Mr Microphone Review | Wireless Bluetooth Microphone As Seen On TV

How does Mr Microphone work?

Mr Microphone is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth wireless microphone with built-in speaker amplifier. According to the claims Mr Microphone lets you take your own music anywhere and broadcast your own music over any FM radio through the car speakers. You can connect the Mr Microphone t your smartphone through the Bluetooth and choose your karaoke music app and sing along to your favorite music song. Mr Microphone features voice bender with 5 different Concert Echo Voice FX that lets you sing like a real rockstar. With Mr Microphone you can even record and save you songs to Mr Microphone and you can also playback to listen to it later. The promoters of the Mr Microphone claim that the rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours. The Mr Microphone gives out sound up to 100 decibels.

Mr Microphone TV Ad

Mr Microphone Price and Where to Buy it?

Mr Microphone is priced at $30 + $10 S/h. Total price is $40. It is available only at the official website: (owned by InvenTel Products, LLC). When we did some research on the price of the Mr Microphone we found that it was the cheapest Bluetooth wireless microphone around but with the cheap price comes cheap quality. You would regret buying the Mr Microphone Bluetooth wireless microphone/speaker.

Mr Microphone REVIEW

The claims made by the Mr Microphone are very promising but what do the reviews reveal about the product. Lets analyze the Mr Microphone reviews.

Review 1 – Quality Issues

Charging Port Problems – Many users have complained in their Mr Microphone review that the charging port is not held securely and it “sinks” inside the microphone. Once the charging port recedes inside the body it is pretty much impossible to charge the Mr Microphone Bluetooth microphone-cum-speaker. The charging port issue makes up almost 90% of the Mr Microphone reviews (or rather complaints).

Construction – The construction of the Mr Microphone is not the best. A microphone is going to be subjected to a lot of shaking and jolts. Reviews mention that after a moderate use something in the Mr Microphone begins to rattle, this raises serious questions on the quality of the construction of Mr. Microphone

Microphone Sound – Some users have mentioned in the Mr Microphone reviews that they have to hold the microphone on top of your mouth to record the song with good quality sound or else the sound is low and weak. Many users have complained that the speaker sound is low. Many reviewers feel that the sound should have been louder. Reviews also state that the Mr Microphone is fine if you have to address a small group of people but it is certainly not helpful for the purpose it is advertised to do. One user claims in his review that he used the Mr Microphone in his family reunion and it let him down. Another reviewer says he bought the Mr Microphone for a company open house and was disappointed. Not suitable for party either. Many users are disappointed with the “mic” feature of the Mr Microphone.

One user mentions in his review that this Mr Microphone let him down in a college meetup and he had to use a paper cone to reach the audience far away in the classroom and the paper cone did a better job if not the best.

One user states in his Mr Microphone review that even at the highest sound setting the microphone sounded like it was on the lowest setting.

Karaoke – Some reviews mention that the volume of the Mr Microphone speakers is too low and is not suited for karaoke. People mention in their reviews that while you can hear the music play, the singer’s voice is almost inaudible. They complain that the microphone element is almost non-existent.

Connectivity Issues – Some buyers have complained in their reviews that they faced issues connecting the Mr Microphone to their iPhone and iPad through the Bluetooth. And in some cases there was no connection at all.

Static – Those users who got the Mr Microphone to connect with the phone had to deal with the static. Most users mention in their Mr Microphone reviews that even the auxiliary cord does not plug in correctly causing heavy static.

Smell – Many reviews mention that the Mr Microphone has a bad smell that does not go away for days. And the worst part is you have to hold it on top of your mouth. There is no way but to smell it, though not all the Mr Microphones smell.

The Company – Walter Shaw in his Mr Microphone review enlightens potential buyers, he says in his review – “When you buy an gadget like the Mr Microphone, you should always check the BRAND, before you throw away your money”. He further states – “Mr Microphone is made by a company named InvenTel Products, LLC, which is not a reputed BRAND. It is not known to make QUALITY electronic gadgets. So use your wisdom and stay clear of such “gimmicks”, there are far better alternatives available (at extra cost) but then they do last and are worth investing in.”

Mr Microphone as a gift – Karla Smith recommends not to gift the Mr Microphone to kids, she warns they would be disappointed. She further mention in her review that “teens” are the main target audience of the Mr Microphone advertising. Teens like to create their own music and they may fall for this product and they too would be disappointed. Instead of buying this “toy” (Mr. Microphone), she suggests buying something that is REAL. Like the TOSING 20W Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone. Best things come with a price tag.

Our Verdict on the Mr Microphone

Mr Microphone is not a revolutionary product, there are many such Bluetooth microphones available all over the internet. Given the negative reviews and the experiences users have had with the Mr Microphone, we do not recommend it. Neither as a gift nor as a public addressing system and also not for entertainment. You are going to be disappointed.

Buying the Mr Microphone depends up on whom are you buying for or on what occasions. Given the reviews of the Mr Microwave it is riddled with problems and issues (because it is too many things stuffed into one). You might break the heart of a little one who has great expectations on her birthday or Christmas, that would be the worst disappointment for the little one.

Our Ratings for Mr Microphone

  • As a Microphone – 5 stars out of 10
  • As a Speaker – 7 stars out of 10
  • Over all product rating 5 out of 10.

Based on the reviews and feedback received, here are some better alternatives to the Mr Microphone:

  • TOSING 20W Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone (we recommend this)
  • BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
  • Kithouse K380A Wireless Microphone Karaoke Bluetooth
  • ARCHEER bluetooth Wireless Microphone System Karaoke
  • Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphone
  • Kaiyu Karaoke Microphone Wireless With Bluetooth Speaker