InstaSmooth Epilator Review | Threader REVIEW

InstaSmooth Epilator Review

What is InstaSmooth Epilator?

It is a threader epilator that remove unwanted hair from all body parts.

InstaSmooth Epilator makes threading all over the body easy, convenient and can be done by anyone. The wire move rapidly in all the directions and can be used for several hair cycle removals. The InstaSmooth Epilator claims that the threads are made from the material 10 times more powerful than cotton. The threads are more effective in removing the hair than cotton. The manufacturer of InstaSmooth Epilator claims that the threader remove the hair from the bulb and is delicate because it does not “pinch” the skin and hence is painless hair remover.

They claim in their official product review that the InstaSmooth Epilator makes skin soft, shiny and stimulates micro-circulation. InstaSmooth Epilator claims to be ecological, durable and requires no batteries. Just put the thread in the InstaSmooth Epilator and you can use it anywhere and anytime. Use the simple yet revolutionary InstaSmooth Epilator that you can use on all body parts including face, upper lips and eye brows.

InstaSmooth Epilator Price

You get 2 Threader Epilators and 20 Replacement Threads for $19.99 + $6.99 P/H. Official Website You have to pay $6.99 even try the product for 30 days. The threader is not available in the stores nor at any other online retail store. Review

InstaSmooth Epilator is an American name to the European product named COLIBRY. Here is the review of the “InstaSmooth Epilator”.

InstaSmooth Epilator Advantages

No Batteries

There are no batteries to replace, hair removers require a lot of power to effectively remove the hair. Greater the area to be “de-haired”, more power and hence more batteries they eat up. InstaSmooth Epilator works with mechanical power of your fingers and hands saving hundreds of “battery” dollars.

No need to Recharge

There are rechargeable hair removers that claim to be better than the battery operated ones but they do not have the power to last long. The charge of the rechargeable hair removers typically lasts 20 minutes before needing to be recharged. A “mechanical” InstaSmooth Epilator can be used for unlimited time so you can complete your sessions without interruption.

It is an Epilator not a Depilator

More hair removers are depilators that remove the hair at the surface level while epilators like the InstaSmooth Epilator removes the hair from the “root” making the hairless for a longer period. Hair removed with epilators take more time to grow back than depilators.

Precision Results

Threading with the InstaSmooth Epilator can give precise well defined shape to eyebrows. Works well on fine hair. Threading is better option if you have eczema, InstaSmooth Epilator is perfect for removing the hair from larger areas like legs, back and hands.

InstaSmooth Epilator Disadvantages

Not the Best Results

The InstaSmooth Epilator does not catch the hair well, you have to pass on the same area several times to remove the hair. The thread used in the InstaSmooth Epilator is too thick and hence it cannot catch hair as effectively as the cotton. Reviewers mention that InstaSmooth Epilator is not the best technique to remove coarse hair. Don’t expect salon quality results as claimed in the TV ad. threader is time consuming though. Users confess in their reviews that is not the right option for removing facial hair. Threader is not Painless

The promoters of can claim that the threader epilator is painless but the fact is that all threaders are PAINFUL. You cannot escape the PAIN while using the as threading pulls the hair from the root rather than cutting the hair. It is especially painful when you would use the to thread eyebrows and upper lips. Threading is more painful than waxing and tweezing.

InstaSmooth Epilator is Not Durable

The threader is made of plastic and features diagonal moving parts that are prone to breaking. That is why many reviews say that the threader won’t last long.

Causes Breakouts

Be very cautious when using the InstaSmooth Epilator on face. People have reported that using a threader can cause acne breakouts.

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