Ankle Armor Review | Is Wrap a SCAM?

What is Ankle Armor?

It claims to be an innovative new compression wrap that claims to provide soothing support to your ankle, foot and lower leg. As the name [“Ankle Armor”] suggests, it creates an armor around your ankle and help relieve swelling and pain. The Ankle Armor also reduces possibility of ankle injury during other activities like sports.

Ankle Armor Review | Is Wrap a SCAM?

The Ankle Armor wrap is promoted by the “As Seen On TV” company Spark Innovators.



How does Ankle Armor Work?

As per the official review, Ankle Armor gently wraps around your foot and ankle helping reduce pressure from sprains, swellings or injuries. Ankle Armor also claims to reduce foot fatigue and the pain originating from the pain that travels to your hip and knee. According to the manufacturer’s review, Ankle Armor features Custom Compression Fabric that gives you perfect support.

Better than Compression Socks – The promoters even claim that the Ankle Armor is better than the Compression Socks which are hard to pull on and off. Ankle Armor claims to be completely adjustable with the closure to loosen or tighten for the right pressure you want. The gentle compression provided by the Ankle Armor helps protect against possible injury you might encounter while jogging or any day-to-day activity. The Ankle Armor claims to soothe and energize your ankle and foot. It also helps support and stabilize your ankle when you are engaged in sports activities like running, jogging, biking, golf or tennis. Ankle Armor claims to be the solution for ankle swellings while traveling.

The Ankle Armor is soft and flexible and you can even sleep with it wrapped around your ankle/foot. The promoter claims that Ankle Armor is built to last for years and is completely washable and retains it massaging properties after years of use.



Better than Medical Bandages – In the official review, the promoters further claim that the medical bandages are ugly and abrasive. The Ankle Armor could be a better alternative to the bandages as they easily wrap around your bare feet or over the socks. The Ankle Armor design lets it fit around your foot discreetly and you can wear your shoes, boots and any footwear over it.


Ankle Armor Review

Looses Elasticity

There are many complaints from the users of Armor Ankle regarding the wrap losing the elasticity. Only after a few uses the Ankle Armor wrap looses elasticity, the issue, the reviewers say is because of the substandard material it is made of. The built of the Ankle Armor wrap is also reported to be flimsy.


Bulky and Uncomfortable

Reviewers also complain that the Ankle Armor is bulky and hence uncomfortable to wear. We have come across several reviews that attest this fact. The wrap does not stay in place and it is impossible to wear shoes over it. You you force it, the fabric of the Ankle Armor wrap digs into the skin causing itching and some users have go blisters too.



There are a few reviews where the users complain that it was difficult to get the Ankle Armor fit into the tennis shoe. This proves the claims [you can wear any footwear over the wrap] made by the promoter in this regard are false. Many users whom we ask to review the wrap mention that it is too thick when you wear shoes over it.


No Adequate Pressure

The other most common complain is about the therapeutic pressure that the Ankle Armor is supposed to apply. Users have complained that the wrap does not offer adequate pressure. Reviewers complain that Armor Ankle wrap is difficult to adjust and does not provide ankle stability, the main reason why they bought the wrap. The Ankle Armor works perfectly fine when you are lying idle but The velcro shifts when you walk and causes the pressure to loosen.


Does the Ankle Armor Really Work?

One reviewer explains “technically” what the Ankle Armor is and what it actually does and what it “claims” to do. According to him, the Ankle Armor is a Strapping Elastic Ankle Support Wrap. The main purpose of the ankle supports like the Ankle Armor is to prevent ankle injuries and NOT treat them. But the promoters of the Ankle Armor falsely claim that the wrap can be used to treat the ankle injuries too, that’s not true. The Ankle Armor is not very helpful in treating ankle injuries.



Our Verdict

The Ankle Armor are over-rated ankle support straps and nothing more. There is nothing special about them, there are several of these ankle support straps available on The promoters of Ankle Armor adopt deceptive marketing techniques by making false claims. We do not see any reason why you should buy the Ankle Armor when there are better options available out there.

1 Comment on "Ankle Armor Review | Is Wrap a SCAM?"

  1. I am one of many who were scammed. What a racket! I think it’s sad that this company takes advantage of those individuals who’d do anything to be able to just walk.
    I have plantar fas it is (maker claims their item is “perfect” for this).
    What is perfect for PF is something that can push or pull your foot back, towards the body, toes first. The Ankle Armor does no such thing. It serves as somewhat of a pseudo compression item. There are open ankle compression socks that are sold now which is what I believe this company tried to make. Kind of a “one size fits all”.
    If that were the case, TWO supports should have been included in the box, as doctors don’t usually want a patient to wear ONE compression sock. If they did, though…this is your solution.

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