remember, the Ear Basics personal sound amplifier is not to be used as a “hearing aid” if you are losing hearing ability. You might need a prescription device to “treat” your hearing problem.

How does Ear Basics Differ from other Personal Sound Amplifier?

Though Personal Sound Amplifiers like Ear Basics and Prescription Hearing work on the same principles, hearing aid features more advanced technology by which it can choose the specific sound to amplify. The personal sound amplifiers like Ear Basics amplify ALL the sound that falls on the microphone.

Ear Basics Price

Ear Basics is priced at $25 + $8 S/h. Ear Basics is available only at the official website: EarBasics.com | Your Ear Basics kit includes:
  • 1 Ear Basics Personal Sound Amplifier Unit
  • 6 Silicone Ear Buds
  • 1 Charging Base
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 Cleaning Brush

Ear Basics REVIEW

Windy Sound

Eduardo Lorene mentions in her review that the Ear Basics Personal Sound Amplifier has some issues regarding the sounds saying that it sounds too windy at volume 1 or 2.

Constant Background Hiss Sound

Similarly Alan Green says in her Ear Basics review that there is a constant hiss that can be heard. Even further mentioning that the hiss sound remains constant even when the volume is lowered.

Richard Greene mentions that the Ear Basics Personal Sound Amplifier makes too much noise however failed to return the product back and mentions that it is worthless product.

Betty Lawson too mentions in her Ear Basics review that the Personal Sound Amplifier sounds are too frustrating and harmful and it should not be considered as a hearing aid and also mentions that the sounds suddenly gets louder though there is an option but precaution is a must.

Works Fine Indoors

Micheal Wheeler claims in his review that though the same windy sounds gets louder outdoors, however the Ear Basics works well in indoors. He further clarifies in his review that the product’s volume cannot be set up more than 2 and it sometimes becomes too loud.

Carroll Gonzales says in her review that she is glad she read the Ear Basics reviews first before purchasing the Personal Sound Amplifier for her mother.

Ear Basics is Unreliable

Andrew Campbell mentions in his Ear Basics review that the Personal Sound Amplifier stopped working after a couple of months. her further mentions in the review that he wouldn’t buy anything from the TV and regrets he did not read the reviews first.

Deceptive Marketing by Ear Basics

Nick H reveals in his review about the deceptive marketing techniques adopted by the marketers of Ear Basics. He claims in the review that the marketing theme is concocted in way that it portrays Ear Basic as a solution for hearing loss, which is obviously not true.

Ear Basics Shipping Charges

Ray mentions that the Ear Basics Personal Sound Amplifier charges a high amount on the shipping charges. And if you decide to return the Ear Basics, you still have to pay $8.

Brand Matters

Aaron Robinson mentions in his Ear Basics review that it matters a lot which company you are buying health products like the Ear Basics amplifier. He states that he would not buy a personal sound amplifier from an “as seen on tv company” which does not have any experience of making “quality” health-care products.

Ear Basics PRICE

Billy Cox claims in his Ear Basics review that given the “cheap” price of the Ear Basics, you get what you pay for. He reveals in his review that quality personal sound amplifiers are not so cheap. Branded personal sound amplifiers cost more than $50. He further states that Ear Basics is a rip-off and they selling cheap Chinese crap whose quality is inimaginable.

Our Verdict On Ear Basics

As one of the user mentions in his review that the price of the product decides the quality of the product. Hearing loss is a major issue in the US and this situation is exploited by the marketers of crappy products like Ear Basics. The other reason why people get sucked into buying these rip-off products is the price. Most quality personal sound amplifiers are pricey, costing above $50 (some with more features range between $100 to $300). As Seen On TV Marketers have a well established strategy of selling their inferior products. They copy a branded product and claim it has the same features/benefits as the branded one and sell it at a cheap price. Gullible Americans get sucked into buying these products which hardly work like the original ones.

Ear Basics is a classic case of such rip-off. We do not recommend this as seen on tv personal sound amplifier. Instead here are a few branded alternatives

  • Coniler Hearing Amplifier for Adults and Seniors
  • Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-206 with 4 Channels Layered Noise Reduction
  • Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifier
  • Neosonic Hearing Amplifier EZ to Aid and Assist Hearing
  • Clearon Digital Hearing Amplifier

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  1. The cable is to long. Sticks way out and doesn’t fit my moms head. It would be nice if there were smaller options with the cable and not just the ear buds.

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