CogniBen Review | Does As Seen On TV Work?

What is CogniBen?

As per the official website, it is a cognitive supplement that claims to enhance your alertness and focus. If the official review of the supplement is to be believed, then CogniBen benefits in following ways:

  • Improves the Cognitive Power of Your Brain
  • CogniBen Claims to Help You Process Thoughts Faster
  • Reduces the “Thought-Clutter” that comes with the Growing Age
  • Claims to Give You Clarity of Thoughts
  • Claims to Improve Focus & Concentration. Minimizes Distractions
  • Boosts Energy


CogniBen Review | Does As Seen On TV Work?


How Does CogniBen Work?

CogniBen is supposedly formulated using Ginkgo, Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Caffeine.
  • Ginkgo – Also called as the Maidenhair tree is found in Far East Asia – China, Japan and Korea. Ginkgo extracts are used in dietary supplements [like CogniBen] to improve attention and memory.
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) – Commonly used in chocolates, Phenylethylamine (PEA) in CogniBen stimulates the Central Nervous System. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is used to treat symptoms associated with Fatigue and Poor Concentration.
  • Caffeine – It is well known fact that small amount of Caffeine can improve alertness and focus. That is why we drink coffee, because it contains Caffeine. CogniBen claims to have just small amount of Caffeine to avoid the “Caffeine Crash”.

CogniBen Ingredients


Though CogniBen claims to have ingredients that improve focus and attention, the benefits of Ginkgo [or Gingko] are overrated. There are several reports that the Ginkgo extract used in CogniBen does not boost memory or attention. There is also no evidence that the Ginkgo effective in treating high blood pressure either. A 2019 article published by Harvard University goes to the extent of advising not to buy the Brain Supplements as they don’t work.

CogniBen Benefits


What do the Studies Say official website claims that there is an improvement of 38% in 30-days in Cognitive and Motor Response. But the website does not provide any reliable source for this claim. This makes us raise serious doubts over the claims.

Pricing Analysis

You Get One Month Supply of CogniBen for $39.95 + Free Shipping. CogniBen is available at the official website only.

When we analyzed the price of other similar Brain Supplements, we found that CogniBen is almost twice the price of its competitor.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the CogniBen

  • Almost all the users who tried the CogniBen agree that it DOES NOTHING. People who have used for days and even months complain they don’t see any difference.
  • Takes time to show results, if at all there are any results. Don’t expect CogniBen to work in a day or two.
  • Some people have reported that consuming CogniBen makes them anxious for no reason. Maybe they are expecting too much from it.

Our Verdict

The CogniBen is not the only Cognitive Support supplement out there in the market. There are plenty of them and some of them are tried and tested.

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