House Party Karaoke Microphone Review

“House Party” is an Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone that claims to provide hours of singing fun for the entire family. You just have the pair the Bluetooth enabled House Party Karaoke Microphone with your smartphone or tablet to pick your favorite song and sing along. Any party is more fun with the “House Party Karaoke”.

House Party Karaoke Microphone Review

The House Party Karaoke Microphone comes with the built-in booming speaker system. The House Party Karaoke Microphone features easy touch music and voice controls and dynamic voice changing features. The “House Party” claims to be all-in-one Karaoke machine that fits in your hand. The microphone comes with long lasting rechargeable batteries so that you can party all night long.



Shy of Singing?

Just press the “Echo Remix” switch and the House Party Karaoke Microphone makes you sound like a Rockstar. Turn all your social media posts into music videos your fans like the most.

Voice Changing Feature

House Party Karaoke Microphone features 5 different voice settings, from “Helium High” to “Scary Low”.

The House Party Karaoke Microphone is Great For:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Children’s Parties
  • And More



House Party Karaoke Microphone Pricing

Buy 2 House Party Karaoke Microphones for $29.99 + $6.95 S/h. The Microphone is available at the official website Total price is of $36.94. You can also buy the second House Party Karaoke Microphone for a combined price of $44.89.

House Party Karaoke Microphone Price Comparison

  • BlueFire Bluetooth 4 in 1 Karaoke Wireless Microphone – Price $18.99 | 10000+ Reviews | Aggregate Rating 4.4 Stars
  • BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone – Price $30.99 | 34000+ Reviews | Aggregate Rating 4.5 Stars
  • Move2Play Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone – Price $29.99 | 3800+ Reviews | Aggregate Rating 4.7 Stars
  • Verdict – The House Party Karaoke Microphone is priced at $22 if you go for two units. The competitors are fairly priced and have far better reviews than the “House Party” Karaoke Microphone. We personally recommend the BONAOK.



House Party Karaoke Microphone Review

Kids Get Bored

Many reviews mention that the House Party Karaoke Microphone is not very engaging, kids get bored with it pretty soon. The House Party Karaoke Microphone is however a good gadget to teach your kids how to sing and also be able to hear themselves, reviewers say.

Sound is Not Loud Enough

The most common complaint about the House Party Karaoke Microphone is that the volume is very low as compared to the music. The sound is not as high as they make it look in the ad. You have to hold the Microphone very near to your lips for the sound to be loud. Not suited if you have a decent gathering the House Party Karaoke is not going to stand up to your expectation. It is fine for a smaller gathering of 4 to 5 people. Users have also reported about “audio lag”. The speakers are however great.

There are also complaints that playing the music and singing using the House Party Karaoke Microphone makes it very difficult to understand. Don’t expect the House Party Karaoke Microphone to propel your voice far away across hundreds of people. Also the control buttons are very small and hard to decipher the functions associated with them.

Echo Remix Works Great

The Exco Remix feature of the House Party Karaoke Microphone is great feature which makes your voice clear and loud. The lights are also cool. The microphone can be used by adults to learn singing.



Our Verdict

The “House Party” is not the only Karaoke Microphone out there in the market, it is not an unique concept. The Karaoke Microphones have been there for quite a long time. There are several of these Karaoke microphones with prices ranging from $20 to $40. But they are more or less similar, the Karaoke Microphones like the “House Party” cannot be an alternative to the expensive Karaoke machines. As one the reviewer points out that the Karaoke Microphones is a “kid toy” it is not for adults. If you are serious about music than you should go for one of those karaoke machines.

If you want to buy a “Kid’s” Karaoke Microphone that we would recommend the BONAOK Karaoke Microphone over the House Party. There is nothing terribly wrong with the House Party Karaoke Microphone, its just that there is nothing special either. So why not spend money on something that is tried and tested.

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