PROCAM4K Review | As Seen On TV Video Sunglasses Reviews

What is PROCAM4K?

It is a new “as seen on tv” hands-free photo and video recording sports sunglass. According to the lenses are UV-protected and the sunglasses feature a high-definition camera built right in the center of the PROCAM4K sunglasses. Now capture all the moments and re-live them to the fullest! PROCAM4K features a sleek modern design.

The PROCAM4K camera records in a stunning full 1080p resolution with just a single touch of a button. The as seen on tv video sunglasses clicks 12 Mega Pixel high quality photos too! The built-in microphone records sound too. Shoot what you see hands-free with the PROCAM4K video glasses.


PROCAM4K Review | As Seen On TV Video Sunglasses Reviews


Interchangeable Lenses

PROCAM4K video sunglasses have three interchangeable lenses. It features polarized scratch-resistant lenses that block up to 99% harmful UV-rays. The other interchangeable lenses are:
    Night-Vision Anti Glare Lenses: Optimal for use in low-light settings like indoor events, driving at night or to capture a beautiful sunset by the beach.
  • Ultra-Polarized Sports Lenses – These blue lenses are ideal for sports activities on bright sunny days

The PROCAM4K video sunglasses features a state-of-the-art video micro-processor chip that claims to create sharp HD videos and photos in a compact and lightweight design.

Other Features

The PROCAM4K as seen on tv video sunglasses are packed with other features like:
  • Micro SD Card Slot – For virtually unlimited recording space.
  • Multi-Function Button – For automatic control and choosing image or video recording modes.
  • Li-Ion Battery – A compact rechargeable Li-Ion battery. The Li-Ion battery is claimed to be long lasting allowing you to take photos and shoot videos for hours. Though the manufacturer does not divulge the specifics of the PROCAM4K battery.
  • Lenses – Three inter-changeable lenses.

How to use the PROCAM4K Video Sunglasses?

Insert the Micro-SD card in the slot and you are ready to catch the hands-free videos and photos. Use the multi-function button for various operations. Click and hold the button to turn the PROCAM4K glasses on. Click the button again to take still photos. Click it twice and the PROCAM4K will record full-HD video.

To download the images and videos, remove the Micro-SD card and attach it to your computer or cellphone.



The PROCAM4K as seen on tv video sunglasses are priced at $49.99 + S/h. The PROCAM4K sunglasses are available only at the official website

Pricing Analysis

We compared the PROCAM4K to the other similar glasses and found that PROCAM4K is almost half the cost of the other video sunglasses. You might think that this is a good offer but let me warn you, the PROCAM4K video sunglasses lack important features like water-resistant, Bluetooth, and impact resistant. You will find all these features in the PROCAM4K competitors.


PROCAM4K Video Sunglasses Review

The Goods of PROCAM4K Video Sunglasses

  • Low-Cost – They are low-cost video sunglasses that are good to capture sports, of-course unless you yourself are not involved in the sports activity. The batteries last for about 1 hour if you are recording continuously with the as seen on tv PROCAM4K video sunglasses. They are pretty sturdy as well, but certainly not impact-proof. If you drop them on a hard surface, you lose them.
  • Fit Well – The PROCAM4K video sunglasses fit well, they fit tightly around your head. They are comfortable to wear. Not very bulky though they have all the video recording features. They are stylish and the inter-changeable lenses increase the versatility of the sunglasses.
  • Work Well with All the Limitations – PROCAM4K are great to capture sports, birthdays, sunsets and all other memorable moments of your life, all this hands-free. The PROCAM4K video sunglasses are great when you are traveling and want to shoot the scenic beauty.
  • Battery – When fully charged the battery allows for recording videos for up to 1 hour. When using the camera mode the battery life is just above one hour. You cannot record videos when the battery is recharging. Many buyers fell that the recording time is really less and needs to be improved to make it worth the buy. When not using it make sure the PROCAM4K is being charged, it takes quite a time to charge.

The Bads of the PROCAM4K Video Sunglasses

  • No Bluetooth – The PROCAM4K does not come with an in-built Bluetooth. This makes it a bit of a hassle to transfer all the images and videos. You have to carry the cable and plug in the cable everytime to transfer the media. Plugging in and out of the cable will ultimately damage the delicate compact port on the PROCAM4K video sunglasses. You get what you pay for, the branded video sunglasses out there have in-built Bluetooth.
  • Not Waterproof – The PROCAM4K as seen on tv video sunglasses is not waterproof the various ports and connectors do not have the watertight seals. That means you cannot use it when engaged in watersports. Though the official review claims you can use it in various sports activities, it is not really so. Avoid using the PROCAM4K video sunglasses during water-surfing and other watersports.
  • Not IMPACT RESISTANT – The PROCAM4K as seen on tv video sunglasses are not impact resistant. That means you cannot use them while engaged in sports activities where the chances of the sunglasses falling to the ground are high. Other PROCAM4K alternatives available at have the “Impact-Resistance” feature.
  • Photo, Video & Sound Quality is Poor – The video quality of the PROCAM4K is blurry. The image quality are just ok. And there is a high pitch squeal when the videos are played. The video quality is definitely not 1080P and the photo resolution is upto 5 megapixel, not 12 megapixels as claimed in the official review. When you switch on to recording mode, you are not sure if the video is actually being recorded.
  • Different Shades – There are complaints from some users that the right and the left polarized lenses differ in shades, that is the level of the darkness differs and there is no option to buy different pair or lenses only.
  • Somewhat Bulky – The PROCAM4K are made for people with bigger heads. Not for skinny people with small heads.
  • Where are they Made? – CHINA.
  • Instructions – Not very useful.

Our Verdict on PROCAM4K As Seen On TV Video Sunglasses

The PROCAM4K video sunglasses are okay if you don’t want to spend $100 on those available at But then you get what you pay for. These are not the “best video sunglasses” as claimed by the manufacturer. The average life of these glasses is a couple of years if you handle them well and not be very rough with them.

Having said that we would still recommend a branded video sunglasses and stay away from these “as seen on tv” video sunglasses.

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