Copper Fit Recharge Review | Does Work?

What is Copper Fit Recharge?

As per the official website, tt is an all new wearable and rechargeable pain relief pad that according to the manufacturer you can wear all day long to provide instant pain relief. According to the manufacturer’s review, you can use the unit even while engaged in sports activity, though this claim is found to be untrue – based on the user reviews. The Copper Fit Recharge unit claims to relieve pain instantly from various parts of the body including back, knees, shoulders, thighs and calves.


Copper Fit Recharge Review | Does Work?


How does Copper Fit Recharge Work?

The Copper Fit Recharge claims to combine two proven methods of instant pain relief – EMS [Electrical Muscle Stimulation], which improves muscle strength. The second method is TENS [Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation] which blocks the “pain” signals sent by the nervous system to the spinal cord and the brain – where the interpretation of pain happens. While the Copper Fit Recharge works in theory it has very little practical use as you will see in the review section below.


The Copper Fit Recharge features a main unit that can be attached to pads [they come in two sizes small and large]. The unit has four pulsating modes [Kneading, Acupressure, Tapping and Deep Tissue]. The Copper Fit Recharge unit can be used at home or outdoors to relieve the pain.

Testimonials in the Website

Copper Fit Recharge claims to deliver fast therapeutic massage like sensations. The paid actors in the Copper Fit Recharge ad glorify the product with their high sound testimonials. These “actors” represent a varied group of people from different walks of life – young and old, some doing hard physical work, some engaged in sedentary jobs etc. All of them claim that Copper Fit Recharge was able to relieve pain instantly – WOW. But when we analyzed the actual USER reviews of the product, they are completely reverse of what the testimonials in the ad say.


Copper Fit Recharge Pricing

The Copper Fit Recharge is priced at $39.99 + Free S/h. It is available at the official website You get all this:
  • 1 Rechargeable Controller
  • 1 Small Gel Electrode Pad
  • 1 Large Gel Electrode Pad
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 Adaptor


Does the Copper Fit Recharge Really Work?

Review Summary: Nope. The Copper Fit Recharge does not work as claimed.

The answer to the rhetorical question “Does it Really Work?” read the review below.




Inconvenient to Use

The most common complaint about the Copper Fit Recharge is that it is awkward, inconvenient to use and hard to position on the pain area which you cannot see by yourself [something like your back]. One reviewer asks the question, “How are you supposed to turn it on after placing it at the back since the controls are very close and you don’t know which button you are pressing”. You cannot use it all by yourself on your back and other hard to reach places, you need someone’s help. Once attached to your back you don’t know what intensity level you have selected – impossible to operate on your own. You can use it on the areas which you can visibly see. You have to keep pressing the settings button and go through various cycles until you find the right setting through trial and error. The middle part where the controller is attached to the pad is completely blank, that part does not have any vibration at all, you can feel the vibration in the pads around the controller but not exactly below the unit. Many people have reported the unit to be uncomfortable and awkward.



Does not Relieve Pain

Almost 80% of the reviewers complain that the Copper Fit Recharge does not relieve pain.




Does Not Work for Muscle Knots

The Copper Fit Recharge does not for work muscle knots. One user with muscle knots in the upper back reported that the Copper Fit Recharge did nothing to relieve the tension. One reviewer remarks that the Copper Fit Recharge is just another “pain relieving gadgets” with hefty claims but no results.




Gel Pads Don’t Stick

Some users have reported that the Copper Fit Charge gel pads do not stick after a couple of uses. The gel pads are made of soft plastic and they don’t bend that much on areas like the shoulders. Also they lose the cohesive property pretty fast and the unit pretty much becomes unusable. The Copper Fit Recharge works only a few times and after that the pads become dry and do not stick to your skin. You can make the Copper Fit Recharge work by using adhesives to make it to stick to the skin. The pads are stiff and the unit falls down with movements. so the claim made by the manufacturer in the ad is an utter lie. Some users have tried putting it after washing the pads which worked to some extent.




Zaps the Skin

One review mentions that the Copper Fit Recharge unit zaps the skin when the controller unit is not fully in contact with the skin. As reported above, the pads become less stick and hence the controller unit is left loosely in contact with the skin, zapping it. Many users have reported “pricking” sensations and nothing like “tingling” and “deep massage” as claimed in the official website [] testimonials.




Not Like the REAL TENS Therapy

One user who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome complains that the Copper Fit Recharge is nothing like the corded TENS units. His review confirms that the electric pulse is not of the quality and intensity that you get from a TENS therapy unit. The pulse is very weak and has no effect on the lower back pain, it could come in handy for leg and massage mains which are more localized.


Not Adequate

Given the small size of the pads and just the one controller, the Copper Fit Recharge is not adequate for treating larger areas – one review reveals. The other major disadvantage of the Copper Fit Recharge is that the battery lasts only over 30 minutes, no way this unit can be used all day or for extended durations. The pulse gets weaker and weaker as the battery drains out.


Our Verdict

The Copper Fit Recharge is just another Gimmick which claims to offer the benefits of a REAL TENS unit. It lacks many features that you normally associate with a TENS unit.

  • Pulse Modes – Normally a TENS unit has around 16 pulse modes while the has just 4.
  • Battery Life – The average battery life of TENS unit battery is 10 hours while that of the Copper Fit Recharge is just about 30 minutes.
  • Hand Held Controller Unit< - The regular TENS unit comes with a handheld controller unit with large display so you can control the massage setting without any guesswork. This is not the case with the Copper Fit Recharge./li>
  • Number Of Pads – unit comes with just two pads [one small and one large] while the REAL ones come with 8 gel pads to target large areas.
  • Replacements of Pads – You cannot guarantee the supply of the replacement pads for the Copper Fit Recharge.
  • Warranty – The Copper Fit Recharge unit does not come with warranty. The professional grade TENS units in the market have 12-month warranty.
  • Price – The Copper Fit Recharge is priced at $39.99 while the REAL TENS units are available at $30.
  • Can it be used all day? – Unlike TENS units, the Copper Fit Recharge cannot be worn all day since the battery does not last that long.
Bottom Line: The Copper Fit Recharge does not work. Get a real TENS unit for your pain therapy.

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