Arrow Posture REVIEW | As Seen On TV Posture Corrector’s Truth Unveiled


What is Arrow Posture

It is an adjustable, breathable, unisex posture corrector “vest” promoted by the As Seen On TV company Telebrands. Arrow Posture claims to correct your posture and relieve you of back and neck pain related to misalignment of the spine. The posture correcting vest is aptly named “Arrow Posture” impressing up on the buyers that it would make their posture straight like an ARROW.


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How does the Arrow Posture work?

Sitting on computer systems and laptop can be a major reason for bad postures and can cause long term problems in the spine. Arrow Posture claims that it is the best and most amazing back support. It further promises that the back and neck becomes as straight as an arrow in addition to bringing shoulders in alignment with the spine. This, in turn, helps in relieving pressure and pain caused by long working hours. Arrow Posture also convinces that it has fully adjustable design and can fit anyone. The padded straps are used for cradling. Arrow Posture also states that it is easy to use. Just slip the straps over the shoulder and fasten the belt. The pain is relieved the moment one puts on Arrow Posture and the posture starts to shift.



Arrow Posture also emphasizes on its triple strap support. One strap is used to reinforce the spine for better posture and the other two help pulling the shoulder back. Arrow Posture alleges to get spine into a healthy position. It also claims to be virtually invisible, unlike regular back braces. Arrow Posture also declares that it is breathable and lightweight. It convinces that one will not feel if they are wearing it. But the claims can only be confirmed by Arrow Posture reviews.


Arrow Posture Female Model


Arrow Posture REVIEW

Arrow Posture is Uncomfortable

Terry Torial says in his Arrow Posture review that he found the posture corrector vest to be uncomfortable to wear and says he would not buy it again. Not only Terry but many users have complained about the Arrow Posture being uncomfortable. mentions on their website that “adjustable” posture correcting vests (Arrow Posture is one such vest) are bulky and uncomfortable. Hanna Santos says in her review that Arrow Posture has poor shoulder traction and material bunches up in the back. It even looks bulky.



Arrow Posture Andrew Danks Chiropractor


Not the right fit

Another one of the Arrow Posture reviews by Cary Amole reads that it barely fits her and she is a size 18 girl. She feels she would have liked it a lot better if it was the right fit for her. Many users complain in their Arrow Posture reviews that the vest comes in only one size and is suited for medium built people. Many reviewers write to us that they won’t be buying a posture correcting vest that does not come in sizes.


Gets loose over time

An Arrow Posture review by Minnie Strone says that it was very good in the beginning and at work, it reminded her every time when her posture was not straight. She adds that the Arrow Posture belt starts getting loose a little bit on the shoulder and doesn’t remind her about posture.



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Good for Walking and Sitting

Jen Tick in her Arrow Posture review that the vest is good for keeping posture correct when walking or sitting. The only complaint she has is that it rides up around ribs when walking and there is a need to pull it down again and again. She says that it might be because of her height.


Too tight

Rene Carnation claims in his review that the Arrow Posture is too tight to wear and the adjuster belts on both sides are too short. She adds that she can hardly breathe after wearing it. She doesn’t think she will be using the same in the future.


Not suitable for exercise

Another Arrow Posture review by Claire says that she cannot exercise wearing this posture corrector because it is really bulky.



Arrow Posture is Bulky

Marsha Samic says in her review that this posture belt is okay when you are not doing any more activity than computer work because this is bulky and hinders your sideways movements.


Limits Movements

A review by Farrah Moan says that it is okay to wear while walking but cannot really bend or more move sideways.


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Not recommended: Mel Anoma claims in her review that she sweats a lot with this Arrow Posture on her back. Also, she doesn’t recommend the Posture Arrow for women. According to her posture Bras with criss-cross straps work better for women.


No space to move

Cara Torial says that posture correcting straps are far better and comfortable than the Arrow Posture. She further adds about posture correcting straps that they are the most minimalist types of posture corrector coming with just a few pieces of material and leaving most of your back free. These are also the most comfortable ones to wear under clothing.



Arrow Posture makes you Sweat

Bella Ruse states in her review that as a woman she would stick to posture bra and won’t buy the Posture Arrow. She claims to sweat even by looking at this.


No sizes available

Theo Owens in his review claims that there cannot be a “one size fits all” posture corrector. He is disappointed that Arrow Posture does not come in different sizes. He says that it is only made for average sized people and not for skinny or fat people.


Arrow Posture Reviewer Dan B


Underarm Straps Hurt

Collin Zing says in his review that it didn’t feel comfortable to him. The straps that go under the arms (armpit) get really irritating within a few minutes. He says if it wasn’t for that one major issue, he would have liked it.



Bulky and visible

Cathy says that Arrow Posture looks like a vest and is worn like vests as well. She adds about back braces in general and says that it force the chest outward, retracting shoulders and straightening the spine. These types of braces provide the best kind of support but are also quite bulky and would probably be visible under clothing. She further adds that standard braces work best when worn at home and would probably not make the best choice for the hot summer months.


Arrow Posture‘s Weight

Mark Key says that this standard “vest” brace is made of breathable material and weighs just a bit over 300 grams. He says that the vest size is adjustable using the straps, which will then also keep the vest stably in place even if you wear it for long hours.


Can’t Workout with Arrow Posture

Carol says she would rather go for a “Posture Correcting Strap” as they allow for a bigger range of movement and don’t hinder a workout.



Arrow Posture Triple Strap Support
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No long term use warns that says posture aids like the Arrow Posture are only temporary—they should not be used over extended periods of time. She adds that this kind of usage tends to weaken the muscles and may even cause further injury as the aid supports the bulk of the weight instead of the muscles which causes atrophy.


Arrow Posture is not really a do-it-yourself solution

Cathy Ruse says that you shouldn’t simply go to the store and purchases a brace like the Arrow Posture. Posture correcting vests/aids should always be provided by a QUALIFIED healthcare professional who should also adjust them and explain exactly how to use them properly. She further adds that while it is much easier and potentially less expensive to do so, you may end up making your problem worse by buying the wrong type of brace or wearing it the wrong way. She also says that one should go see a doctor, chiropractor, or other physical therapists for an assessment who will recommend a brace that suits one’s body and type of injury as well as gives specific instructions on how to wear it.



Not a permanent Posture solution

Debbie Gibson says that posture aids like Arrow Posture cannot permanently fix posture. While posture aids like Arrow Posture can help support neck, shoulders, and back, they are not a cure for poor posture. Think of a posture aid as one tool in your toolbox for a pain-free neck, shoulder, or back but it is not a magical fix. It is important to take posture problems seriously and use posture aid correctly.


Arrow Posture Triple Strap Support
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Make a schedule

Another review by Yuri Moan says that one must stick to their posture aid schedule. In order for posture aid to do its job, one must follow their doctor’s instructions on when and for how long to wear it. If you wear your brace for too long, you’ll be allowing your muscles to weaken and atrophy. Lastly, if you don’t wear it enough, you’ll be losing out on the benefits that posture aids offer. She recommends to simply following the instructions faithfully.


Arrow Posture Reviewer Tracey

What do I get?

You get 2 Arrow Posture Vests for $30. Arrow Posture is available only at the official website



Misleading Marketing by Arrow Posture

The marketers of the Arrow Posture are portraying their vest to be a “pain reliever” which is not 100% true. We have analyzed a scores of reviews and many users opine that posture correction braces like Arrow Posture do not relieve any pain, in-fact they aggravate the pain. If you are having neck or back pain then the first thing you should do is to consult a qualified physician and use the a posture correction vest as prescribed by the physician.


Arrow Posture


Our Verdict

Arrow Posture is not a miracle posture vest that will magically correct your posture. It is nothing new, there are several of these adjustable posture correcting vests out there in the market and they are tried and have good reviews and ratings. The only parameter on which the Posture Arrow scores is its price. You get two Arrow Posture braces for the price of $30 i.e one brace for $15, which is considerably lesser than its competitors. But given the record of the “as seen on tv” products we cannot guarantee about the quality of the Arrow Posture product. We would recommend the proven posture correcting vests from reputed brands. Here are some of the tried and tested alternatives to the Arrow Posture. There are other “as seen on tv” posture correcting straps, one from Digital Target Marketing called the “Posture Doctor” and the other Hempvana Posture from Hempvana. Posture Doctor is the direct competitor of Arrow Posture, though it is a strap and not a vest like Arrow Posture.


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3 Comments on "Arrow Posture REVIEW | As Seen On TV Posture Corrector’s Truth Unveiled"

  1. I ordered an XL size but what I received was way too small although the package was marked XL which isn’t true.

  2. James Sparzynski | October 7, 2019 at 10:59 pm | Reply

    I RECEIVED YOUR ARROW POSTURE BACK BRACE AND IT IS WHAT IT CLAIMS TO BE. where in the instructions does it say that it takes 2 people to put the garment on and I can’t even reach the straps on the sides to adjust and the front strap as soon as you pull it snug the metal eye slides down and bunches the strap up. I do not have a 58inch waist I have a 52inch and this garment does not fit properly. I’m not a happy customer after the 1st brace we ordered turned out to be a small when we ordered a xl and now we got the xl and it is still useless. Needless to say I will be returning both of them. Sizes are way off. Not worth the effort and aggravation trying to get garment to fit properly.

  3. I ordered arrow posture since April 28 until now I didn’t receive it yet , and they said it will delivered 3 to 6 weeks, and it’s already June. I got thier small note that will send as soon as possible but it’s already June and no such thing that came. This were the only product I ordered online and take forever to get it. We ordered it cos they show it on TV and it will help my back.. But we dunno why they don’t care to send it as what they said they should..

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