Nordic Personal Fan REVIEW

Why the name “Nordic”

One reviewer mentions an interesting fact about the use of the name “Nordic” in this personal fan. He says it has become a trend to name the products according to the nature of their use, which is often an exaggeration. Product names like Arctic Air, Arctic Hat, Vornado, OPOLAR, are some of the examples. He mentions that the name “Nordic Personal Fan” signifies that the fan has a “chilling” cooling effect like the Scandinavian (Nordic) region.

Not very powerful

Reviews reveal that the Nordic Personal Fan is not at all powerful, even at the highest setting. The fan just blows moderate breeze. The reviewer further alerts not to expect too much from this personal fan. It is certainly ineffective for the outdoors. Being USB charged makes the Nordic Personal Fan to loose power gradually as the battery discharges, reducing the power of the fan. So don’t expect the Nordic Personal Fan to run at the peak power for long hours, as the battery discharges the fan will loose power and run slower.

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Charging and Run-time

One user mentions in his review that the official website does not mention the key details like the charging time and run-time of the Nordic Personal Fan. According to this review, similar fans take up to 4 hours to charge fully and the run-time is approximately 8 hours

Nordic Personal Fan Uses

Its not that the Nordic Personal Fan is a complete waste, it comes in handy to be used in the indoors. You can use it in your office, in your house, in the dorm at the nights, clip it on to the strollers and cribs to make your loved ones comfy. You need to understand the limitations of the Nordic Personal Fan

Not very long lasting

Given the “as seen on tv” quality of the product, don’t expect the Nordic Personal Fan to last long. Based on the people’s experience with such products, the Nordic Personal Fan is going to loose its power as it ages. Some fans would begin to squeak or rattle. Some reviews mention that such fans just die a sudden death without any apparent reason.

Quiet Operation

The Nordic Personal Fan is quiet, not because it features advance noise dampening system but because it is under-powered.


The Nordic Personal Fan costs $5 but the catch is that you have to buy two fans for $10 and pay another $5 for shipping. So the entire Nordic Fan package costs $15. The Nordic Personal Fan is priced more than 50% lesser than the established models like the Honeywell HT-900, VersionTech, OPolar, O2, SkyGenius etc. The manufacturer hopes to generate massive sales with this price. But experts warn users in their reviews that instead of falling for the low price of the Nordic Fan, people should go for the branded products that are costlier than the Nordic Fan but also more reliable.

Not a unique Gadget

When we asked our reviewers if they would buy the Nordic Personal Fan, many of them answered NO saying that there were far better options available.

Our Verdict

The Nordic Personal Fan does not do justice to the name “Nordic”. When it comes to buying a personal fan, buy a fan that is branded, tried and tested. Nordic Personal Fan is not something unique. There are several of these personal fans available from reputed brands like Honeywell, Vornado, Opolar, VersionTECH etc. These personal fans have been used by hundreds of people and have thousands of positive reviews. So why buy an untried non-branded “Nordic Personal Fan” when you have better alternatives.