Diamond Silk REVIEW | “Diamond” Foot File Care As Seen On TV

Read the genuine Diamond Silk review as we scrutinize the claims and reviews and give our verdict on the Diamond Silk foot file. Diamond Silk is the first diamond foot file, but does the “Diamond Silk” really work? or is it a scam. Do not buy the Diamond Silk until you read this [Diamond Silk] review by OspreyReviews.com – the only honest review of the as seen on tv diamond foot file.

What is Diamond Silk?

Introducing the new AS SEEN ON TV Diamond Silk! This revolutionary ground-breaking beauty product thrives in mellow, smooth foot care. Diamond Silk is a diamond foot file that removes calluses and also claims to make the foot smooth. Diamond Silk is a foot file, pedi file, callus remover all rolled into one.

Diamond Silk
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How does Diamond Silk work?

Diamond Silk claims to instantly and seamlessly discards dry, cracked skin so your feet look and feel better all that with a feather touch making you feel zero pain in the process! The secret according to the promoters of the Diamond Silk is the innovative Thousand Point Diamond Filing Surface that takes away the dry, dead, and cracked skin with a simple gentle buffing stroke that leaves your skin ultra silky-smooth and touch ably soft. Diamond Silk claims to be gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. This device functions both wet AND dry, claims won’t wear out , even rinses clean all that just within seconds. The Diamond Silk supposedly features 1000 diamond filing surface is absolutely safe to touch and it’s so gentle that it won’t even pop a balloon yet without any irritation or sensation it will make you feel fantastic and give you salon type results.

Life can be tough for our feet. The constant wear and tear everyday filled with so many ups and downs. It’s discomforting to notice all those tiny marks and wrinkles near your ankles while your feet actually needs to feel pretty. Our goal was to give you silky smooth and touch ably soft skin without having to go through the usual remedial troubles. Diamond Silk is a foot file that is designed to instantly & painlessly eliminate dry & cracked skin leaving your beautiful feet the way they should be , looking smooth and stunning. It guarantees a softer smoother pair of feet than one could’ve ever thought possible!

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Diamond Silk Reviews

Variable costs

A user reviewed Diamond Silk as a poor pedi file, stating that Diamond Silk does not function any better than other items of the same category that they had previously owned and tried. Surprisingly even the cost paid for the product was not what they claimed it to be. He further says in his review that there is nothing special about the “diamond file” in the Diamond Silk pedi file. He says the “1000 diamonds” is just a marketing ploy to make the foot file look “unique” and “revolutionary”. If the diamonds would have really worked in filing foot skin and calluses, established brands would have already come up with such a product long back. And they haven’t that means the concept of Diamond Silk does not work.

Opt for known products instead of promising new ones

Another unhappy Diamond Silk customer gave a friendly advice of purchasing a pumice stone for a lesser price instead of this Diamond Silk and it would still do a better job than what this one can. A consumer’s perspective assumes that a better price buffer would be the right option, sadly that isn’t be the case here, notice that many Diamond Silk reviews indicate that, yet the user fell for the marketing trap and found that the product isn’t worth the buy at all.

Looks fancy but that’s about it

While Diamond Silk seems like a nice product to flaunt since it has sleek features giving it a futuristic look but it’s absolutely useless!. Of course it does the minimum work of scraping a bit of callus here or there but that is really time consuming, not to mention the energy or patience in the process. Totally not what was promised in the advertisements.

False Promises

Another user mentioned in his review that she decided to pick this Diamond Silk foot file up after she went through positive reviews. However it turned out that the skin on her heels were too tough for the Diamond Silk to manage and she felt that instead a cheap buffer from a pharmacy could’ve done a much better job. Which is such a shame after spending a substantial amount on something only to notice that its a scam.

Not so easy and fast

A Diamond Silk user stated in his review that she had a lot of experience in the past using products that did a much better job than this particular item. For the price on has to pay to own this, the hard work one has to put in at buffing your feet just isn’t worth it.

Diamond Silk does not work on calluses

Another unhappy customer said that she thought this product might be the thing for her sore feet, but it’s failed to stand up to her expectations, at least that’s what she felt. Although there were related product ads that stated that they specifically were for calluses since some of the reviews indicated this product worked well on calluses she purchased the Diamond Silk. Unfortunately ,it did not! It worked well on the heel area, but not anywhere else on the bottom of the foot. The buffer in fact is decently designed, pretty sturdy and doesn’t take too long to clean up. But when it comes to the steep price, that’s highly to be recommendable.

Never makes the feet fully soft

A user complained in his Diamond Silk review that she only picked this cause everyone she knew was raving about it and claimed that it fixed their really cracked heels. She noticed that while it did take off a lot of white dead skin but that would require using it a lot of times, with Flexitol and socks, she soon realized that it helped a bit but never ever made her feet completely soft, so that really spoils the entire point. Shortly after , she got her cracked feet back.

Diamond Silk is a Mediocre Product

A reviewer mentions how she had a chronic dry skin condition (Ichthyosis vulgaris) which made her heels rock hard, super-dry and prone to cracking. She used to go to a salon to get the skin rezoned out, until better foot files were made available for sale. She remembers that out of the many she tried, the worst to date was the Ped Egg, while the best is the Micro-Plane XL. According to her review Diamond Silk was something in the middle because It did do something, but for folks with substantially dry heels it couldn’t get the job done. She found Diamond Silk useful to pair with an after use of the the micro-plane to get the excess skin off, since it’s good at softening the skin, but not for using it alone. To combine Diamond Silk with another item will probably be the right option. But is that really feasible for everybody ? That is a million dollar question.

Not strong enough

Another displeased user stated in her Diamond Silk review that she wasn’t accustomed to using a tool with dry feet, however some skin did come off while one is using it. If you have a lot of callus, this tool isn’t strong enough and a bad option. While it is good for smoothing feet, not so much for sloughing.

Analysis of the Daimond Silk Claims

Before and After Images of Diamond Silk

In the given images, its noticeable that the left image has cracks while the right one does not. That being said, we all are aware of how simple it is to use Photoshop and similar applications these days to simply brighten the shades of images and make them look appealing. In fact, we don’t really know if the images are actually before-after on the same feet once the product was used.

Get Salon results fast and easy at home

Diamond Silk is fast and easy is just a lie. No good thing happens quickly and Rome wasn’t built in a day! Our feet go through so much wear and tear because of the exertions we put ourselves under. At a salon one is assured that a professional therapist is going to rub and clean the pores of our feet for minutes at a stretch just to give us a better sensation and the feet , a clearer and much cleansed feel. These have to be repeated to maintain them and keep them in great shape. It isn’t possible to get all that done with just a small device like Diamond Silk, that also in very little time. That’s just not very assuring.

Silky smooth and Soft Results

We hope this really happens, let’s face it; We all want that. Right? the very point of looking for such a product or such a foot therapy is to get silky smooth and touchably soft skin so lets hope these are the results this product can deliver. But none of the Diamond Silk reviews have confirmed this claim.

Soft, smooth results quick and easy

Diamond Silk claims to be soft, smooth on skin and offer quick and easy results. But the Diamond Silk reviews are contradict the claims. While the Diamond Silk is softer compared to other metallic foot files it does not make your foot smooth and neither is it quick. You have to file your foot numerous times to remove the dead skin and calluses.

Revolutionary new breakthrough in foot care

The world is fast paced and everything has so much competition, so much versatility and so many options for the people to buy and sell. In this kind of a market, it’s really tough to say which one is a breakthrough because due to the high population in the world , almost every second a new product is being launched with the claims that this will create a revolution and this is the thing people have been waiting for. The tried and tested methods might be traditional and time consuming but they get the job done and the modern techniques too which are being accepted globally do tend to make their presence felt.

Our verdict on Diamond Silk

It is natural to lose the beauty of your feet in the day-to-day life adventures. If only one could have baby skin for life. However , that being said with the help of technology we have advanced today and found more innovative ways to live lives of comfort. For that , lets take the time to choose the right products instead of picking the flashy ones because all that glitters is not gold! This item was one such example of what not to buy , instead a good idea would be to look out for specifications so as to come across the perfect item for us that would not only fit our budgets but would also be worth our time.

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