Bionic Force Hose REVIEW

Bionic Force Hose Claims

Tired of handling the heavy, leaking hoses? Well the Bionic Force Hose hose is a Lighter and tougher version of the regular rubber hoses one might have come across or seen, used. This product is commercial grade with a special polyester weave makes it resistant to wear and tear and perfectly durable to fit your every need! It is designed to be kink and leak resistant that means it’s time to say goodbye to the old problems because this hose never kinks it just continues to flow strong! Also it is inserted to solid aluminum connectors for a firm grip even if you have to stretch it out.  Keeping the harsh environments in mind it is also weather proof so let it rain let it snow but the hose will sustain it all with a smile.

Bionic Force Hose

Bionic Force Hose

Name Analysis

“Bionic Force”

Bionic Force sounds more like a movie name than an actual hose that one would see in an everyday household shopping list. It gives the product a sort of masculine mechanical picture about an item that looks something like a hose! The hose, on the other hand looks like a coiled snake that is marketed in such a promising way that it can withstand pretty much everything! A complete scam.

“The lightest, toughest, most durable hose you’ll ever own”

It’s really tough to be sure which the best of the best is when it comes to high quality goods. Had there been a survey , with attached proof stating that this is indeed the lightest , toughest and most durable hose one can ever own , then definitely it could’ve been worth the purchase.

“Heat & UV resistant. Keeps working even when it’s on fire break!”

Finding a good garden hose can be a tough and irritating process. However, when somebody says that something can work even when on fire , it definitely grabs the viewers attention. The funny thing is, hoses don’t usually catch fire! In fact, they’re never around things that could put the user or the item in that sort of a situation. But nevertheless in some cases where hoses are not just used for watering but also for providing water somewhere or other functions maybe there can be exceptions. Apart from that nothing really special about this product.

Bionic Force Hose Claims

Bionic Force Hose Bionic Force Hose

Garden hoses are pretty important to our yards almost just as much as water is to the lifespan of a sapling there. Which basically means that you require a hose that will serve every hose-related purpose in your yard or house?  Garden hoses mainly depend upon the rate at which the water flows. Technically a garden hose transports almost seven to eight gallons of water every minute yet this can be possibly reduced to approximately 4 to 5 gallons if a spray gun or a sprinkler is being put to application , this should explain the delivery of high force water at the end part of the hose.

Price Analysis  $19.95 is a very high number for an item that isnt really very essential and even if it is , for this amount of money many other products are available that too in combos for this kind of a price range. Online shopping has really opened doors to possibilities.

Bionic Force Hose Offer Analysis

Bionic Force Hose

Bionic Force Hose

Buy the Bionic Force Hose™ 25′ Hose is for a mere price of just $19.95 + FREE SHIPPING, and on a special Double offer the makers send you a 2nd Bionic Force Hose™ 25′ hose, for just an additional $6.95 fee payment. However they apply sales tax to all orders from CA, NJ, NV & NY. A $10 shipping surcharge is applied to all orders from AK/HI and a $20 shipping surcharge will be applied to all orders from PR.

Bionic Force Hose Review

Bionic Force Hose isn’t as heavy as the than regular rubber hoses in fact just as heavy as any other hose in the market. It has been reengineered to be drag resistant so they want you to say no to more tugging around the edges but how often does one need that in a garden right ? A commercial grade outer polyester weave gives it its toughness and makes it stronger than ever. This gives the hose decent weight and yet they say it’s as light as a feather! Regular hoses easily kink and stop working but for the price they are available and the kind of work it is required to do some wear and tear is completely okay. But the Bionic Force Hose never kinks. It just keeps on flowing strong! Even after constant use, being stressed on by heavy vehicles too this hose is supposed to keep doing what it’s supposed to.

Our Verdict

A Garden hose is simply a tube that is helpful in watering a garden. Mostly it is a garden watering product while some people have found other uses of it as well. While searching for the high quality hoses, like most other products here too there are many available options. However, hoses built from rubber materials are considered to be the finest hoses for a garden related use also there are substantial points behind this fact supporting it. The top quality garden hoses are usually either made of rubber, vinyl or comprising of some sort of a combination of the both of them. They are the not very costly actually very in expensive and are user friendly. They are very lightweight thus removing the difficulty in carrying it from one place to another. Also, the rubber made garden hoses are slightly more durable in nature, in other words, they don’t wear off really easily. Rubber has the ability to withhold hot water as well as take in multiple cracks. So if you’re hunting for a garden hose, you should always settle with the best quality garden hose made of superior quality rubber. It is a time consuming process but with this too needs some patience and some watering for seed to grow and bloom into an amazing bunch of flowers. Hoses have grown to become indispensable items in the houses and well, part of the day to day schedules for many. You need a hose that will serve your needs and not something like this product that has nothing but fancy claims but zero guarantee of delivering the promises!

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