Shark Proof Metal Hose REVIEW | Reviews

About Shark Proof Metal Hose

So have you seen the new Hose from Telebrands? – The “Shark Proof Metal Hose” [] that is put to test in the Shark’s mouth. As the name suggests even the Shark fish cannot break the Hose – supposedly – hence the name “Shark Proof”.


Shark Proof Metal Hose REVIEW | Reviews

Manufacturer’s Claims

As per the official Shark Proof Metal Hose REVIEW“Time to say goodbye to the old rubber hoses that were being used and get the virtually indestructible kink-proof hose – Shark Proof Metal Hose. The Shark Proof Metal Hose concept is to avoid all the hassles of maintaining the hoses because regular use always led to kinking or exploding, so what better way to get rid of all those issues than to use THE toughest hose out there. The Shark Proof metal hose is so tough that it has undergone multiple durability tests like being blown out of the gutter, dragged against a barbwire fence, it has been run over with lawnmower blades and it was even torched with extreme heat and the result is this wonderful product.”


More Fancy Claims

“The Shark Proof metal hose claims to be an incredibly tough hose which is built out of steel so that it can withstand a lot of abuse and will still work. This hose is created for the regular man and for everyday use with an interlocking armor design & steel casing which will keep the water in and everything else out. Surprisingly lightweight and easy to coil for storage, the hose is sure to stay cool to the touch for handling in the morning sun or anytime during the day. Another unique feature is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.”


“The manufacturer claims that the Shark Proof hose was designed with a single vision in mind which was to create a hose that was virtually indestructible. To test the quality of this product, the creators submerged it in the water with real sharks and tied bait onto it. The 400 pound deadly predators bit it but there was no damage done to the hose. In fact, the boat which was used for the expedition was cleaned off with the same 25 foot hose with ease. This is why it has been named Shark Proof metal hose because of it’s toughness.”

Shark Proof Metal Hose Pricing

The Shark Proof Metal Hose is available only at the official website There are two offers:

Basic Offer

  • 1 Shark Proof Metal Hose
  • 1 Shark Nose Bendable End Nozzle
  • Price: $29.99 + $7.99 Shipping

Buy One Get One Free Offer

  • 2 Shark Proof Metal Hoses
  • 2 Shark Nose Bendable End Nozzles
  • Price: $44.98 + $7.99 Shipping


Let’s Analyze the Shark Proof Claims

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE & KINK-PROOF DESIGN – No, this claim is FALSE. You cannot have an Indestructible Hose that Does Not Kink. No matter what material the hose is made of, all hoses will kink, eventually. Its just that high quality hoses kink later than the inferior quality ones.
  • Toughest Hose You Will Ever Own – There are no independent tests done that confirm this fact. It is only the promoters of the Shark Proof Metal Hose that claim that theirs is the “TOUGHEST” Hose. That is absolutely gibberish. When our product experts analyzed the Shark Proof Metal Hose they found nothing extraordinary in the hose. It is just a regular metal hose with fancy claims.
  • You Can use the Shark Proof Metal Hose to Blowout the Gutter – Not really. The pressure from the Shark Proof Metal Hose is not high enough to “blast” dirt and debris. It is fairly good hose to water the plants in the garden. It is not meant for heavy duty cleaning.
  • It Stands the ABUSE – “Dragged Against Barbed Wire”, “Run over with Lawnmower Blades”, “Torched it with Extreme Heat” – these are the claims made by the promoters in the Shark Proof Metal Hose official review video, but this is utter gibberish. No hose can stand that kind of abuse and hence all such claims are false. Don’t try that at home, you should take good care of your hose so it can last longer.

Shark Proof Metal Hose REVIEWS

Bad After-Sale Service

Unlike what had been advertised, it wasn’t as durable as they made it sound. An unhappy customer reviewed the purchase with a single star complaining about how the Shark Proof hose broke in just 2-3 weeks of use. Things turned from bad to worse when they realized that the “Lifetime warranty” was merely a marketing gimmick and it was impossible to get hold of an executive to help them in replacing the defective hose. The users try to take care of products since they want value for money but even after being careful, this product failed miserably.


Poor Nozzle Attachment

An unhappy user mentioned in his review that in less than a month with approximately only 15 uses for 10 minutes while watering flowers…the hose broke. The attachment where one has to screw in the nozzle with a rubber covering had become detached from that and started slipping down causing the hose to leak and spray water all over. When they tried to reattach the nozzle the threads on that just wouldn’t attach. In one case, the product fell apart in the very first use.


Not very Durable

While the Shark Proof metal hose was light in weight with no kinks, its has been known to break down in 5 to 6 months. Leakages, lack of pressure at the sprayer are only a few of the multiple issues that had been faced by the unhappy customers. In-fact it has been noticed to progressively move less and less water as time passes. 1/3rd of the way water has been seen to be dripping out of the hose.

Fragile Tube

The tube has been said to be really small with low water pressure. This fragile build hardly lets a lot of water pressure seamlessly flow and easy to dent. This hose is bound to burst after few uses. Some users bought 2 Shark Proof hoses but the aluminum turned out to be too weak as well as the plastic liner seemed to have snapped off.


Mediocre Manufacturing

Whether it was the tangling aspect because of the small diameter or the poorly manufactured coupling ends, one needs to be really cautious before turning the speed up with water in the hose. Plants have been said to be destroyed and ripped apart in some scenarios . In one case after hooking up this hose, the users noticed a strong chemical odour. Upon looking into this, a white foam forming which also contained this odour was noticed.


Easy to break Sub-standard Hose

The hose ended up with several dents/flat spots before a complete failure. Either from being run over by the tiny riding mower or stepped on while on the patio ultimately the Shark Proof hose wasn’t as sturdy as it was advertised.


No warranty

There are similar hoses available on Amazon that come with Lifetime Warranty, The Shark Proof Metal Hose does not have any warranty.

It does not expand

Shark Proof Metal Hose does not expand and contract like the other as seen on tv hoses. Also the Shark Proof Metal Hose is available only in one size, this too is major drawback – reviews say.


Low Pressure

While the Shark Proof Metal Hose is certainly more durable than the hoses made from rubber, vinyl and polyurethane – the metal hoses have the smallest diameter and hence cannot deliver the high water pressure required for cleaning.


Leakages and Breakages

While the Shark Proof Metal Hose is fairly durable, the connectors are not metal, they are plastic and are prone to breaking and leakages. There are numerous complaints about the metal hoses like the Shark Proof breaking at the ends where the hose connects to the tap and to the sprayer.

How does the Shark Proof Metal Hose Compare with Other METAL Hoses?

Hose Number of Reviews 1 Star Reviews 2 Star Reviews 3 Star Reviews 4 Star Reviews Verdict
Shark Proof Metal Hose None None None None None None  
BIONIC Steel Hose 5700+ Reviews 513 1-star reviews [31%] 171 2-star reviews [10.34%] 285 3-star reviews [17.24%] 684 4-star reviews [41.37%] Aggregate ratings 2.7-Star
BIONIC Steel Hose PRO 1800+ Reviews 169 1-star reviews [13.27%] 37 2-star reviews [3%] 94 3-star reviews [7.3%] 187 4-star reviews [15%] Aggregate ratings 2.7-Star
Armor Metal Hose 390 Stainless Metal Garden 1200+ Reviews 220 1-star reviews [50%] 26 2-star reviews [6%] 78 3-star reviews [18%] 117 4-star reviews [27%] Aggregate ratings 2.20-Star
Tardigrade Steel Hose 1500+ Reviews 171 1-star reviews [35.47%] 47 2-star reviews [9.75%] 78 3-star reviews [16%] 186 4-star reviews [39%] Aggregate ratings 2.57-Star

Verdict From the above comparison it is clear that all the metal hoses have 2 to 2.5 aggregate ratings. We have excluded the 5-star ratings since it is a well known fact that most of these are “planted” reviews.


FINAL Verdict

Shark Proof Metal Hose promoters rely on deceptive marketing techniques to promote their product. This is a classic case of false advertising. The Shark Proof metal hose is nothing to look out for, in-fact it is has disappointed users and made them waste a lot of time trying to get their replacements or refunds. Such type of products should not be allowed to be sold, especially advertised on authentic channels or portals where in the common man goes and blindly purchases the products they like because not everybody takes the time out to do a little bit of research. There are plenty of “tried and tested” metal hoses out there in the market and we see no reason why you should buy the Shark Proof Metal Hose.

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