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Zero Germ Cellphone UV Sanitizer

What is Zero Germ?

Zero Germ is an ultraviolet cell phone sanitizer and charger. The promoters of Zero Germ Cell Phone Sanitizer claim that your cell phone carries 20X more bacteria than a toilet. We often cough, sneeze, touch and commute with the cell phone making it a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. And we hold the same phone near our face increasing the chances of ingesting those bacteria. We wash our hands to clean up germs but what about the sanitization our cell phones. You need Zero Germ Ultra Violet Sanitizer with built-in charger.



How does Zero Germ Ultra Violet Sanitizer work?

The human-safe Ultra-Violet light of the “Zero Germ” sanitizes all the surface, nooks and crevices of your cell-phone. The LED lights on the Zero Germ UV-Sanitizer displays the progress of sanitization and also notifies you that your Cell-Phone has been UV-irradiated and is now 99.99% bacteria-free.


How does UV-Light Kill Germs? – The UV light from the “Zero Germ” sanitizer breaks molecular bonds in the germ’s DNA resulting in its death or disablement. It destroys the nucleic acids and disrupts the DNA which has an fatal effect on the vital life functions of the microbes. More on “Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation” here.


Charge and Sanitize at the same time – We don’t use our cell-phone when its being charged, that’s the right time when you should also get it “sanitized”. And the best part is Zero-Germ can also charge your phone when its being sanitized.



UV-Light is a proven method of sanitization and hospitals use it to keep their environment sterilized and germ-free. The promoter of the Zero-Germ UV Sanitizer claim that their device uses the same medical-grade UV technology and does not use any harmful chemicals.


Fits All Cell-Phones – Zero Germ UV Sanitizer is big in size and fits most cellphones and cases.


What type of bacteria does Zero Germ kill? – It kills E-Coli, Flu, Salmonella, Staph, MRSA, Influenza A H1N1, Rhinovirus (common cold) and Bacteria in Fecal Matter and more.

Bacteria killed by Zero Germ Cellphone UV Sanitizer


Zero Germ Sanitizer Test – A black-light test conducted by the manufacturer of the Zero Germ UV-Sanitizer shows areas we touch and spread bacteria on throughout the day. The most interesting part of this study is that the cell-phone ranks at the top and is most touched object. That also increases the probability of it (the cell phone) having the highest percentage of bacteria.


Zero Germ is not just for Cell-Phones – It can be used to sanitize just about any object that fits into it. Zero Germ can sanitize keys, glasses, cases, pens, TV-remote, toothbrushes, makeup accessories, mp3 players, Bluetooth earphones, jewelry and more.

Zero Germ Cellphone UV Sanitizer Uses



Built-in Aroma Diffuser – Drop some Essential Oil for some extra freshness.

Zero Germ Cellphone UV Sanitizer Aroma


Zero Germ UV Sanitizer REVIEW

The Name – Zero Germ

The UV Sanitizer is named as “ZERO GERM” to reflect upon the “GERM KILLING” capability. But the name Zero Germ is somewhat misleading, while the Ultra Violet light does kill bacteria and viruses it is not much effective against algae and fungus but noting to worry because algae and fungus don’t pose as much threat as virus and bacteria. The name “Zero Germ” is also associated with a popular toothbrush UV sanitizer. Since the name “Zero Germ” has not been trademarked, it is free to be used in any context.


99.9% Germ Free – There are no independent test results that confirm Zero Germ UV sanitizer’s claim that it kills 99.9% of the germs. “99.9%” has become a standard word in advertising and all products claim to kill 99.9% germs. There is no way to determine how many bacteria actually are killed by the UV-C light from the Zero Germ. The number 99.9% comes from tests conducted by independent agencies to determine efficiency of UV-C light an sanitizing. So 99.9% is the efficiency of the UV-C Light in killing germs provided all the parameters and conditions are satisfied like duration of exposure, intensity of light etc. All the commercial advertising of UV disinfectants ride on this figure.


Zero Germ has its limitations – The disinfecting UV light from the sanitizer cannot penetrate through the device to kill the germs that have made it to the inside of the phone. Zero Germ kills only those germs that come in contact with the light. So those in the crevices and inside of the phone won’t get destroyed.



20X More Bacteria – The makers of Zero Germ claim that your cell phone has 20X more germs than a toilet seat, this is an over-exaggeration. Study has revealed that the cell phone has 10X more germs and not 20X.


“Look at these germs seen on the cell-phone under the black-light.” – In the Zero Germ video they mislead the viewers by calling the fingerprints on the cellphones highlighted by the black-light as “germs”. These are not germs but oil from the fingers that is easily visible on the surface of the cell phone.


Sanitizes in 5 minutes – This is a marketing technique. PhoneSoap sanitizer claims to sanitize in 6 minutes hence to make Zero Germ sound better than the PhoneSoap, the marketers of Zero Germ claim it sanitizes in 5 minutes, 1 minute lesser than Phone Soap.


Power of the UV-Light – No all frequencies of the UV-light are “sanitizing”. Zero germ does not mention the power of the sanitizing uv-light. But experts in this area claim that the object should be exposed to the UV light for 30 minutes for it to be truly sterilized. So you cannot trust the claim of Zero Germ that it sanitizes in 5 minutes.


Company Behind Zero GermInvenTel Products, LLC is the company behind Zero Germ. InvenTel makes “as seen on tv” products, it has no prior experience of making specialized devices like an UV-C light sanitizer. The earlier products (like kitchen, fitness etc) made by InvenTel have had huge quality issues and related complains. When buying something like a cellphone UV-sanitizer you also need to check who is it manufacturer. Also chances are very high that Zero Germ is made in China. As Seen On TV marketers often put their labels on Chinese goods.


Zero Germ is Cheaply Made – Yo get what you pay for. Zero Germ Reviews reveal that it is cheaply made and is flimsy and will not last long. Reviews also mention that the LED lights on Zero Germ are not very bright. Most Zero Germs unit don’t last even a three months. Customers have complained that there are no instruction with the Zero Germ purchase.


Zero Germ Cellphone UV Sanitizer Offer

Our Verdict on Zero Germ

Zero Germ is a poor man’s UV-Sterilizer. The Cell-Phone Sanitizer market has been revolutionized by the Shark Tank PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer. But the PhoneSoap is priced around $60 while the Zero-Germ costs just $30 (including shipping). You can buy two “Zero Germ” sanitizers for $40. Zero Germ is a “cheap” alternative to the PhoneSoap and other cell phone sanitizers.


We do not recommend the Zero Germ, in-fact we do not recommend any special Cell-Phone UV Sanitizer. You could get the same results bu running a UV LIGHT over your cell phones and other things. There is no need to have any special UV-Sanitizer like Zero Germ for sanitizing cell phones.


We would suggest Microphobe UV sanitizing handheld UV light instead available at which can be used to sanitize all your belongings that you handle daily.



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  1. I bought one and yes it is cheaply made. But honestly I can’t believe I even paid 20 bucks. It doesn’t even beep to signal its finished. And how can I tell its sanitized? This product could be awesome with some tweeking!!

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