Personal Pedi Air Review

What is Personal Pedi Air?

Personal Pedi Air

Personal Pedi Air is a skin care brand which offers a product which can help you clean your skin. The product works with the help of a motor which allows the scrub pad vibrate to remove the dead skin from your body parts like the heel or near the toes. The gentle vibrations separate the dead skin from the new one without hurting them or tearing any of the cells. It makes the surface much better and imparts a glow.

The product claims to be strong enough to remove even the roughest of dead skin with its powerful motor and a durable scrub pad. The product can be used for elbows and knees as well which need cleaning from time to time to avoid deposition of dead skin. 

How does Personal Pedi Air work?

The pad on the Personal Pedi Air is made with the optimized combination of durability as well as smoothness. This property makes it appropriate for use for an extended period without having to replace the pad. The motor can create up to 2000 vibrations per minute. 

Rough skin isn’t separate in humans like in snakes, but it is attached to the newer skin even after its requirement fades. The vibrations made by Personal Pedi Air help it separate the two and makes it easier to have a new glowing and smooth skin.

How to use Personal Pedi Air?

Personal Pedi Air

To get the ultimate cleaning and removal of dead skin, Personal Pedi Air is best to use on dry skin. Turn the machine on and slowly rub it over the place where you have the dead skin deposits. After a while, you can see the old skin falling off and the newer and cleaner new skin below it. Throw away the removed dead skin into the trash and enjoy silky and fresh skin.

The Name Personal Pedi Air

The name Personal Pedi Air is based on the services of pedicure availed in salons. These services are on the expensive side, and the name here seems to take advantage of it. The name Personal Pedi Air appears to make the product sound premium with words like personal. 

The truth of the premium quality of the product can only get unveiled after using it.

Personal Pedi Air Claims

Personal Pedi Air

Let’s see how the claims made by the product stand up in real life:

  • Strong enough to remove the roughest skin
    The claim of the product being strong enough to remove the roughest of surfaces is not true because of its inefficient motor and the low-quality scrub pad used. The pad is unable to remove the dead skins properly even after long period of scrubbing.
  • Safe and Gentle – Won’t cut the skin
    The claims of the pad being safe and gentle are not true either. It is because of the low-quality scrub pad used. The pad cuts the skin everywhere it is used. Even the roughest parts of the body can get cut on the pad.
  • No Mess
    The product claims that the vacuum inside the scrub pad sucks all of the dead skin inside the product thus creating no mess. The truth is that the vacuum isn’t nearly as powerful as it should have been which causes the dead skin to fall everywhere.
  • Pumice infused rotating surface
    The scrub pad or the rotating surface is claimed to be infused with pumice. This claim is only valid to a certain extent. The pumice in the surface is not adequate and hence doesn’t show the effect that it intends to prove.
  • 2000 vibrations per minute
    The motor inside the Personal Pedi Air claims to provide vibrations of up to 2000 per minute which is not true. The motor inside the product is very weak and probably can’t even get to half of that. This claim from the product is bogus.
  • Extra fine disk
    The product claims to have a spare fine disk which helps removal of dead skin from sensitive surfaces like the elbow and knee. This disk is supposed to avoid cuts at these sensitive places, but the product fails to do that due to a rougher disk.

Price Analysis

The Personal Pedi Air is priced at $19.99 for one unit. The unit also comes with one extra fine disk which is free. There are no shipping charges on the package. Unfortunately, you cannot opt out of the free fine disk that comes with the product.

Offer Analysis

Personal Pedi Air

You can order the product in a multiple of one on the website of the product. The payment options on the website include credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Personal Pedi Air REVIEW

The product website doesn’t have any reports from existing customers which is a red flag in itself. The lack of these reviews shows that either the products are not good enough for customers to post a review or the fact that the reviews have been taken down because of the poor ratings that they give the product based on its use and quality.

Personal Pedi Air makes some pretty big promises to the customers hoping they fall for it, but the product inevitably fails to live up to the expectations. 

Soft and glowing skin is one of the features that everyone wants their body to have, but Personal Pedi Air is not the way to it. Despite the big claims that the product makes, the Personal Pedi Air is likely to cut your skin all over the place with its rough materials and a lousy finish. The before and after pictures on the website also seem unlikely to be true after actually using the product. The product is nothing like what the brand leads you to believe.

Our Verdict

We would love to recommend a product which gives you glowing skin like in the movies, and we are in the hunt for it, but the Personal Pedi Air is not it. So, take our advice and save yourself some money by skipping this product.

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  1. Where do you find the sanding disc. I need new ones

  2. All the “likely, unlikely, probably” contained in this review of the product, from some one who does not know proper English, indicates some one who is speculating.
    In my opinion Osprey reviews are bogus!!!!

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