Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wraps REVIEW


What is Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap?

It is a copper infused pain relief knee wrap which consists of hot or cold gel packs for hot/cold pain therapy. You can heat or freeze the gel packs in the Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap depending on the therapy.


How does Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap work?

It is a well known fact that ICE and HEAT can be effectively used to treat minor injuries, aches and pain. Generally ICE is applied immediately after the injury while heat therapy is used to soothe ongoing muscle aches and pain.


But prior to Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap you need to have two different packs each for ice/cold therapy and heat therapy. Now with Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap you can have advantages of both the packs in one gel insert for knees. With Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap you get pain relief right where and when you need it. The flexible ice and heat gel insert can be used used either for ice treatment or hot therapy. Yes you heard it right – you can use the same unit for both hot and ice treatments. The gel insert can go into the microwave and refrigerator depending up on the treatment.


The dual use flexible gel insert fits neatly in the insulated inner pouch and molds according to the contours of the area. Thus they claim Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap to be comfortable and convenient to use.


What is Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap suited for

It is suited for conditions like runner’s knee, muscle strain, meniscus tear, ACL injury, tendinitis, bruising, tennis elbow, contusions, post-surgery pain, arthritis, swelling, soreness etc.


What is the Benefit of “COPPER” in the Rapid Relief Wrap?

Nothing. Copper Fit is brand name of the company that manufactures a range of sports and pain relief products like compress sleeves/gloves, braces, back belt etc. Hot and Cold pain relief wrap is the latest product in the “COPPER” series. Copper has good medicinal properties and hence the name Copper Fit – the company claims that their sleeves belts and wraps are infused with copper that actually promote healing. But this is utter gibberish claim. There is no scientific study that attest this claim. In this particular product (Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap) “copper” plays no role at all and also the promotional language does not mention anything about the benefits of copper.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Copper Fit Relief Wrap

Short Velcro – The Velcro is really short and barely fits around the legs with the gel pack inserted in the wrap. This is particularly disadvantageous when your knee is swollen.


As a knee brace – The Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap has a secondary use of a knee brace. But again only one Velcro makes it very in-efficient.


Copper Fit is Bulky – The insert bag makes the pain relief wrap really bulky and it slides down when you are moving around.


Just one Velcro – The Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap has just one Velcro at the bottom. This is a bad design. All similar wraps have minimum two Velcro belts to hold them tightly in place. There are two disadvantages of this – one its will slide down when you walk and second it will not apply enough pressure on the top part of the knee as there is no Velcro there.


Good to go to sleep with – Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap is particularly good when you lay down.


Not so cold– The Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap only cools the knee-cap and also it does not cool to the extent where it can be really effective. It stays cool only for about 20 mins.


Can you move wearing this – Nope. Don’t expect to perform all the tasks that you would normally do without it. Movement of the legs would make the Copper Fit Rapid Relief wrap to slide down.


What is the content of the Gel? – We have searched all over the internet but could not find any information about it. If you know what goes into the gel that makes it so versatile, please let us know. The only information we could get from a similar product from 3M is that it is non-toxic.


Reviews on – Do not believe the reviews on the official website. The official Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap website and the advertising videos carry a lot of testimonials that assert on the benefits of the wrap. But remember these are all paid reviews not verified by any independent agency. You cannot and should not trust these reviews on the website.


Mediocre Results – The results offered by the Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap are very mediocre and in-fact a bag of frozen peas and a regular plastic wrap would offer same results if not better.

Our Verdict

Pain relief wraps like the Copper Fit Rapid have some disadvantages inherited from the type of what they are – “knee brace”. They try to put two things in one piece, (i) hot/cold gel insert and (ii) knee brace. When you try to thrust two things into one it is bound to reduce its functionality.


Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap does not perform well because of the lack additional Velcro straps and as far as hot/cold gel insert is concerned the same results can be achieved by putting the 3M Reusable Cold Hot Pack on the knee and covering it tightly with a pair of Velcros.


Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap is certainly not the only dual use hot and ice pain relief wrap out there in the market. There are several of them on like – 3M Reusable Cold Hot Pack, Roscoe Reusable Cold Pack and Hot Pack, Vive, Knee Support Brace Wrap with Ice Gel Pack for Hot and Cold Therapy from Adalid Gear and ComfiLife Knee Ice Pack with Wrap. All these alternatives are tried and tested and have been in the market for a long period.


The biggest drawback of the Copper Fit Repaid Relief Wrap is its one Velcro strap. There are knee wraps in the market that have three Velcro wraps like the Vive Knee Ice Pack Wrap. Also the five alternatives mentioned are tried and tested and manufactured by companies specialized in manufacturing medical-grade products. We would recommend buying any of the above mentioned alternatives to Copper Fit Rapid Relief Wrap.


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