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Calming Heat REVIEW | Weighted Heating Pad’s Truth Revealed

What is Calming Heat?

It claims to be the world’s first weighted heating pad. Calming Heat is made by the same company “Calming Comfort” that made the much acclaimed Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket. The Calming Heat claims to bring together the benefits of weighted blanket and a heating pad. The Calming Heat weighted heating pad claims to feature high-density comfort fill(?) that supposedly provides the right amount of pressure to direct soothing heat right in to your muscles for deep penetrating relief.



How does Calming Heat work?

Calming Heat weighted heating pad claims to be ideal for relaxing muscle aches, soothing stiff joints, relieving arthritis pain and even relieving menstrual cramps.


The promoters of Calming Heat weighted heating pads claim that the ordinary heating pads are just too light and so the heat disperses in the air and very little heat makes its way in to the muscles. The Calming Heat’s “weight” directs the soothing heat directly in to the muscles and joints for faster pain relief, so it claims.


Specifications of Calming Heat

  • Settings – Calming Heat has 6 heat settings. Heat settings and on/of are controlled by LCD digital controller. Option of six heat settings are more than enough to get that perfect warmth.
  • Cord Length – Calming Heat features 9 foot long cord which means you have greater freedom and are not tied up.
  • Calming Heat Pad Sizes – The as seen on tv weighted heating pad comes in only King Size (12″ X 24″). It is big enough to cover any body part – back, thighs, arm, neck and shoulder, abdomen etc.
  • Auto-Shut Off – The Calming Heat weighted heating pad shuts off automatically after 2 hours.


Calming Heat


Calming Heat REVIEW

A user mentions in his Calming Heat review that “weighted heating pad” is the most stupid idea. You can as well use a regular heating pad and just wrap it with a towel to create the pressure. As Seen On TV industry often comes up with products that claim to have great value theoretically but have very little practical value. “Calming Heat” is one such product.


It doesn’t take a lot of neural power to understand that wrapping a regular heating pad would give the same results. One Calming Heat user points out in his review that if this concept of “weighted heating pads” had really worked and was really that efficient then healthcare companies would have come up with these pads much earlier. The reason why they did not make something like “Calming Heat” is because it does not help much. While the Calming Heat would still come in handy, the weighted feature is useless.


The makers of Calming Heat want to ride on the success of “weighted blankets”. Weighted blankets are selling like crazy and Americans now buy anything that has the word “weighted” in it. This situation is being exploited by these infomercial companies and Calming Heat is just one example of it.


Advantages of Calming Heat

Works well as heating pad. There isn’t anything much to say about the Calming Heat.


Disadvantages of Calming Heat

  • Expensive – Many buyers mention in their reviews that the Calming Heat pad is way too expensive. Priced at $40 and $10 for shipping, it is not at all worth the price.
  • Not Washable – Our product reviewer Paula Lee mentions in her review that the Calming Heat pad is not washable. She further explains in her review that because Calming Heat has the polypropylene (plastic) pellets in it to give “weight” to the pad, the Calming Heat pad is not washable.
  • Uneven Heat – Many users complain that heating pads like “Calming Heat” do not distribute heat evenly. After some use the heat distribution becomes uneven and certain patches of the pad become “too” hot, this makes using such pads inconvenient and irrelevant. Though this complaint is not specifically related to Calming Heat, given the history of quality of as seen on tv products, one can expect this.
  • Exorbitant Shipping Charges – The Calming Heat is available only at the official website CalmingHeat.com and they charge $10 to ship the heating pad. So even if you decide to return it, you still have to pay $10 shipping.
  • Not a Branded Product – When we asked one Mr. Kevin Taylor if he would buy the Calming Heat weighted heating pad? he said straight NO. Given the connection of the Calming Heat product with “HEAT” and the quality of these infomercial products he would not go for it he said. Kevin said he would prefer a more branded heating pad from company that makes reliable healthcare products and has experience and history of making them. Calming Heat “potentially” poses serious fire risk he said in his review.
  • No Moist Heat Option – Calming Heat produces “dry heat” only. The dry heat absorbs all the moisture from the skin causing discomfort and itching. Many other heating pads come with a “Moist Heat” option which Calming Heat does not have.
  • Not Many Options in Sizes – Calming Heat comes in just one size, KING SIZE. This could be a big disadvantage given the fact that you may not require a big heating pad to relieve pain of specific areas.


Deceptive Marketing by Calming Heat

The marketing practices of Calming Heat weighted heating pad are spurious. They make many hefty claims about their product which has no rationale basis. Lets analyze them:
  • Weight of Heating Pad – The Calming Heat claims to be weighted but the official website does not disclose the weight of the pad. Maybe there isn’t much weight difference between the regular heating pad and Calming Heat.
  • Deep Pressure Stimulation – A fancy name given to the heat therapy. Calming Heat weighted pad does not give “DEEP” massages. You need a trained and certified therapist to give you a deep tissue massage.
  • Relaxes Entire Body – Another unsubstantiated claim from Calming Heat. The pad can be used for individual body parts only. It is not big enough to give relief to entire body.
  • Missing Information about Calming Heat – The official website CalmingHeat.com does not reveal crucial information like the weight of the pad, material of the pad, washing instructions, filling material, heat settings etc. You cannot expect this from a company that sells healthcare product.


Our Verdict on Calming Heat

Much has been said in the review part. We do not recommend the Calming Heat “weighted” heating pad. Just stick to the regular heating pad and wrap a towel on it to create the pressure, you will get the same results. Here are some of the tried and tested alternatives to the weighted Calming Heat.
  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief
  • Pure Enrichment PureRelief Heating Pad
  • MIGHTY BLISS™ Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief

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