Flexable Hose Xtreme REVIEW

What is Flexable Hose Xtreme

Pocket hoses fit in your pocket but often kink, rip, tear and even pop. Brian Hyder endorse the Flexable Hose Xtreme and calls it “nearly invincible” while reviewing these products I often notice the earlier models also had such high-sounding claims.


How does Flexable Hose Xtreme work?

Flexable Hose Xtreme claims to be a heavy duty hose that grows and comes with a LIFETIME Guarantee of your Money Back. How does the Flexable Hose Xtreme Grow?, well it grows in size after you turn on the water and retracts to its original shape what they (the promoters of Flexable Hose Xtreme) call “Flex-Mesh Retraction Action” Material The Flexable Hose Xtreme claims to be made from UV-resistant double wall expandable polymer and features seamless constructions.


Flexable Hose Xtreme Features
This is where they boast the most about the Flexable Hose Xtreme. According to the infomercial, the Flexable Hose Xtreme is made for rugged uses. It features rugged construction-tough metal connectors. The metal fittings can withstand the most brutal of the weather conditions. With all the features Flexable Hose Xtreme is still light-weight (weight just a pound!!!) and does not get tangled. What more, it snakes around the obstacles.


Flexable Hose Xtreme Uses
Use it for gardening Cleaning windows from the outside Around the deck, patio and swimming pool and more.


Flexable Hose Xtreme REVIEW

Ok now its time to review the Flexable Hose Xtreme, analyze its name, the claims and to make sense of the heavy jargon used in the promotion.


The Name – Flexable Hose Xtreme

They have used the two most important features of the hose “Flexibility” and “Extreme” and concocted the name “Flexable Hose Xtreme” with an intentional in-correct spelling to make it stand from the rest. Often called as Sensational spelling. Because this hose is an improvement of its predecessor – the “Flexable Hose”, they have just suffixed the word “Xtreme” to focus on the strength. The more appropriate and grammatically arrangement of words would have been “Flexable Xtreme Hose”. But considering the success and popularity of the earlier model it is wise to retain the original name “Flexable Hose”.


Flexable Hose Xtreme Promotional Video

Flexable Hose Xtreme is promoted heavily, the video ad has a heavy music that gives a “strong” feel to the ad. The wild imagination used in the promotion of the Flexable Hose Xtreme certainly deserves applause. They have used a military tank (it is actually a M2 Bradley IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicle) to demonstrate the strength of the Flexable Hose Xtreme. First I though he is going to run over the Flexable Hose Xtreme to test its strength but instead they use it tow other M2 Bradley. While the plot is not clear, it is confusing what they are trying to portray with those two M2 Bradley, but it seems that one M2 Bradley is pulling the other one with the Flexable Hose Xtreme. Now that’s really a wild idea. And we buy it. You couldn’t use more far-fetched ideas than this to promote a product


Now lets look at the Jargon used in the promotions of the Flexable Hose Xtreme:

“Flex-Mesh” – In the video and also the website (flexablehosextreme.com) there is often the mention of this term “Flex-Mesh”. We tried to make sense what it is, we even searched on the internet buy couldn’t not find any relevance of the term (Flex-Mesh) with a hose. It seems to be a made-up engineering jargon to make the Flexable hose Xtreme look like a super high-tech gadget.


“Flex-Mesh Traction Action” – Another jargon that has no meaning is this – “Flex-Mesh Traction Action”. They use it explain the contraction feature of the Flexable hose Xtreme. Again we searched all over and could not find any logical meaning of this term. This has been the strategy of these as seen on tv marketing companies. The product should sound “scientific” and hence such terms are invented to back them up. But they have been sloppy in their work while applying the ideas. On the Flexable hose Xtreme website they have mi-spelled the word “Retraction” as “Restriction”. It seems they got too get carried away with the jargon.


Construction of the Flexable hose Xtreme

With all the information and super-technical terms to explain the feature of the Flexable hose Xtreme it is still not clear what materials are used in the hose. The only material they attest is “POLYMER”. There is no mention about the material of the metal parts (most branded hoses use brass fittings). Off course the Flexable hose Xtreme is not as strong as it is shown to be in the video. It certainly cannot withstand the impact from the concrete blocks. and the Tank thing is just a fairy tale.


Flexable hose Xtreme’s Nozzle

There is not much information available about the Flexable hose Xtreme’s nozzle. If you are going to “cleaning” tasks with a hose then you need to have specialized nozzles with suitable spay patters. But the Flexable hose Xtreme does not seem to come with such nozzle, soc the claim that it can do the toughest cleaning is just a poppycock.


Does the Flexable Hose Xtreme REALLY work?

The promoters of Flexable Hose Xtreme are complete cheats! This bogus Flexable Hose is far from being a hundred feet in length in-fact we wouldn’t even calling this a decent 25 to 35 feet in totality! Surprisingly, unlike its fancy claims this can never expand to a 100 feet even if the user has pressurized it completely. Those who tried, said in their reviews that on application the Flexable Hose shrinks back to its original quarter feet length which really is of no use! It’s really discomforting to see how the consumers are being tricked by the producers. Not only this, on dragging a Flexable Hose, it starts to wear out quickly! Somehow there are massive restrictions on the flow of water.


One main function which was the shut off switch at the end of the Flexable Hose never seems to function, in fact, it doesn’t even move. What sort of durability is this? In-fact, a month’s occasional light use proved to be substantial enough for it to lose its shimmer, totally not worthy of the fees they have demanded! From a buyers perspective another suspicious fact to be noticed here were the false claims about the make of this item. This hose’s description according to the seller as stated on Amazon reads “solid brass” while in reality these frauds have actually used aluminium!!


The idea marketed is that the Flexable Hose will expand and so this makes the end shut off valve a really critical piece of the puzzle in case one wishes to be able to reposition the Flexable Hose while using a sprinkler. The lack of a working valve makes this Flexable Hose useless to everybody because it ceases to fulfill its one basic job! We got in touch with many who tried to make the purchase from different vendors but those too made it obvious that there is no fault in the retailers but from the main producer’s end.


Also with only a mere 30 day return policy and the quality being as it is, users cannot not make a claim after the 30 days are up. So, what they’re saying is buy our hoses, even if the nozzle gives up too soon, even if there is a leak sooner than you can expect, without even considering that they have issues with extensions!! We suggest you opt for a reasonable substitute that can actually get the job done because buying multiple hoses to do the job for one is not justified and people expect to invest their hard earned money into things that can actually last them a life time!


Price of the Flexable Hose Xtreme

Flexable Hose Xtreme is priced at $20 for 25 feet, $30 for 50 feet and $40 for 75 feet. When we compared the price of Flexable Hose Xtreme with other similar hoses like Flexi Hose, Xpanda Hose, Nifty Gower, Crenova and Foodmean – we found that Flexable Hose Xtreme is cheaper. But it is available only at the official website FlexableHoseXtreme.com


About the Company behind Flexable Hose Xtreme

Flexable Hose Xtreme is “distributed” by As Seen On TV Company Tristar Products INC – the same company that makes the earlier model – Flexable Hose.


Our Verdict on Flexable Hose Xtreme

The Flexable Hose Xtreme is an over-hyped garden hose. It is nothing new, “expandable hoses” have been their in the market for over more than a decade now. We have seen a “garden hose” in the as seen on tv arena after a long time. In-fact the first hose (Flexable Hose) from TriStar came way back in 2012 which was a huge success.


An expandable hose which can be used for gardening as well as cleaning is a specialized product and should be purchased from the company that has thorough experience in making them.


Flexable Hose Xtreme does not come from a very reputable company. TriStar the Flexable Hose Xtreme’s manufacturer has no prior experience of making quality plumbing and gardening tools. Most of their products are “Chinese” made with their labels on it.


We are certainly not in favor of buying the Flexable Hose Xtreme there are fer better alternatives available on the internet. Just a search for “expandable hose” on Amazon.com will list a dozen of tried and tested expandable hoses that a re a bit costlier than the Flexable Hose Xtreme but then you will not regret buying one of them.

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