CannaNumb Pain Relief REVIEW | Canna Numb Roll On REVIEWED

What is CannaNumb (Canna Numb)?

Seth Hyman the founder of Hempagenix LLC that promotes the CannaNumb (Or Canna Numb) Pain Relief Roll On. Seth claims that for 10 years he has been searching a pain relief solution for his daughter Rebecca’s life threatening issue.He claims that he has found and witnessed staggering benefits of the HEMP PLANT.




Seth Hyman claims that CannaNumb is a revolutionary new pain reliever that contains:
  • Organic Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil This is the major ingredient of Canna Numb roll on. The Cannabis Sativa contains psychoactive component Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Note the word “ORGANIC” it means that the Cannabis Sativa hemp seed oil used in the CannaNumb roll on is grown organically, without the use of chemicals.
  • Lidocaine numbs tissues where it is applied. In CannaNumb it works like a natural local anesthesia as it blocks the nerve signals.
  • Menthol gives Canna Numb roll on a “peppermint” flavor.
  • Boswellia Serrata Extract is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Arnica – website claims that Arnica is proven to reduce osteoarthritis related pain and stiffness. It also works as a pain killer.
  • Glucosamine probably work for joint pain, knee pain, and back pain but its effectiveness on relieving pain is not completely attested.



CannaNumb Ingredients


How to use the Canna Numb Pain Relief Just roll it on the area that causes pain.


According to the claims made by the promoters of Canna Numb roll on, US Congress passed a bill in 2018 legalizing HEMP. CannaNumb and over-the-counter drug is now available for the first time in the US, without prescription.


CannaNumb roll on claims to be fast acting, long lasting and desensitizes aggravating nerves in the back, shoulder, knees, elbows, wrists, neck and ankles.


Dr. Richard Koffler MD a Marijuana doctor recommends CannaNumb to all his patients, the reasons he cites are – Canna Numb roll on is topical, and the “Hemp Seed Oil” is very strong anti-inflammatory and works instantly.



The CannaNumb organic hemp seed oil has no medicinal smell, it isn’t greasy like some other topical creams and is completely legal so you won’t fail any drug tests.


CannaNumb Application


The Canna Numb roll on promoters have marketed their pain relief product and claim to have shot the video of live user testimonials. According the CannaNumb promoters the response has been overwhelming.


“I woke up today again feeling pain-free!! Thanks to Canna Numb roll on
Reviewer 1 (Female)


“As a long time back sufferer, I rolled CannaNumb on my back and the pain has gone within minutes. I love this product.”
Reviewer 2 (Male)



“I am enjoying life and I am pain-free. Thanks to Canna Numb roll on.”
Reviewer 3 (Female)


Where to buy CannaNumb roll on? CannaNumb roll on is priced at $29.99 and is available at and


Our Verdict on CannaNumb Roll On

Hemp Oil Seed pain relief is nothing new. There are are plenty of these products out there in the market. What’s special about Canna Numb roll on is that it is the first “Roll-On” hemp seed oil pain reliever.


We have analyzed scores of reviews of these “Hemp oil” pain relief products and found that there are being promoted very aggressively by plating 5-star and 4-star reviews. When we dug deeper we found the actual “natural reviews” of these products.



The ingredients of the Canna Numb roll on are very common and there is nothing special about them, the same ingredients are found in other “Hemp Oil” products. Based on the reviews we can safely conclude that CannaNumb roll on does not work as promised, in-fact the reviews are so grave that users claim these products have no effect at all.


The CannaNumb roll on reviews to appearing in the promotional video appear staged.


Given the negative reviews (complaints rather) we do not recommend CannaNumb at all. There are several tried and tested pain-relief products available and there is no reason why you should go for the un-tried CannaNumb roll on.

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  1. I suffer from chronic leg and hip pain. I see a pain doctor regularly and I am prescribed several narcotic drugs. I had a St Judes Burst (a pain simulator) and it worked miracles for my sciatic nerve pain but I also suffer from joint pain that it does not touch. I have been in terrible pain due to all the humidity and rain. I stopped at my friends house and she gave me a bottle of your product. Well it takes my pain away within minutes. I just love it. I will be ordering it for myself.

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