What is Copper Fit ICE?

It is the latest knee compression sleeve from Copper Fit, that has two supposed benefits – Compression with Cold therapy. The ICE version is similar to the FREEDOM version of the Copper Fit with the addition of the methanol infused fabric that offers cold therapy.


How does Copper Fit ICE work?

Cold knee compression wraps have been very popular but they have one drawback, the ice-inserts make the compression sleeves bulky and adjusting the velcro is a another hassle. But then it is the velcro straps that apply the pressure (compression). Copper Fit has come up with a revolutionary product that gets rid of the bulky ice packs and the Velcro straps. The “Copper Fir ICE”. The Copper Fit Ice claims to feature compression material that treated with micro-encapsulated menthol. Micro-encapsulated Methanol is known to provide cool soothing effect in cosmetic products. But reviewers ask questions whether it is relevant to be used in something like compression sleeves like Copper Fit Ice. Another reviewer points out that the methanol infused compression sleeve will not be as effective as the ice-based compression sleeves.

Copper Fit ICE TV Offer

One review mentions that Copper Fit wants to create a “sensation” with the revolutionary Copper Fit ICE knee compression sleeves that would substitute the ice based sleeves, but warns that this product is going to fail miserably.

How does Copper Fit Ice reduce pain?

Theoretically, the so called “micro-encapsulated menthol” fabric applies cooling sensation to the knee which causes the blood vessels to contract (called as Vasoconstricted) decreasing the blood flow and thus reducing the inflammation. Reviewers mention their testimonials that while this “Cooling” effect from methanol works very well on the paper, but the practical application of Copper Fit ICE is negligible and cannot be an option for ice based compression sleeves.

The name “ICE”

Reviews reveal that the promoter of “Copper Fit ICE” has smartly used the term “ICE” to mislead people into believing that the compression sleeve uses ICE or offers same benefits as an ICE based knee compression sleeve would do. This is misleading advertising, many reviewers feel.

Is it a better alternative to ICE packs?

When we asked this question, many of our experts are of the opinion that Copper Fit ICE is certainly not an alternative to actual ice compression sleeves and they warn potential buyers not get sucked into such advertising. They claim in their reviews that if the methanol infused fabric delivered ice like benefits, reputed companies manufacturing such compression sleeves would have already capitalized on this idea.

Price Factor

Our expert has another theory regarding the Copper FIT ICE episode, he says that most cold compression knee sleeves cost above $30 and the good ones are as high as $50. Copper FIT has smartly priced its product at $20 which is well below the competitors. At this price you should not expect the same quality but then the company (Copper Fit) can expect good sales since their sleeves are cheaper. Official website:

Does “Copper” make any Difference?

All Copper Fit compression sleeve claim to be infused with the copper fibers to make them odor-free. But has no relation to the actual use of the product that is compression.

So Should I buy the Copper Fit ICE?

Don’t buy it if you are looking for a “ICE” based cold therapy compression sleeves. As the reviews reveal, the menthol thing just can’t replace ice. Though it is still a good regular compression sleeve for knees. But then there are better sleeves that offer much more benefits.

No Straps

Copper Fit ICE does not have cross straps that run end to end over the knees. That is why it fails to provide the compression on the central area.

Negative Reviews

Copper Fit has the most negative reviews of all the knee compression sleeves that are there in the market, points our one reviewer. The reviewer mentions that the Copper FIT ICE is similar to the Copper Fit Freedom with difference of the methanol infused fabric. “The Freedom sleeve has 10% one-star ratings, 4% two-star and 12% three-star ratings. This was enough to raise the red flag for the Copper fit ICE, says the reviewer.

Quality of the Knee Sleeve

The quality of the Copper Fit ICE sleeves is bad. The sleeves are not at all sturdy and the seams are flimsy. The fabric is very thin and cheap and looks like it would easily tear. And that is what precisely happens, users have reported in their reviews that the Copper Fit sleeves after a couple months begin tear at the seams. There are plenty of these reviews complaining about the sleeves tearing at the seam. Most users haven’t ordered Copper fit again after the first fail. Though the material is breathable.

Not Very Supportive

The other major complain about the Copper Fit ICE is that it does not offer the support as claimed in the TV ad. One review mentions that the Copper Fit ICE is snug only at the top and bottom and does not offer any support at the center over the knee cap which deserves the greatest compression.

Loosens over time

And then there many of them who complain that the Copper Fit ICE loosens over time (in a couple of months). It does not offer the same compression as it offers when it is new. So this is not a sleeve that would last very long. Many reviewers complain that once the Copper Fit ICE losses grip, it begins to slide down – rendering it useless.

Paid Reviews

One reviewer mentions his observation regarding Copper FIT. He mentions that Copper Fit is known to cover negative reviews with paid five-star paid reviews. He warns buyers to beware of suck fake reviews and not to fall these soiled reviews.

Not for Exercises

The Copper Fit ICE compression sleeves are not suited to be used during exercises. Reviewers complain that these sleeves are not rigid enough to stabilize the knees while exercising.

Sizing Issues

Somehow people are not able to find the right Copper Fit ICE, to summarize what they experience we would say “small is too small and big is too big”.

Copper Fit ICE TV Offer

7 Comments on "Copper Fit ICE REVIEW"

  1. Ellen T Simpson | October 12, 2021 at 3:57 am | Reply

    I just received my Copper Fit Ice and I am so disappointed. First, it was much too small. It barely went over my foot. Secondly, it was a shorter length than shown on TV. Finally, the material was thin and not at all as advertised. I am definitely sending it back. They can keep the shipping charges.

  2. The Copper Fit ICE with the Coq10 is LYING!!! Coq10 CANNOT be absorbed through skin!!!

  3. Gregory Galminas | October 14, 2020 at 2:56 am | Reply

    If you are dumb enough to believe any commercial then you have no complaint to the company but should complain to your stupid parents for giving you the stupid genes.

  4. Geraldine Keller | June 16, 2020 at 4:42 am | Reply

    The item descriptions does not describe actual product. There is no menthol in the copper fit ice sleeve. Totally Disappointed. A total waste of money.

  5. This is the most unprofessional company I ever dealt with . They have no communication . I had to call and see where my order was and when will it be sent to my house . It been almost a month and still haven’t received my order . Bad business. Never again .

  6. Ana Pederson | June 5, 2020 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    I just received my copper fit ice and wore it for one day. I could not stand how the upper and lower elasticity dug into my leg. Honestly, I feel it was stopping my circulation. I did measure my leg and know the size I ordered was right. I am not a happy camper and hope to be able to return in although it’s not clear how I can do that……

  7. order no 30366244 where is it

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