Report | Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector REVIEW |

Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector REVIEW

What is

As per the official website, it is a full face protector that claims to be durable copper-infused fabric woven into a full face protector. The copper in the Guardwell face protector claims to kill the odor causing bacteria. claims that the face protector features “Sure Fit Non-Slip Design” for all day comfort. The supposed thermo-regulated fabric of the Copper fit face protector claims to be easy to breathe through. The product review on the says the fabric is moisture wicking and fast drying, which helps dissipate the heat from your body giving you a cooling sensation. The Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector claims to offer sun protection upto UPF-30 and is stylish, washable and reusable.

Properties of Copper

Copper has anti-microbial properties and is known to kill germs like bacteria, yeasts and viruses which come in contact with it. Face Protector REVIEW

Guardwell Material Reviews

The material of the Face Protector, according to its reviewers, is actually a blend of polyester and spandex. This assortment is known to soak moisture and keep your skin cool and dry when worn. In addition, Copper Fit Face Protector also keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also comes with heavy fabric stitched into its material, which enhances its durability and performance. However, the promoters have exaggerated the quality and robustness of the product. A number of customers have pointed out that the quality of its material is not very thick, but pretty frail. However, customers have stated that its texture is quite comfortable and therefore can be worn for a long time without feeling much discomfort.


Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector User Reviews

A face protector like Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector is basically used by people as protection from the harsh sun. It covers your neck and face and also keeps your skin cool when you’re out in the sun. Therefore, it features a kind of sun protection facility up to the level of UPF 50. Besides your face, the Face Protector also protects your neck completely. A light color face protector is ideal for the summers as it as it reflects the heat energy and minimizes the effect of the sunlight. On the other hand, a dark colored face protector keeps you warmer, therefore it is ideal for the winters.

Quite a few reviewers are of the opinion that the Copper Fit Face Protector cannot be used as a mask. They say they are unable to do anything freely whenever they put it on. Those who love sports and running cannot use it at all as it has a velvety fabric, because of which keeps sliding down and blocking the eyes, ear and nose even with slight movement. They think it’s too troublesome to keep adjusting it every few minutes. In fact, one customer says that the face protector slips so stubbornly that it often ends up falling around his chin. Another user says he covers his head and face with the Copper Fit Face Protector, and then fastens it with a safety pin so that it stays intact so that he can use it. Another user has complained that she can’t wear her glasses whenever she uses this face protector as it makes its surface foggy. She’d also bought it to protect herself from the coronavirus risk, but it’s so slippery and unstable that she’s dropped the idea of using it.


A Review of Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector as a Mask

Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector has proven to be a disappointment for several users due to a host of shortcomings. One of the most common complaints about it is that it is not strong and its material is very flimsy. Another problem pointed out by its users is that the pores in its fabric are really large. Users have written in that they’re afraid that huge pores cannot prevent pollutants or viruses from seeping in. Also, Copper Fit Face Protector does not have a multi-layer protection, which can give easy passage to germs and bacteria even after wearing it. These issues have made many customers conclude that it cannot be used as a face protector nor as a mask, and that they’ve ended up wasting their money.


Does Copper Fit Face Protector Cool?

Most customers, however, are satisfied with the Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector’s ability to cool down the temperature. They find its texture quite soothing as it is velvety soft. However, it keeps slipping down every now and then, and that is the problem at hand which needs a solution.


Does The Copper Fit Guardwell REALLY work?

The Copper Fit Guardwell does not work as promised in the official video at It is not a Face Protector in the first place, it is a neck gaiter. Its purpose is to cover your neck and face and provide you cooling comfort in summer. 


Is Copper Fit even a “Face Protector”?

The Guardwell is incorrectly called a Face Protector. It is more of a neck gaiter. A Face protector is more of a Face shield which is an essential part of the Personal Protection Equipment [PPE]. A face shield features a protective glass shield that covers your entire face. The Copper Fit Guardwell does not provide the complete protection that a REAL “FACE Protector” a.k.a face shield does, your forehead, eyes and head are still open. The promoters [] of Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector claim that the face protector offers you peace of mind but what you really require is a sure-proof protector that indeed shields you from the germs outside and the Guardwell face protector does not provide the requisite protection.

Where is the Copper Fit Face Protector made?

Certainly not in the US. The manufacturer tries to win the confidence of the buyers by mentioning that the face protector ships from the US but that’s not enough. “The very fact that they don’t mention where the face protector is made, strengthens the doubt that it is Made in China”, one of the reviews say.


Copper Fit Guardwell vs Mask vs Face Shield

When compared with the face mask and face shield, Copper Fit Guardwell is a complete loser. Face masks and shields fit snugly and do not slide down even when you are engaged in activities. On the other side the velvety fabric of Copper Fit causes it to slide down and you have to keep fixing it, this is especially when you are doing activities like walking.

Where to buy GuardWell Face Protector

The Copper Fit Guardwell is available only at the official website You get 2 Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protectors (Charcoal Grey) for $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling. The Copper Fit Guardwell is competitively priced with each gaiter costing $9.99 but you do not have the option of buying just one piece, you have to buy the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer.

About the Manufacturer

The Guardwell Face Protector is promoted by the As Seen on TV marketing Company Idea Village, based in Wayne, New Jersey. Idea Village owns the “COPPER FIT” range of products which include compression socks, gloves and braces and have been quiet popular with the users. Unlike other As Seen On TV companies that are infamous for crappy products and deceptive marketing techniques, Idea Village has good reputation.

About the Offer

Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector REVIEW

Our Verdict

The creators of Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector may have launched it with much fanfare and pomp, but the fact is, it doesn’t do whatever it claims. They are simply cashing in on the COVID-19 scare for which they’re promoting it as a virus protector. They may project it as a high-quality face protector that keeps you safe but the fact is that neither its material nor the size of its pores is worthwhile. It doesn’t stay intact consistently, and adjusting it all the times actually makes no sense. You’ll have to put in a lot of extra effort to keep it intact, such as pinning it tight. At the most, it can be used while traveling, but if you are looking for something that shields you wholly, Copper Fit Guardwell Face Protector is not the right product for you.


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  1. They sent the incorrect size: S/M instead of L/XL that was ordered.
    Had to return them and had to cancel the order.
    Too bad but there is no excuse for this and I was not able to reach
    the company to correct it. I tried to call but was on hold forever
    before the call disconnected. Needless to say I am not happy with this company.

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