What is HD Cube Cam?

Prepare for the latest technology in compact video camera. It has been created to replace all the old cameras. It’s your personal security camera with a built in audio mic and so small that you can place it on a shelf! Yes , you heard that right. It’s like having a black-box in your house so now you can be anywhere and know what goes on in your home. HD cube cam captures everything in high definition with 1080p precision.

HD Cube Cam Official Infomercial

That’s not all , it can also be used as your personal body cam. Just clip it on and watch it capture all the action crystal clear with sound. So now let’s put the holding-your-phone-for-hours concept in the past because with this revolutionary product you can enjoy the present while recording it and watch it in the future.

HD cube cam has a motion sensor mode so it only starts recording once it notices movement. And when it gets dark, this cam uses its infrared invisible LED that gives you a 180 degree view of anything that moves in the night. Packed with the latest USB technology you need not wonder how long it will take you to transfer all the data from your device onto a system or a hard drive. In-fact , you can simply pop out the SD card and instantly share and save.

This HD cam has a rechargeable battery so just plug in anywhere and fill your batteries up as you travel. It’s so small , nobody will even know it’s there. HD cube cam can record high quality footage for upto 24 hours so you can easily enjoy instant replays. While traditional cameras in this category can cost hundreds of dollars , you can get it for a very low price and it comes with FREE goodies. Only trouble is that it is not available in stores so one needs to call on a number or order it online.

HD Cube Cam

How does HD Cube Cam work?

All you need to do is either clip it on your body for an outdoor recording , or place it on a wall – mount it someplace to get a complete surveillance footage of the required area. With the infrared lights it also captures all the action in the dark and it’s so tiny that you will have no difficulty charging it, transferring the data or carrying it as per your convenience.

About the name “HD Cube Cam”

This name specifically highlights the “High Definition” feature. The emphasis is on the three words which are “HD” for the clarity of the recording – “CUBE” to give a visual image of a four sided product in the minds of the audience – “CAM” to state the fact that this item is in the camera category since there are so many products available in all segments in the markets.

Analysis of the CLAIMS and Reviews 

HD Cube Cam is CHEAP

On checking the price mentioned and purchasing the HD Cube Cam an unhappy customer with the username djbrazier complained in his review that “You get what you pay for (Absolutely Nothing)! ” . They said that upon receiving and charging the mini cam; nothing could be filmed anyway. Neither were the instructions easy to follow nor was there any assistance offered regarding the operation of the item. In-fact when pressing the power/mode buttons, totally similar light sequences are displayed with no variations. The user could not even tell if the cam was off/on while it was in use.

Durability of HD Cube Cam

The HD Cube Cam never worked in actuality for most of the individuals that were tricked into purchasing this item. Most users said that they could not even get them to 1. Charge or even 2. Operate. The HD Cube Cam goes through the flashing sequences but never charged after leaving plugged in, and not for a small time. For several days!! Don’t waste your money, say so many reviews.

Can you clip-on the HD Cube Cam?

Like the other promises , this one too did not do the trick and the HD Cube Cam did not work. Lights come on but that is pretty much it. Some buyers think that the good reviews have been made only to make the product appear like something that it is not. This product absolutely does not work. Almost like a dummy camera.

Is HD Cube Cam easy to charge?

Miguel reviewed this HD Cube Cam as unusable if one doesn’t own a computer! This HD Cube Cam can ONLY be charged with a computer, which is not explained in the description of the product so unless one has a system, there is no way for an individual to charge or use this HD Cube Cam . Which is pretty heartbreaking for those who find out this bit of information after purchasing the item. Not only that it also has limited directions on operation and appears inaccurate. Has difficulty staying in the ON mode.


Mike Harris claimed in his review that the HD Cube Cam instructions were in such poor English that they were useless to him. Maybe somebody familiar with this product might be able to use it. But for the folks wanting to try it for the first time that could be a bad idea.

How is the quality of HD CUBE CAM?

Curtis Miller said in his review that the HD Cube Cam could not even hold a charge. Mini SD slot is a very hard to accept card and it seemed to be made in a pretty cheap manner and neither were the instructions made clear and printed well which made it all the worse.

Our Verdict

HD Cube Cam is just a CHINESE copy of the much acclaimed Polaroid Cube Act II

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