Copper Fit Zen Step Review | Exposed

What is “Zen Step”?

Zen Steps are new insoles from Copper Fit that claim to massage and soothe your feet. The official Copper Fit Zen Step review claims that these insoles have an impact-absorbing foam footbed that is designed with stimulating reflexology massage nodes that help relieve pain pressure points and keep your feet comfortable all day long. The Zen Step’s massage nodes claim to gently relax the sore soles with the soothing massage.


Copper Fit Zen Step Review | Exposed


The reviews in the official website claim that your feet get massaged with every step you take. The massage is subtle like a finger massage at the bottom of your feet, the reviewers in the official Copper Fit Zen Step video claim.



Breathable Surface

The full-length impact absorbing Copper Fit Zen Step insole features a breathable [ventilated] cooling surface for “stay-dry” comfort. Like all other Copper Fit Products, the Zen Step too is infused with copper to reduce odor and bacteria buildup. The arch and heel of the Copper Fit Zen Step are contoured for extra support and energizing comfort. The slim profile of the Copper Fit Zen Step makes it fit comfortably in all footwear.


What does the Copper Fit Zen Step actually feel like?

Based on the reviews in the official website [], people have experienced feelings like “walking on the cloud”. You feel relaxing squeezes with every step you take. Your feet actually feel happy. The little nodes on the Zen Step are like massage bubbles that make your feet feel good. Reviewers [from the official website] also claim that support and comfort provided by the Copper Fit Zen step is consistent throughout the day, “it feels just as relaxing in the last hour of work as it did in the first hour. It’s like having a pillow for your feet. The little massager bubbles of the Copper Fit Zen Step actually get into the nooks and crannies of your feet to provide relaxing, soothing massage. These reviews and experiences are hard to trust as they are from the manufacturer’s website. You have to check the actual user reviews to find out if the Copper Fit Zen Step actually works.



You can put the Copper Fit Zen Step Foot Insoles in:

  • Dress Shoes
  • Sports Shoes
  • Work Shoes
  • Casual Shoes


Who can use the Copper Fit Zen Step?

People who have to walk a lot during work or any activity. Sportsmen, Construction site workers, Nurses, everybody can use the Copper Fit Zen Step. Zen Step is for everyone who wears a pair of shoes.


What do I get?

A Pair of Copper Fit Zen Step for $19.99 + Free Shipping. The insole is available only at the official website


Copper Fit Zen Step REVIEWS

The actual Copper Fit Zen Step user reviews contradict the claims made by the Zen Step manufacturer.


Zen Step Insoles Do not Work as Claimed

Many buyers got sucked into buying the Copper Fit Zen Step assuming it relieves foot pain, but the majority of the buyers report that “Pain Relief” is a false claim. The Zen Step insoles hardly relieve any foot pain. They do not do what they claim to do. The insoles are overrated, providing no better support than the normal insoles. Cheap copied version of Dr. Scholls. Copper Fit Zen Step is a good insole if you use it for casual walking around the house and garden. don’t expect it to help you with pain relief if you are doing standing 8 hour job. Buyers suggest buying the “Memory Foam” insoles which offer the kind of support and pain relief, claimed by Copper Fit Zen Step.


Nodes are IrritatingCopper Fit Zen Step insole users mention in their reviews that the nodes do not provide any massage at all, in-fact many users find them irritating.


“Not Much Cushion”

Reviews mention that the Copper Fit Zen Step advertising is misleading and the insole fails to provide the required cushion as they are very thin. The Zen Step has less padding than other similar insoles in the market. As per the reviews, Copper Fit Zen Step fails to provide any cushion under the ball of the foot. One review mentions that the Copper Fit Zen Step insoles are not very useful on flat shoes, they work better on shoes with heels.


Not Much Support Either

People report that pain is still there after putting the Copper Fit Zen Step insole in the shoes. Does nothing to reduce heel pain. User reviews say that you feel a need to insert one more insole below the Zen Step. No support to the heels either. Many users point out that there is not much gel in the Copper Fit Zen Step inserts.



Wears Out Quickly

The small cushion bubbles last only for a few months [some reviews even mention 1 month] and then they almost flatten out. Of-course this is after heavy daily use, but that is what the Copper Fit Zen Step is meant to be used for. People have reported that the Zen Step insoles lose their “bounce” in about a few weeks. One the “dots” wear off the inserts are pretty much useless. “The more you walk, the sooner the dots disappear. No cushioning or massaging effect at all” – one Zen Step reviewer mentions.


Walking on the Marbles, Pebbles, Cobblestones, Gravels & Fuzzballs

Many Copper Fit Zen Step reviewers mention that it feels like walking on the marbles when the inserts are new. After a couple of months of daily use, the marbles flatten out. One user reports that the Copper Fit Zen Step inserts feel like wearing socks filled with fuzzballs. If you are a lightweight person you might enjoy the “bumps” you get from walking these inserts but not of much help for a “heavy” person. One user who has sensitive feet reports that it feels like walking on the gravel. Wearing thicker socks reduces the feeling of bumps, one reviewer says.


Misleading Claims

User reviews reveal that the Copper Fit Zen Step does not rejuvenate and energize your tired feet. The TV ad is misleading where it shows people engaged in various activities like sports, work etc. But based on the actual reviews the fact is clear that the Copper Fit Zen Step insert does not help for people doing activities that involve walking.


Not Suited for Heavy-Duty Work

One user who works 8 hours on concrete and asphalt says that the Copper Fit Zen Step did nothing to relieve pain. “In about an hour the insert flattens out owing to the weight and the pressure from the below, no support of any kind”. “These Zen Step inserts are not suited for heavy-duty work, maybe they are OK for office work where the flooring is carpeted”, he says in the Copper Fit Zen Step review. Go for memory foam inserts he suggests. Another Copper Fit Zen Step user mentions in her review that she works in a warehouse and does a 10-day shift. “The Zen Step inserts offer some relief from the pain for a couple of hours early on, but that is it. The pain is back again again and lasts all day long. She recommends Sr. Scholls inserts in place of the Copper Fit Zen Step.



One Size Does NOT Fits All

This is a major disadvantage of the Copper Fit Zen Step – “One Size Fits All”. While it does fit for most people, there are a sizable number of users who Zen Step users who complain that they had to cut the insole to make it fit in the shoes. Some people have reported that if your shoes fit you perfectly, then the Copper Fit Zen Step would make your feet feel cramped.


Some Good Points about the Copper Fit Zen Step

Some people have a few good words to say about the Copper Fit Zen Step. “It feels spongy like you are wearing the bathroom slippers” but the insoles don’t offer the support for long enough.

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