Power Remote REVIEW

Power Remote

Product Claims

If you’re easily spooked in dark places and don’t want the hassle of having an expensive bulb installed ,this Product created was apparently simple for installation which meant one simply needs to stick it on a surface and rest easy! It has a double sticky tape that helps you install as soon as you put your mind to it. The product is specifically designed with an inbuilt 30 minute timer that ensures that no energy is wasted in any case when not in use. Not just that, it also has a compact remote that can come in handy in case you find yourself stuck in the dark at any given point of time.


Name Analysis

“Power Remote”

The name itself emphasizes on giving the user the power to control light with the help of a gadget i.e. the remote! It is a fake claim since all remotes give the user power with the flick of buttons and easy access.

“They’re fantastic for any place you can think of”

Unlike what they claim, it doesn’t stick really well in all places. After a point it has been noticed to lose its glue and hang or in some cases even topple down which causes the entire product to go to waste. Don’t waste your time!

“Need more light for less cost?”

All lights in today’s markets are priced according to certain standards. These are substitutes of each other with minor differences in the energy levels. However, to promise something like this doesn’t make sense since one is compelled to make the purchase but only to realize that the light emitted isn’t all that great and neither is the stickiness of the product thus making it a complete bogus advertisement.


“Handy remote never lets you get stuck in the dark”

As simple as they’ve made it sound, the reality is otherwise. It is next to impossible to carry an additional gadget in our pockets today or even with us for that matter since technology has already got our hands full! That being said, practically one cannot be expected to have the tiny remote in hand when they suddenly find themselves in a dark area, in fact even mobile phone torches can do the trick. Don’t believe these guys.

Claim Analysis

Power Remote

The makers of this product say that they will provide the Power Remote Pods as a Set of 3 wherein there is absolutely no charge for shipping that means technically its free Shipping! Not only that they also boast a massive 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! A bonus here is one can get an additional Power Remote Pods set Of 3 at a special reduced price which is almost 1/3 the original buying price! These seem to be fake claims and it is unbelievable that they aren’t including any shipping costs since in today’s time to parcel any product across the wide blue planet takes a substantial amount of funds.

Price Analysis Compared to regular bulbs this product costs $19.99 USD while not being able to deliver the basic assurances that were made.


Offer Analysis

Power Remote

They’re purposely included a double offer wherein the power remote pods set of 3 is only 1 payment of $19.99 USD plus they will send it out for no additional fees! Also showing that time is of the essence, instant buyers get a second Power Remote Pods set of 3 for just $6.95 USD more! They then mention that sales tax is to be applicable to orders from CA, NJ, NV & NY. A $10 USD shipping surcharge will be applied to orders from AK/HI. A $20 USD shipping surcharge will be applicable for orders from PR. two month money back guarantee!

Product Review

Power Remote pods provide the user with all the benefits of the renowned Bell and Howell lighting but with a twist, it has a remote! So all one actually has to do is place the power remote pods in their house be it in the staircase , the attic , the garage or the hallway to light up their otherwise dark houses making sure there is plenty to see with high end visibility. Especially in the creepy hard to reach spots , since the remote gives you the power to be able to tap a single button in case you want to turn it on or off!


Our Verdict

Sometimes we think of how life would be different without Edison’s most known invention: the light bulb. It substantially altered human’s life by illuminating the night and making it hospitable to a much wider set of human activities. Since the dawn of humanity, natural light from the moon, candles and lanterns were the only source of illumination for the people. As times have changed, and as man has been progressing in the race to the future, machines have taken over. While it increases convenience, it also gives many false hopes. This product like many others, try to give the user an idea of a beautiful and simple life but in reality simple is complex! Just like the world is, we suggest you too stick to the products that you have been using and see your neighbors use as well because what is universally accepted, doesn’t need high rated advertisements to make people believe in them. This highly priced product is nothing but a set of light and remote both of which don’t live up to its reputation!

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