InStyler PRIME 1.25 Rotating Styling Iron REVIEW | Review

What is Instyler Prime 1.25?

Instyler Prime 1.25 is a rotating hair styling iron with ultra-sophisticated features. It is designed to straighten, curl and boost volume of hair of any type singlehandedly. This hairstyling tool also makes your hair smooth and shiny just like it happens only in a salon. Overall, Instyler Prime 1.25, featuring its own patented design, apparently derives its brand name from its 1.25” round barrel. ‘Prime’, seemingly refers to the position it is on its way to achieve, as a leading (prime) hair styling appliance.



InStyler PRIME 1.25 Rotating Styling Iron REVIEW | Review


What does Instyler Prime 1.25 do?

Instyler Prime 1.25 styles hair in a number of ways guaranteeing salon quality results. It straightens and curls hair impeccably while adding lush volume effortlessly right at home. It works on hair of all types- be it long, short, rough, thick, thinning, curly, straight or frizzed. With its heated rotating barrel and floating plate, it turns hair smooth without creasing, damaging or burning. The heated plate of Instyler Prime 1.25 sets curls for long while the polishing action of the rotating barrel makes hair smooth, bouncy and voluminous. Further, the ionic bristles arrest frizz in hair and make it shiny.


Significance of “1.25”

Instyler Prime 1.25 has a 1.25” sized round barrel which is one of its highlights. Its round shape is the opposite of a flat plate that other brands are generally made of. The 1.25” barrel has a one-way rotating barrel with two heat settings (up to 410°F) which give the appliance its distinctive characteristic.



Instyler Prime 1.25 Features

Instyler Prime 1.25 not only styles hair with professional results but also ensures there’s no damage to hair. The appliance boasts of an array of features such as:
  • Four styling options functionality
  • Exclusive patented design
  • Two heat settings up to 410°F
  • Rounded design of rotating barrel and heated plate
  • Ionic bristles
  • 1.25″ 1-way rotating barrel
  • Suits all hair types, length and texture
  • Equipped to add shine, and bounciness to hair
  • Equipped to straighten hair as well as add curls
  • Imparts perfect blowout look
  • Adds volume naturally
  • Titanium ceramic heated plates
  • Professional swivel cord
  • Automatic shut off
  • Prevents damaging, burning and creasing of hair


What do I get?

INSTYLER PRIME 1.25″ Rotating Styling Iron is priced at $59.98. the Instyler PRIME 1.25″ is available at the official website


Instyler Prime 1.25 Reviews

Customers who’ve purchased Instyler Prime 1.25 hair styling tool have sent in their reviews, which throw light on its prominent features. Some users have said they were highly impressed with this tool and loved the difference it made to their look right at home. Quite a few have mentioned in their feedback that they simply loved Instyler Prime 1.25 right from the beginning and found it nice.



According to the review of a customer who says she’s extremely happy with this styling appliance, her long hair retain all the styles she wore, right from beachy waves to curls. She likes the way the appliance adjusts heat and protects hair from burning while styling it dramatically.

A few other users’ reviews reveal that the spin feature of Instyler Prime 1.25, combined with the brush, is very good to get elegant waves. They’ve written in that their styling stays for long hours even in humid weather, which is not the case with most other brands.

However, a large section of customers have posted complaints and negative words about Instyler Prime 1.25. Quite a few dissatisfied users have said that their unit worked for not even two months and started giving trouble. Some users have complained that it curled their hair only a few times and then went defunct. It simply stopped working, and no amount of handling and twiddling worked.

One of the customers even complains that the appliance burnt her hair, which sounds really petrifying. Yet another person has said that there was a minor spark while she was using it to straighten her hair once, after which it stopped working. Worse, some say that the curls and waves created by Instyler Prime 1.25 don’t stay long but come undone. That’s something they did not expect and desire, considering the tall claims its ads make.

Some users’ complaints further indicate that Instyler Prime 1.25 does not heat up to 410 as its makers claim. It doesn’t even go up to 250 degrees, which is very frustrating.

A customer who replaced another brand model with Instyler Prime 1.25 says she’s regretting her decision. According to her, the comb feature of this tool is inferior as her hair keeps getting stuck in the teeth of the comb. Some other users’ complaints also point out to the same problem. Most of them are exasperated, and want nothing more than sending it back and getting a refund.



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