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KumiKreator Claims

What is KumiKreator?

KumiKreator is a product for teenagers, especially girls, who like to make creative things like bracelets which they love. The product is derived from the Japanese fashion of braiding cords and beads together to create beautiful bracelets and necklaces. The KumiKreator makes Kumi fashion beaded bracelets that teenage girls love to wear as fashion or as a sign of friendship.

The KumiKreator gives you the option of choosing the design from the available patterns or making your own depending on your taste. You can use a variety of colorful beads and threads in the KumiKreator to make the bracelet for yourself or to gift to your friend.

The patterns supplied with the product are designed by experts keeping in mind the latest design trends in the world of teenagers. This can help your kid stay up to date with the latest fashion trends.

How does it work?

The KumiKreator already has patterns and designs programmed in it, and you can choose from them or make one for yourself. The product makes use of the ancient art of Kumi to braid the beads and threads together to give you a unique bracelet.

How to use it?

The KumiKreator is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is choose a pattern that you like, add the thread and beads into the machine. After this, start spinning the handle slowly to braid the bracelet that you have designed. Once the bracelet is of the size you want, you can add clasps to the two ends which make wearing the bracelet easier. Now, your bracelet is ready for you to use or to gift to a dear friend.

The Name KumiKreator

The name KumiKreator is derived from the Japanese word Kumihimo which means gathering threads. The title looks to use the name of ancient culture in Japan to attract buyers. The alliteration in the name also makes it more appealing to customers as compared to a normal name.

No matter how attractive the name is, you can find out its actual worth and use only when you start using it.

KumiKreator Claim Analysis

The product has made numerous claims; let’s see how they hold up in real life as compared to the reel life.

  • Load, Spin and create within minutes
    The product claims that you can make a new bracelet within minutes. The truth in this claim is that the bracelet cannot be made within minutes because the product is very fragile which makes it prone to breaking if you ramp up the speed and the bracelet making may take a long time.
  • Ten unique bracelet designs
    The product claims that you can make ten unique designs which is not true because only a couple of designs are available and programming to create new designs is not available either. This reduces the use of the product since you can make a handful of designs.
  • Create bracelets in minutes
    The product claims that you can make a new bracelet in a few minutes. This claim is baseless since the loading takes a lot of time and even when you start spinning the handle it is quite fragile which means that it would break when if you speed it up. All of this leads to a much more time required to create one bracelet than what is claimed.
  • Bracelet sets are made by real designers
    This claim made by the product might be, but the fact is that the designs are not attractive or appealing at all which makes the designing questionable. This makes the appeal of the product, and the bracelets go down as a whole which is a let-down.
  • How to make blogs show you how it’s done
    This claim made by the product is only partially valid. There are videos on how to make the bracelets available, but they are both hard to find as well as inadequate to start using the product. Thus, the videos are as good as non-existent since they don’t offer much help.

KumiKreator Price Analysis

The KumiKreator is available on Amazon, Target as well as Walmart which gives you the option to choose the vendor that you like. The KumiKreator is available for $29.99 plus shipping charges depending upon the vendor that you want.

KumiKreator Offer Analysis

All the items are available in multiples of one. You can pay by your preferred method of payment including credit cards like Visa, American Express and MasterCard and other options like the PayPal depending on the vendor that you pick to purchase the product from.

KumiKreator Reviews on Product Site

The product site does not have any reviews of itself which is a flag that the product might not be as genuine as it claims to be. On the other hand, the vendors have reviews on their website. These reviews are on the negative side of things. The number of reviews which say that the product broke as soon as they tried using it is shocking. There are other reviews which claim that the product is fun to use and genuine, but these seem very generic and repetitive which furthers the doubts about the product. Unfortunately, the good reviews that have been posted are not verified buyers which might as well mean that the reviews are bogus.

KumiKreator Review

The KumiKreator stands tall with its promises and claims until the product is delivered to your house. The KumiKreator is a big disappointment after comparing the claims that it makes and the buyers’ experience with it. This product had the potential to be very attractive to teenagers, but the fact that it does not stand up to the claims makes it very unappealing. The reviews which say that the product cannot be used more than one time because it immediately breaks down is the biggest let-down of the product.

Our Verdict

Our verdict about the KumiKreator is that you skip this product no matter how much your kid wants it. The product does not live up to its claims in any way, and thus you should save money by not picking this one.

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