How does MyLite work?


MyLite lights the way for an older audience for getting out of bed to use the restroom during the night so they avoid tripping or slipping due to lack of visibility. It helps exhausted parents in the middle of the night tasks that involve both hands such as giving the baby food, emergency diaper changing or even a minor task such as checking up on the children.  Also in case of infants too, this can be put to some good use. Great for reading in low light areas and helps modulate the light at night ultimately helping in overcoming the fear of the dark. This product has an LED technology for completely safe illumination and is rechargeable! Yes, that means absolutely no batteries required. Packed with a micro USB cable and two brightness settings for that right amount of luminance with an auto off low battery indicator that helps you keep track of the system usage. This product is low profile & light-weight for added comfort.


MyLite Claims


“MyLite wearable LED wristband night light”

What good is a wristband that isn’t a watch these days! Even a wrist watch is usually kept aside on the bed tables for complete comfort when it comes to a night after a day’s hard work. Its not practical to wear this device just so you can turn it on in the middle of the night..To do what but! Of course, some days we feel thirsty to drink water halfway through a dream, or maybe to use the washroom but not every night right? A waste of money doesn’t opt for this!

“Easy one button operation”

Of course, with a product that barely required any mechanism or engineering a single button is pretty normal. How else could one use it otherwise! And with this one button also the only thing it can do it turn the light on or off! So you’re paying all this money for a toy that doesn’t really do much but illuminate your wrist when you need to. Choose wisely, these falsely advertised products are really just pieces of plastic that” Could have” been put to better use.

“Mylite won’t signal the brain that it’s time to wake up!”

This statement cannot be scientifically proven because if the brain is awake, only then will it function properly. Half way through the sleep you don’t want to take a sip of the wrong liquid because of lack of adequate lighting if you know what we mean. As soon as there is light in a dark room, the mind starts to function and that it is an indication that the brain knows what to do and is well aware of what is happening.

“Helps you feel safer and sleep better”

Why would anybody not feel safe while sleeping! Of course there are exceptions, but apart from that normal people don’t really need things to help them sleep better or feel safer. In special cases maybe this band can be used but on a daily basis it will probably end up in the corner of a drawer in the cupboard catching dust.

“The right amount of light when you need it the most”

The creators of this product emphasised on the fact that people need light at night to do things but one does not actually need to wake up every night after a long day’s work because time flies and 24 hours just aren’t enough and to be able to sleep peacefully is a blessing so definitely very few will actually need any light in the middle of the night. We don’t suggest you think of purchasing this product.

LED technology for safe illumination is a strangely phrased statement because LED’s are used everywhere and are known to be safe! How else does one have a bulb or any kind of light portable nearby? For a product this thin, it doesn’t have any batteries because there is no space to fit them! All they have done is connect the thing to wires. They say they have a dual brightness setting which basically means” High” and” low”. One doesn’t really need a wristband to help them feel safer during the nights.


MyLite Price Analysis

The major issue with old-school night lamps or bulbs is that light prolongs the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that naturally puts you off to sleep. Even in the case of you dozing off, light is actively being detected through your eyelids—and your brain won’t produce melatonin if it’s cannot make out the difference between day and night. One prefers darkness in the bedroom without going through the hassle of tripping over objects.

Offer Analysis


By default this product doesn’t really seem like a “Must have item” which means an offer like a Free shipping deal at $29.95 makes it sound like that is actually a good deal but in reality one is only purchasing a wristband that emits light which can be useful only in very rare case scenarios.

MyLite Review


Mylite has an innovative design gives just the right amount of light and does not disturb the sleeping cycle and help you sleep better. An Easy single button operation & a completely rechargeable section making it a hands-free affair that will help you safely light the way to the washroom without tripping or disturbing your family. But in actuality, even the slightest sounds tend to wake up the person sleeping next to you and this wristband must be really uncomfortable to keep on since during the day there’s a watch and at night there’s a light band which means that constant something on your wrist must be a little claustrophobic.


Our Verdict

A good night’s sleep is just as essential as regular workouts and a healthy diet. If you want to optimize your health or even shed some weight, then a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you need to shift your attention to. In contrast, adequate sleep can help you consume lesser, exercise better and feel healthier. The body has a natural time-keeping clock termed as the circadian rhythm which affects the brain, body as well as hormones, helping the person to stay awake and also tells the body when it’s time to call it a day. It has been noticed that in case of people with severe sleep issues, daily light exposure most likely helps even if they experience average sleep. So what we are trying to say is, You don’t really need this or any gadget to help you relax or sleep better. Of course, some light at night can be great to avoid mishaps but there’s always a smartphone around you or dim light that can guide you in the right direction. Money which is hard to earn, should be spent wisely and this unfortunately is not a product worth your money. We advise against it.

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