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What is BuyNeverLost Mask?

As the name suggests, is a face mask that you never worry about losing. The Never Lost Face Mask by Copper Fit features a built-in lanyard that makes it easy to lower your mask when you have to [like while walking, jogging or exercising] and is there hanging by your neck when you need to put it back. Authorities are already issuing fines to those not wearing a mask.



Copper Fit Never Lost Face Mask Review | Does Mask Work?

Let’s admit it, inadvertently we all lose our masks, either in the car, at home, in the kitchen or at just any other place. And you don’t want to look stupid not putting the mask on your face when someone’s around. What if there was a Mask you could never loose? well, here it is the “BuyNeverLost Mask” by Copper Fit available at



How does the Copper Fit Never Lost Face Mask Work?

The BuyNeverLost Mask features the adjustable ear-loop design for customized fit. The manufacturer [Copper Fit] claim that the Never Lost Face Masks are comfortable to wear and being ear-loop, they don’t fall off even when you are engaged in activities. The straps are soft that you don’t even feel them behind your ears, claims the official review.


BuyNeverLost Mask Buying Options and Pricing

The BuyNeverLost Mask is available only at the official website You can buy 4 masks [2 Blue + 2 Grey] for $19.99 + $3.99 S/h. You also have an option of buying 10 NEVER LOST MASKS (5 BLUE + 5 GRAY) for $39.99 + $3.99 S/h.


BuyNeverLost Mask Review

Advantages of the BuyNeverLost Mask

Copper Fit is one of those few “As Seen on TV” companies that offer good products. Never Lost Face Mask is a good product. An ingenious idea to make sure you are never without a mask.

  • Comfortable to Wear – Almost all the BuyNeverLost Mask reviews mention that they are comfortable to wear and you need not worry about losing it. If you have to buy a cotton mask, is the mask to go for.
  • Adjustable Ear-loop – Unlike other ear-loop designs where you cannot adjust the length of the ear loop, the Never Lost Face Mask has an ingenious way to secure the mask with the adjustable ear loop design.
  • Protection Layers – The BuyNeverLost Mask features three layers of fabric. The outermost layer is supposedly infused with copper fibers, mind you the copper lining in the mask is not going to kill the COVID-19 virus. The inner two layers are made up of cotton material.
  • Washable – Help your environment, disposable masks are already creating a new menace for the mother earth.
  • The other features of the BuyNeverLost Mask are adjustable ear-loops, adjustable nose clips that supposedly reduces fogging but our product experts says this not true. all masks fog your glasses and there is no way around it. The copper fabric help reduce the bad odor associated with the face masks, but again this is an exaggeration.



Disadvantages of BuyNeverLost Mask

There are a few issues with the Copper Fit Never Lost Face Mask but then they are associated with all the face masks of that category.

  • No Sizes Available – This is the biggest downside of the face mask. People with bigger face find the Copper Fit Never Lost Face Mask a bit smaller to their liking. You have to keep pulling the mask up to make sure the nose is covered.
  • Foggy Glasses – No matter what mask you use, they do fog your glasses invariably. The Mask is no exception. There is no special feature in this mask that would stop it from fogging your glasses.
  • Odor – Though the manufacturer claim that the copper infused material help fight the odor, this is not entirely true. The amount of copper is so less that it cannot have any impact on reducing the odor causing bacteria.
  • Keeps Sliding Down – The official website shows the lady doing yoga with the Copper Fit mask on her face, this is an exaggeration. All face masks tend to slide down when you engage in activities like yoga, jogging and other exercises.
  • Lacks the Silk FilterSilk is known to have anti-microbial properties and silk material creates a better barrier than the cotton. The BuyNeverLost Mask has three layers of fabric but they are all cotton [with the top layer with a few copper fibers]. It would have been a better if the filters were made of different material and not just one [cotton].
  • No Space for Extra Filters – You cannot add an extra filter to the BuyNeverLost Mask. Reviewers suggest that it would have been really great if it had a pocket where you could slide in an extra filter for added measure. It is recommended that masks have a combination of filers made from different material. So cotton and silk would have provided more protection than the two cotton layers.
  • Pulls Your Ear – BuyNeverLost Mask still pulls your ear.
  • Cotton is a Good Absorbent – Cotton is known to be a good absorbent of fluids. So the fabric of the Copper Fit Never Lost Face Mask will retain the fluids inside and needs to be washed daily. The mask would become damp in hot and warm environments and it is suggested that you carry an extra set.
  • Availability – The BuyNeverLost Mask is available at the official website only.



Our Verdict

If you are looking for a simple face-mask without the high degree protection, we would recommend the BuyNeverLost Mask. Its not that this is the only “Never Lost” mask out there in the market. There are several masks with lanyard strap, similar to the Copper Fit Never Lost Face Mask. We would recommend checking these out before buying the mask. Check out our comparison below. We personally recommend the “Buttonsmith”
Product Sizes Price Ratings Reviews
Copper Fit Never Lost Face Mask One Size Only $3.99 per Mask [if you buy set of 10] 3.5 Stars Out of 5 N/a
Bloch Adult Soft Stretch Reusable Face Mask One Size Only $7.16 per Mask [if you buy set of 3] 4.2 Stars Out of 5 500+ Reviews
Atzi Hats Face Mask Large [Adult] $5.66 per Mask [if you buy set of 3] 4.5 Stars Out of 5 80+ Reviews
Buttonsmith Small, Large and XL-Large $12.49 per Mask [if you buy set of 4] 4.7 Stars Out of 5 300+ Reviews
StellarH One Size Only $16.48 per Mask 4.2 Stars Out of 5 250+ Reviews

9 Comments on " Review | | Does BuyNeverLost Mask Work?"

  1. I’ve noticed during the commercial that the actors are promoting “fear”.. walking by a person they freak cause they don’t have a mask.. then having the mask they act quickly to put one on passing a person.. Doing yoga wearing a mask is proved to be very bad for your health.. Can cause a collapsed lung.

  2. Douglas Ludwig | October 24, 2021 at 12:25 am | Reply

    It’s not if the masks are to big or small, fit “right” or not, it’s about the FACT that masks DO NOT protect you from a virus. MASKS ARE AS USELESS AS JOE BIDEN.

  3. These masks do NOT protect against a VIRUS!!

  4. Have to echo all the negative complaints. Its way too small, thus making it unwearable. The lanyard is too short and because of that the cord still pulls on your ears. Save your money on this one.

  5. GERARD GAUDETTE | March 14, 2021 at 8:23 pm | Reply

    I bought 4 mask a couple months ago could not wear them with the material they use which
    i think is nylon and it hurts your ears.I played with them all of one day that was it.

  6. These masks are not worth it. They are very small. We can’t even wear them, even my Wife.

  7. Donald Cinnamon | March 8, 2021 at 6:00 pm | Reply

    YES DON’T BUY THESE MASKS…TALKING ABOUT A RIP-OFF! UNBELIEVABLE! I will see if my granddaughter can wear them…THAT’S HOW SMALL THEY ARE!! NOT FOR MEN OR ADULTS!! I don’t think they would fit women! Unless you have an unusual small head. The entire mask barely covers my mouth!!! NO way to put on mask and put around my neck! Don’t buy!!!

  8. I went to order the four,didn’t think it went through and hit the process button twice they billed me twice and cannot get a hold of them.

  9. Horrible Customer Service and Issues from the start
    Double the lead time. (1 month and 2 weeks and still haven’’t received)
    Bank was double billed.
    1 hour wait to speak to CS.
    Shipping Label/Tracking number generated on the 10th, as of the 15th carrier has not received.

    Don’t bother with this company.
    Stay way.

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