Get Cool Turtle Review | Does As Seen On TV Mask Insert Work?

What is Cool Turtle?

Cool Turtle [a.k.a “Get Cool Turtle”, “Cool Turtle Mask Insert”, “CoolTurtle”] is an As Seen On TV “Mask Insert” also called as “Mask inner Bracket” or “Mask Internal Support Frame” or just a “Mask Holder”. The as seen on tv Cool Turtle creates a protective breathable space between the mask and your face [nose and mouth particularly].

Cool Turtle Review | Does Work?

Face masks are essential but they fit tightly and are uncomfortable to wear, also they stink, don’t facilitate proper conversation and may leave you breathless. That’s why Telebrands has come up with an ingenious idea of the as seen on tv Cool Turtle Mask Insert.



How does Cool Turtle Mask Insert Work?

You are supposed to slide the Cool Turtle inside the face mask or gaiter. The promoters of “Get Cool Turtle” Mask Insert claim that you would immediately notice the difference with the cool Turtle. You are able to breath freely as the Cool Turtle insert creates space for air around your mouth and nose. All this without compromising the protection. Most users in the official review of the Get Cool Turtle Mask Insert report “better breathing” with the insert underneath the masks. Wearing the Cool Turtle is like you are talking and breathing in an open air environment. As if you are not wearing a mask at all!!

Face masks often smear lipsticks, with the as seen on tv Cool Turtle mask insert your lipstick stays on. And there is no sweaty face. They claim that the insert keeps you cool, dry and comfortable all day long.

Get Cool Turtle Design

The design of the mask insert resembles the strong and hard turtle shell and hence the name “Turtle”. The cool design of the Cool Turtle lets your face feel cool as there is enough space around your mouth and nose for the air to circulate. The Cool Turtle mask insert features soft and comfortable ergonomic design that does not dig in to your face [the company claims so, reviews may differ]. The official Cool Turtle Mask Insert review claims that the hot and humid air pressure from the masks can cause skin irritations. The Cool Turtle design eliminates friction reducing the chances of skin irritation.



Get Cool Turtle Mask Insert Features

  • The Mask Insert claims to contour with the facial features and curves. Each mask insert weighs 6 grams.
  • The mask insert measures 4.3 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. The insert is 1.57 inches thick.
  • The Cool Turtle Insert can be used with Disposable masks, Cloth face mask, Homemade face mask etc.
  • The Bulbhead Cool Turtle Mask Insert is made from PPC [Polypropylene carbonate]. Which claims to be environmental-friendly.
  • The Cool Turtle Mask Insert claims to have a “3D Breathable Design” that supposedly suits different occasions. But the review tell a different story.


Cool Turtle Price Analysis

The As Seen On TV Cool Turtle Kit includes the following:
  • 5 Cool Turtle Inserts
  • 10 Pack Electrostatic Face Masks
Price: This Cool Turtle is priced at $19.98. The Cool Turtle is available only at the official website

Overall, customers feel that the Cool Turtle Insert is not the most inexpensive insert in the market. Cheaper inserts that work as well and still cost lesser are also available. A few customers feel they may have opted for some other brand had they not been convinced by what they saw on the Insert site. On the whole, the Cool Turtle Insert has evoked mixed response from the people who’ve used it.




As Seen On TV Cool Turtle Reviews

While official manufacturer’s review on the website Get is pretty glaring, the users don’t find the Get Cool Turtle insert that useful.

Advantages of Cool Turtle Insert

Retains Safety from Risk of Virus

Most users are of the opinion that the Cool Turtle Insert does not seem to hamper safety, so they don’t mind using it. They feel that besides making the task of wearing a mask a bit more comfortable, they find no issues with the safety aspect. A number of customers have written in that their mask is not displaced while the insert is within, so they feel safe while wearing it. The only issue that dampens their comfort is that the insert creates a mark on the skin where it’s worn. However, not all customers have complained of the same, especially men who have facial hair.


Keeps the Mask Off Your Mouth

The Get Cool Turtle mask insert does help you keep the mask off your face. People mention in their reviews that it comes handy when traveling or working when you don’t have to talk much. We have also received reviews from teachers who mention that the Get Mask Insert makes them more audible in the class but you have to constantly adjust it.

Works Fairly Well for “Small” Faces

Most complaints are from users who have a big facial structure like the jawline, mouth and nose. People with smaller face find the Get Mask Insert to be fairly comfortable. And the claims made by the manufacturer apply to these users.

Then there are people who are not so critical about the Cool Turtle mask insert, may be they have less prominent facial features and the insert fits correctly for them. Had it come in sizes it would have definitely helped larger number of users.



Disadvantages of the Get Mask Insert

Mixed Feelings about Claims of Guaranteed Comfort

Cool Turtle Insert is projected as the ultimate solution to the exceedingly common complaint found the current times- discomfort caused by wearing a mask. While wearing a mask is something we cannot disregard in the present times, a product like Cool Turtle Insert claims it will ease all the inconvenience it’s causing while ensuring your safety. Customers who found Cool Turtle Insert functional and purchased it have given mixed reviews for its effectiveness. Overall, most of them have stated that using or not using Cool Turtle Insert does not make a major difference to them. Most of them have observed that if they continue using it, they won’t mind it, but if they discontinue its use, they won’t feel any loss either.


Not Exceptionally Effective at Ousting Discomfort

The makers of Cool Turtle Insert claim it’s designed to eliminate discomfort that wearing masks causes. According to their review, having the insert inside the mask creates a cushion like a breathable pocket that stands between the mask and the skin. As a result, you’re able to breathe like you do without a mask and also speak comfortably. However, not all user reviews have found these claims to be completely true. While some of them say that they are able to breathe quite comfortably, they cannot speak easily since their voice sounds muffled. Some even say they feel suffocated and hotter when they use this insert. However, some have explicitly said they are definitely able to breathe easily after wearing Cool Turtle Insert and so intend to continue using it.


Clips don’t Work on all Masks

The Cool Turtle Insert comes with clips at the sides, which are supposed to hold the mask in its place. The makers have even specified that in certain masks, the insert can simply be popped in. However, the clips of the Cool Turtle Insert don’t seem to work on all masks. Only masks with plaits arranged horizontally will be able to hold them. As a solution, the makers suggest using different tips and techniques to use the Cool Turtle Insert. One of them suggests first placing the insert on the mask kept on a surface and then picking it along with the insert and wearing it. While this hack seems to be working for some customers, it doesn’t solve the problem for all.



Generates Heat around the Mouth

According to some users, Cool Turtle Insert creates a layer of heat around the mouth when worn. Even though it keeps the mask away from the face, they feel hot on the face. Some customers have even pointed out that their face gets sweaty despite wearing the insert, which is something wanted to get rid of. The insert also makes them feel that the air lingers inside far longer than it should. Those who wear spectacles or sunshades even find fog on their glass when they use the insert. They find it peculiar and say it’s not something they really experienced while using only a mask.


Material and Built Quality

Most reviewers complain that the as seen on tv Cool Turtle mask insert it too flexible and does not hold its structure. Reviews say that it is certainly not as hard as what the name “Turtle” shell signifies. The insert is made from a flimsy material and is not hard at all. The as seen on tv mask insert collapses if the mask is tight, reviews reveal. People report that you can fold it and keep it in your pocket and does not offer any support for loose cloth masks. The insert has a strong chemical smell. Soaking the Cool turtle insert in soap water and airing it for a few day help reduce the chemical odor.


Inconvenient and Uncomfortable

Ans then there are more reviews that run counter to what the manufacturer of Mask Insert manufacturer’s claim. Users complain that the Cool Turtle mask insert does not fit correctly around the mouth and keeps moving and needs to be adjusted everytime. This calls for washing your hands everytime you touch the “contaminated” mask. The design of the As Seen On TV Cool Turtle in-fact inhibits mouth movements while talking. Many users reported that the insert is so uncomfortable that it is easier to wear a mask without it. It is difficult to breath with it and the insert gets slimy within minutes from the moisture from breathing. You have to remove and clean it everytime.



No Respite from Hot and Humid Air

Many users have reported that the insert in no way gives a “cooling” feeling. “It is as hot and humid as it was without the the As Seen On TV Cool Turtle Mask Insert” complains one reviewer. If you mask fits tighter on your face, the “Get Cool Turtle” actually lifts the mask to the extent where it creates gaps between the mask and your face, compromising your protection.


Fogs your Glasses

People wearing glasses still have their glasses fogged with the Cool Turtle insert. though the manufacturer does not reveal anything about this, users have reported this drawback in their reviews.


Made from Very Thin Silicone

What makes using the Cool Turtle Mask Insert rather ineffective is that the ‘silicone’ material used in it is far too thin. Worse, the images used to advertise it create a different impression about what using it feels like. You realize that it doesn’t work the way you expected it to when you actually wear it. The problem is that the material it’s made from is too flimsy and as a result, it doesn‘t fit the way you think it does.


Doesn’t Remain Stable

The Cool Turtle Mask Insert keeps falling out of the mask. Even if the mask is tight-fitting, it gets displaced. Since the insert doesn’t have proper clips, keeping it in place becomes even more difficult. Overall, the Insert doesn’t work exactly the way you’d expect it to.


Makes Breathing Difficult

Breathing with the Cool Turtle Mask Insert doesn’t seem very easy especially if it’s worn for too long. One actually starts sweating within 30 minutes of wearing this insert. It turns especially bad when it’s worn indoors.


No Mask Clips Provided

The Cool Turtle Mask Insert doesn’t have mask clips on it. The clips come in handy to fasten the mask to it. One has to think of alternatives like making a hole on it to keep the mask in place.


Size Very Small

Another issue that one finds bothersome about the Cool Turtle Mask Insert is that its size it too small. Worse, it’s very thin and also rather sharp on the edges. Wearing it under the mask does not feel very comfortable.


Our Verdict

The biggest issue with the As Seen On TV Get Cool Turtle mask insert is that it does not come in sizes. Not all people have the same facial structure. People have bigger or smaller faces and that is what the manufacturer of Cool turtle haven’t taken into consideration. The “One Size Fits All” policy does not work with these types of inserts. While the idea is ingenious the execution and application is appalling. Most reviews run counter to the claims made by the Cool turtle promoters. “It does not cool the air inside”, “makes breathing difficult”, “gets covered with sweat and water-vapors” these are common complaints with people [probably with bigger facial features]. Buyers are disgruntled to find the promoters claims to be false.



Cool Turtle Alternative

Cool Turtle is not the only mask insert in the market. There are several of these available on One such alternative to Cool turtle is the “3D Face Inner Bracket” which has close 2000 reviews and an aggregate rating 4-Star. We would recommend this insert over the Cool Turtle.

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  1. The white cups of the Cool Turtle Mask Insert actually seem to be made of plastic and not silicone. Its shape, which is that of a cut out square, also doesn’t seem suitable for silicone. Further, silicone tends to become warm after it’s used, but this insert merely remains stiff. The material of the cups in all probability seems to be plastic. The fact that it’s also bigger in size confirms it further. However, the material used in it is much stronger, so absence of silicone may not seem too inconvenient.

  2. Cool Turtle User | March 11, 2021 at 12:43 pm | Reply

    Although the makers of Cool Turtle Insert say that it’s made from flexible plastic that offers comfort for all day use, most customers a contrary opinion. Many of them say the advertisement made them believe it’s very soft and flexible, but when they used it, they found it’s quite rigid and stiff. Some disappointed customers have also complained that the insert occupies a lot of space inside the mask and makes it protrude, which makes them uncomfortable. As a result, the mask exerts stress on your ears and causes further discomfort.

  3. Good grief. Majority of comments indicate that whoever is selling these ignores their customers, and that the mask itself sucks. Well then. Looking for an alternative.

  4. my name is frank schenk from niagara falls,n.y. i orderedhopfully the secial buy3 and you get 5. i would like to know the statous of my order,please i paid by charge card

  5. Hmmmmm my experience is quite different.
    I ordered, they came on time, they leave a pocket of space to breathe better, they do not compromise mask fit in any way at all. They are absolutely perfect!
    I was stunned to see the trouble others seemed to have had.

  6. These are a total rip-off. They are overpriced, too small and don’t help at all. Having to deal with this scaredemic and mask wearing hoax is bad enough – companies are now further exploiting it with peddling this kind of junk. These need to be at least 3 times bigger to get that stupid mask off my face.

  7. Roxanne Grecula | January 20, 2021 at 12:54 am | Reply

    OMG….what a waste of money. There is no difference with cool turtle inserts inside the mask. It does not make breathing easier. This is just a big gimmick!!!

  8. I ordered the 20 pack by phone and nothing else. You sent mask along with the 20 turtles
    and charged for mask plus a $1.00 charge separate on my credit card statement. The ad said .99 per turtle and no shipping or handling. My total should have been $19.80.

  9. This is fucking ridiculous when you actually stop to think about it in the grand scheme of things. I get & appreciate that everyone is trying to get creative & make money during these uncertain & god awful trying times. But ultimately if we’re asked & required to wear masks to protect ourselves from the virus & of course giving it to others, why the fuck would anyone want space in their mask?? I mean it pretty much makes you wearing a mask “null & void.” If someone can explain to me why I’m an ignorant asshole, please by all means elaborate. FYI-T1 diabetic for 30 years

    • Helena Handbasket | February 3, 2021 at 8:59 am | Reply

      Masks do absolutely nothing to protect from the virus anyway. It has been proven time and again, but desperate midwits keep pushing this crap on everyone just to relieve their own irrational fears. You are an idiot and people like you are the reason the establishment keeps getting away with passing these utterly draconian laws. The whole world can’t be shut down every time a damn flu gets dropped on the public by these mad scientists. People who have co-morbidities should have to stay at home and special services offered to you. The rest of us shouldn’t have to lose our livelihoods or be forced to participate in these dehumanizing mandates over a flu that has a 99% survival rate for anyone under 70 who is relatively healthy. Also, insulating society is only making this thing worse. It and future viruses need to move through the population so that people will build immunity. Yes, some will die but that is how these things work. We can avoid deaths buy once again keeping at-risk people at home and offering special services. The rest of us should not have to be locked down. Btw, Florida is doing fine now and their mandates were the most relaxed meanwhile California is claiming “out of control” cases despite strict mandates and we are all wearing our masks like NPC drones. I’m living in Sweden now and almost nobody wears a mask and we are also fine there. I hate this place. I hate all the corruption in government, journalism, and these predatory corporations making a quick buck off this crap. You? STAY HOME. It’s your responsibility.

      • Has the whole world EVER been shut down for a “damn flu” in our lifetime or… ever? Jeez. MILLIONS of people have either died or lost a love one to this extraordinary pandemic. What is wrong with you? Drink the kook-aid much? Go get a college degree & learn to think for yourself. More people do internationally than in our own country. Ignorance will doom us.

  10. Brenda MacNear | January 17, 2021 at 5:31 am | Reply

    It’s been about 2 weeks since I ordered 5 cool turtle mask inserts and I haven’t heard anything from you. Where is my merchandise, where is my confirmation/receipt??? My grandson, husband and I all have breathing problems and we really need these inserts.

  11. Patricia Gardner | January 15, 2021 at 12:05 pm | Reply

    Hello….I ordered your turtles before u added the word cool to the add….it was early dec when I ordered them…this is Jan 15th & I have not received them yet….I left a message 2 weeks ago & still nothing….I paid for them but never received them…is this how your company works…next step is better business bureau….please answer my messages…thank u..

  12. Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo | January 13, 2021 at 7:46 am | Reply

    Holy cow you people are stupid, the cool turtle makes it more comfortable by pulling the mask away from your face, thus making the mask not work properly. The whole point of a mask is that it is tight!! Way to help spread the virus around you unbelievable idiots!!

  13. Hi my dad order some of these masks that you sell and we still have not received them. I was just wondering when they would be here.

  14. I would never wear a mask. They do not work and only sheeple wear masks so you will not make money on me

  15. carlos castilla | January 9, 2021 at 7:28 pm | Reply

    me gustan

  16. Joseph Addley | January 9, 2021 at 6:53 am | Reply


  17. Susan Schneider | January 7, 2021 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    I placed a order today and I want the 5 masked as seen on t.v. The automation phone call said only 3. I want the 5 offered on T.V. for the same price of $10.00 or you can cancel my order

  18. Mildred Gunderson | January 6, 2021 at 7:59 pm | Reply

    Thank you for the review. Saved me a few dollars

  19. lawrence watters | January 2, 2021 at 8:03 pm | Reply

    i want 5 cool turter @10.00 + s+h. i do not want 10 maks.

  20. I just bought Cool Turtle mask inserts , I am very happy with them !! Really did help with breathing!! And kept cooler ! Stayed in place inside my cloth masks . Gave one to my two daughters to try since they have to wear masks for hours everyday. They did work !! 👍 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  21. Migdelina Torres | December 31, 2020 at 12:02 am | Reply

    I called a couple of days ago to get the cool turtle one of your representatives very nasty cuz I told him I’m not interested in anything else show me the cancel the order I did two days later it shows up that he put it in my credit card I am very upset with this company this is not the way you treat your customers you treat them with respect thank you and have a Happy New Year

  22. Richard F Carraro | December 26, 2020 at 3:23 pm | Reply

    I just call to order cool Turtle but you did not give me a Order Number. I need to know How much this cost me and shiping date. My e-mail is below

    • I placed my comment @ 7:30pm eastern time, get your shit together. Regardless of where you originate from, that is a super cheap & easy IT fix. Super disappointing, I expect more professionalism outta you guys! You clearly have the potential & I’m hopeful that you will learn & grow from your mistakes……

  23. I am glad that I read the review on the Cool Turtle. I am going to try the alternative on Amazon.

  24. I am so glad I read the information before ordering Cool Turtle. I am going to try a alternative.

  25. Stephanie Jacobs | December 22, 2020 at 8:40 am | Reply

    I came online to find out what this thing is made of. Most mask inserts I’ve seen are made of silicone and my skin reacts badly to silicone. Judging from people saying it’s foldable and collapses under the mask, I’m guessing this one is silicone too. I bought the same design, but made of polyethelene and I am able to wear it. It is not cool where it touches the skin but I wouldn’t expect anything plastic not to cause perspiration. I do like the fact that I can wear lip balm without the mask sticking to my mouth.

  26. Did I miss somewhere that states where these are made? I have looked at several sites with comments and don’t see it anywhere, although it could be right in front of my face (: Thank You

  27. Elaine Jackson | December 9, 2020 at 3:52 am | Reply

    I ordered over 2 months no product!!

  28. Nathan Ray Clark | October 29, 2020 at 1:03 am | Reply

    Where’s it made

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