Copper Wear Mask Review | Is a Rip-Off?

What is it?

Copper Wear is a re-usable, machine washable mask that claims to be infused with copper fibers. The promoters of Copper Wear Mask claim that real copper threads are woven in the Copper Wear Mask using an unknown “Fiber Matrix Copper Technology”. They claim them to be cool and easy to breath trough. You can wear them all day around the house and when going out to get essentials. The official website is

Copper Wear Mask Review

Material of the Mask

The promoters [] do not provide any information related to the material of the Copper Wear Mask except that it contains copper threads. Based on the reviews we have received, we conclude that the Copper Wear Masks are made from a thin nylon material. The mask material is very thin and has just a single layer.

Size of the Copper Wear Masks

These are “one size fits all” masks The promoters of Copper Wear claim that the properties of copper have anti-germ properties and the mask is big enough to cover the nose, mouth and the chin area.

Benefits of Copper Wear Masks

They are washable upto 40 times so unlike disposable masks which are in short supply and you need a lot of them. The better alternative is to use reusable nylon masks like the Copper Wear. Though not as effective as the surgical masks, they are enough to cover your nose and mouth, something is better than nothing. The copper supposedly has anti-microbial properties that helps the Copper Wear Mask to get rid of odors. The copper in no way kills the Coronavirus and other viruses. So don’t get lured into thinking that this copper mask offers better protection than others.

Pros and Cons of the Copper Wear Masks Pros

  • They are available and ready to ship!
  • Reusable up to 40 times as claimed by the manufacturer, but users complain that it lasts just a few washes.
  • These copper masks are washable. We recommend hand washing them with soap and water. Cons

  • “One size fits all”, so not many people will have a perfectly fitting mask.
  • They have a a peculiar “smoky” smell, but the smoke goes away after one wash.
  • The Copper Wear Masks are very thin and are not as efficient as 3-ply surgical masks (disposable masks).
  • You have to wear two masks to have a firm barrier between your face and the environment.
  • Many reviews mention that the the quality of the Copper Wear Masks is really bad and they doubt if they really offer better protection.
  • The pad is very thin and the construction looks flimsy and the copper fabric is not going to stop the germs from entering your body.
  • The Copper Wear Masks lack the inseam that you find in quality masks.
  • Users mention that putting a handkerchief on your face would offer better protection than the Copper Wear Mask.
  • There is no nose wire on the Copper Wear Masks, so they are going to fog up your glasses.
  • You can feel your breath come out from the top gap created on sides of the nose. some people may find it very annoying, especially those wearing glasses.
  • Many reviewers suspect these could be “Made in China” masks.
  • The Copper Wear Masks do not have elastic, so they do not grip your your ears firmly and do not cover your nose securely. You always feel like they fall off.
  • The elastic loosens up and the Copper Wear Mask than slips down, many reviewers complain about this. Also the elastic of the mask is poor.
  • Cannot be machine-washed, you have to be very careful when washing the Copper Wear masks as the delicate stitching and elastic snap easily.
  • The Copper Wear Masks are not FDA/CDC/WHO approved.
  • People allergic to copper cannot/should not use this mask.

Is it unique?

Nope The Copper Wear Masks are nothing different from the other nylon re-usable masks out there in the market. They are all the same, maybe manufactured at the same location.

Is there anything to the Copper Fabric?

Nothing. The “Fiber Matrix Copper Technology” is just a fancy name given to supposed copper threads. But there is no way you can confirm this as a fact. Besides putting copper in a face mask does not prevent the viruses and bacteria getting inside your body. The “copper” thing is just a marketing ploy.

Do they work?

All face masks work. Though the Copper Wear Masks are at the lower end of the effective mask’s spectrum, but with shortage of the N95 and surgical masks, these copper masks are the only options available with you.


The Copper Wear Masks are priced at $29.99 and $11.98 s/h. These copper masks are available only at the official website The Copper Wear Masks are very expensive compared to the 3-ply surgical masks but is at par with the similar nylon masks. Here is a price comparison of Copper Wear Mask and others.

Price Comparison

Masks Material Quantity Price Price Compared to Copper Wear
Simliber Cotton 3 Masks $21.99 Cheaper by 400%. Price of 1 mask is $7.33
Yoodelife Cotton 3 Black Masks $22.99 Cheaper by 391%. Price of 1 mask is $7.66
Copper Wear Mask Nylon 1 Mask $29.99 Price of One Mask is $29.99
Unime Mask Cotton 2 Masks $14.99 Cheaper by 400%. Price of 1 mask is $7.49
Neovoo Cotton (35%) and Polyester (65%) 3 Masks $8.95 Cheaper by 1000%. Price of 1 mask is $2.98
The above comparison proves that the Copper Wear Mask is way expensive and not worth the price. Buy a better alternatives on

Are the Copper Wear Masks Recommended?

We do recommend the Copper Wear Masks though there are several better masks available on, which are exactly like Copper Wear Masks. We do not recommend the Copper Wear Masks for the “Copper” feature it claims to have, but because you have a mask that is READY TO SHIP to your doorstep. We even feel that it is the same mask that is been sold under different names on because they all look so similar. If you are worried about losing your mask then “BuyNeverLost” is the best mask for you.

7 Comments on "Copper Wear Mask Review | Is a Rip-Off?"

  1. This has to be the worst mask that I have used in the past year. It is also the first one that irritates my skin and am not able to wear it. It is also poorly designed laying almost flat on the face not like the good ones that have the V shape. So Awful product in all areas.

  2. Why would you show and encourage people to wear a mask in their own home? I believe we are doing more damage to our bodies by rebreathing than the virus. Time will tell ..especially on children’s health.

  3. You do not have to wonder: it clearly says “Made in China”

  4. I purchased these mask and they are not what they advertised, first of all they do have a filter. Also these masks fit too close to your nose causing some difficulty in breathing! Waste of: $41.90, do not bother!

  5. Calvin Davis | June 9, 2020 at 9:16 pm | Reply

    my name is Calvin Davis my brother( Eddie Lee Davis) order the Copper mask from you and paid for it, Why have we not received the items that we paid for I NO that the convid 19 virus low things up but how can we get the product that we order from you Eddie Lee Davis 20100 Lorain Rd Apt 117 Cleveland Ohio 44126-3430 216 7859095 or Cell-216-924-6388 can i get a phone call from you that tell me why my order is hold up or email my brother

  6. jerry donaldson | May 29, 2020 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    I ordered 2 masks buy 1 get 1 free just pay shipping, checked my debit and they took out 115.00 for2 masks, thats all I ordered nothing else, please advise

    • Shelby Sickler | June 5, 2020 at 8:44 pm | Reply

      I wanna know where my masks are, because they took my money 2 weeks ago, the phone is always busy, so I can’t find out the status of my order. Shelby

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