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What is Banker Blade & Ho does it Work?

It claims to be a new adjustable razor that provides perfect customized shave everytime. If you love shaving the old fashioned way, you will love the Banker Blade.

The precision engineered design and dual sided blade lets you shave in both the directions. Banker Blade features adjustable shave and a weighted handle that glides effortlessly over the contours of your face for an ultra close shave without the irritation normally associated with the dual sided shaving.

Blade Banker Review



How does Blade Banker Work?

With just a twist the Banker Blade’s head adjusts the height of the razor blade to customize for fine or coarse hair. The Banker Blade features 6 settings for perfect shaving. The Banker Blade comes with 12 Stainless Steel blades that can be replaced as easily as you shave. The users in the official video claim that all you need is just one stroke of the Banker Blade and you are done shaving, saves time and a lot of money too [over $200 per year!]

  • Adjustable – The easy to use dial at the top of the handle provides 6 settings to adjust the height of the blade. So whether you need serious shaving or gentle one, Banker Blade does it all.
  • Dual Shaving – Use it both the ways, up or down and back or forth. Greater shaving comfort. The heavy luxury handle stays put on your skin and delivers even shave all around.
  • Blades – “Snap-in” design of the shaving head lets you replace the blades with a breeze.



Banker Blade Price

The Banker Blade Offer Includes
  • Banker Blade Offer 1 – One-Year Supply
    • 1 Banker Blade Double Sided Razor
    • 24 Replacement Blades
    • Price – $29.99 [for 1 Banker Blade] + $12.99 [12 Blades] + $9.99 [2nd Set of 12 Blades] + $4.99 P/h. Total $44.97
  • Banker Blade Offer 2 – 6-month Supply
    • 1 Banker Blade Double Sided Razor
    • 12 Replacement Blades
    • Price – $29.99 [for 1 Banker Blade + 12 Blades] + $4.99 P/h. Total $34.98
  • You can upgrade to Platinum blades for $10.
  • Official Website:

Blade Banker Offer



Banker Blade Price Comparison

  • Banker Blade – $35
  • Merkur Futur – $62.5
  • Edwin Jagger – $42.5
  • Vikings AUGUSTUS – $59.99
  • QSHAVE – $24.99


Banker Blade Review

The Top is Heavy … Too Heavy

User reviews confirm that the Banker Blade gives you a decent shave like any classic razor, no nicks or burns. The weight needs to be at the point where the handle is attached to the head, but rather the weight is concentrated in the handle. So some users find it a bit inconvenient. Also the Banker Blade handle has a smooth finish which causes it to slip, it should have a rough/knurled finish for a good grip. Not well suited for beginners.

Banker Blade Testimonials

The Dial is Loose

Some reviews mention that the adjustment setting does not lock in place firmly and you always have a feeling [fear] that the dial would spin changing the height of the blade, while you are shaving.

Alignment Issue

One user review states that one side of the Banker Blade shaves better than the opposite side. This could be because the Banker Blade leans towards one side more than the other. This is not because the blade head itself is lopsided but because the blades does not sit in a perfect horizontal level. You have to realign the blade height when you change the brands of the blades. Disassembling the unit and lubing it has fixed this issue for many Banker Blade users. The difference in the level of the blades become apparent when you use them on settings higher than 3.



Not the Best Blades

Though the Banker Blade itself is a great classic razor, the blades that it comes with are not as great. Many users complain about the quality of the blade and many have moved over to other brands.

Cleaning is a bit Tricky

You have to remove the top cover to rinse the Banker Blade, many users find this inconvenient because of the tasks involved in rinsing the blade.


The biggest benefit of the Banker Blade is that it is affordable. It is better to shave with a 10 cent blade than with a $4 cartridge. For more aggressive shaving, just go to the next level. “Great for getting rid of a few weeks of beard” – comments one user. People with sensitive skin complain of getting a few cuts if you use it on fine beard, not so many problems with shaving coarse beard.


The Banker Blade is a somewhat cheap copy of the Merkur Razor and is not as well-made as the Merkur. Particularly the top part of the blade head that comes off for replacing the blade, can easily break rendering the razor unusable. It would have been a great feature had the top head been replaceable. The average life of the Banker Blade is one to one-and-a-half year.



Our Verdict on Banker Blade

Shaving with independent double edge blades is more hygienic and sanitary than the cartridge blades. Cartridges dull over time and you don’t get the same quality of shave that you get when using the cartridges’ for the first time. Since cartridge blade systems have multiple blades, they can cause irritation to sensitive skin types. Banker Blade provides clean, short effective strokes and you don’t have to do multiple passes which reduces irritation and cuts. Washing the blade off after each pass also reduces irritation. Remember the head of the Banker Blade does not swivel so you have to be careful not to do long stroked, just small straight strokes. Also not a good idea to use it in shower, when using the classic double sided razors like the Banker Blade – “Just shave when you shave”.

Banker Blade is not the only classic double sided shaving razor out there in the market, there are several of them. Merkur, QSHAVE, Edwin Jagger and the rest. The key USP of the Banker Blade is its price of $35 which includes 12 blades which significantly lesser than Merkur Futur models. QSHAVE is a better option than the Banker Blade but then this as seen on tv double sided razor is definitely worth a try.



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