Dream Renu Review | DreamRenu.com Charcoal Foot Peel Review

What is Dream Renu?

As per the official website DreamRenu.com, it is a charcoal foot peel that claims it removes dead cells, dry skin and callouses from your feet when applied on the skin. Its concept is like that of a mask, which is applied on the feet, is to be left on the skin for ten minutes. It percolates into dry skin and callouses deeply and results in softer and younger-looking feet. The secret to its effectiveness is its proprietary preparation, which is fortified with activated charcoal and gentle acids. Using Dream Renu is easy and convenient; it doesn’t have to be scrapped or scrubbed hard onto your skin. All you have to do is apply it gently to your feet, leave it for ten minutes softer, beautiful and healthy feet and even get rid of callouses for good.


Dream Renu Review | DreamRenu.com Charcoal Foot Peel Review


How does Dream Renu Work?

The ingredients of the Dream Renu foot peel break down the out layer of the foot skin which is mostly dead skin cells. The dead skin cells are replaced by new skin cells giving your feet a new skin. Having said all this, this is “in theory” – how the DreamRenu.com charcoal feet peel works. But the practical application reviews are quiet different.


What does Dream Renu do?

The creators of Dream Renu guarantee rewarding results in a short span of time. It contains gentle, skin-friendly ingredients such as rosemary, mint, grape seed oil and aloe which, along with natural acids, makes your feet baby soft and also eliminate callouses. Further, the makers of Dream Renu claim that it also removes deeper callouses that have been afflicting your feet for years, if it’s used a few more times consistently. The creators of this foot peel solution promise that if dry, unkempt feet with uncomfortable calluses are bothering you, help is at hand. All you have to do is procure Dream Renu and to have happy, beautiful feet you’ve always wanted.



Dream Renu Price Review

The Dream Renu is priced at $19.95 + Free Shipping. You can order the second Dream Renu bottle for an extra price of $6.95. The Dream Renu is available only at the official website DreamRenu.com.

Another area where Dream Renu scores high is the price factor. It is not a very steeply priced product when compared to most other foot peel masks. Customers have bought two pairs of Dream Renu for less than what some big brands cost. They say there’s no noticeable difference in the results both show. However, some have stated they have to use both the pairs in a short span of time to get it to work positively. It means there’s not much one saves while using this brand as other brands don’t necessitate this frequency of use.


Dream Renu REVIEW

Dream Renu has overall bagged agreeable response from its customers who’ve also tried other foot peel masks brands.



Good at What it’s Supposed to do

A user who has tried out various other alternatives says Dream Renu is not any inferior that other high-end brands that cost a fortune. According to her, this foot peel mask is definitely good at its job. The only catch here is that it binds itself too tight with the skin, which can be a bit dangerous if not peeled off with care. A number of users have said that Dream Renu is decent, isn’t too strong and peels off quite smoothly. According to them, the claim that this foot peel mask shows results between three to seven days is correct. Customers say they have been pleasantly surprised to see unwanted skin peeling off the way they want it within the stipulated time.


Runny Consistency

Some users of Dream Renu have posted that their feet often feel excessively dry after use. They also found peeling off the solution a bit difficult. Further, when it is in contact with the skin, it simply slithers down. Wearing tight-fitting booties that cover the ankles also doesn’t work unless extra precautions are taken. Unlike other alternatives, one can’t rest easy with Dream Renu on. The feeling that it will soil the sheets and blankets is always there. Since this doesn’t happen with other brands, they’ve decided to go back to the other brands they’ve used earlier.

A user has mentioned that she puts up tape on socks to prevent the solution from leaking out. At the end of it all, using Dream Renu feels awkward and inconvenient as they have to make sure it doesn’t create a mess while in use. Quite a few users have also said that it feels patchy after it comes off. This is not something that happens with a lot of other brands.



Feeling of Discomfort and Irritation

Although Dream Renu works in most cases, there have been complaints about its quality. A few customers have written in that their feet turned itchy when they used it. They started wondering if the product causes allergy or if it’s a one-off reaction that won’t occur again. Some customers have even found callouses on their feet after using this solution. They’ve had to tend to the callouses apart from struggling with getting their feet turning smoother and better-looking. They feel that Dream Renu is just hype and not worth what it costs. Many people also feel that it has a rather unpleasant smell. Other products, whether they work or not, at least smell actually nice. They feel that the makers of Dream Renu could’ve taken care of this aspect.





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  1. I just got snail mail from these people canceling my order because they have run out of product. They assured me my card was not charged.

  2. I wish when you order something that is going to come from China, they would say so before you pay. I don’t like getting the message after I’ve given my credit card info, that my order will arrive in 3 to 8 weeks. That always means 8 weeks, if then. 🙁

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