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What is Go Cool Fan?

Go Cool Fan claims to be a dual, portable hands free neck fan designed to keep you super cool. The makers of the fan claim that its comfort fit design is perfect for any neck size.

Go Cool Fan promises to be great for indoors or outdoors under the scorching sun. Go Cool Fan’s rechargeable in any USB port and can be used for 12 hours of cooling relief. The official website GoCoolFan.com states that it has a durable and lightweight design so it stays put in place, making it perfect to cool yourself while you exercise, at the pool, sunbathe, walk the dog, at an outdoor café or a barbecuing, and so much more.



Go Cool Fan Review | GoCoolFan.com Reviews


How does Go Cool Fane work?

Go Cool Fan alleges that its two powerful fans can rotate a full 360 degrees making them easily adjustable to give you maximum breeze. Go Cool Fan claims to have 3 fan speeds allowing you to personalize the amount of breeze you want coming to you.


Go Cool Fan Price

Go Cool Dual Personal Fan is available for $19.99 + shipping which includes 1 Go Cool Dual Personal Fan and it comes with a 90 Day Guarantee. You can also get the Family Pack which includes Four Go Cool Dual Personal Fans for $59.96+ FREE Shipping and it comes with a 90 Day Guarantee.



Analyzing the Claims

2 Powerful Fans Rotate a Full 360° – Yes the reviews have attested this claim to be true. The Go Cool Fan does rotate but reviews mention that since the “Go Cool Fan” is made of fragile plastic it is not advisable to rotate the fans too often as this is when it is known to break.

Rechargeable Via any USB Port – This is the biggest advantage of the Go Cool Fane over the other portable fans. You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying the batteries for the fan. USB makes it easy and convenient to recharge the Go Cool Fan. But then you have to recharge the fan often to keep it running. Also the rechargeable battery does not hold enough charge to keep the fan running for longer duration. Reviews reveal that the max runtime is not more than a couple of hour.

Fans are super-quiet – Nope, this is not true. Reviews reveal that the Go cool Fan is super-noisy. Go Cool reviews mention that the fan is very noisy and you cannot hear your co-workers talking to you. The Go Cool Fan gets noisier as you crank up the speed.

Comfort-fit Design for Any Neck Size – Not really, there are many reviewers who say that the Go Cool Fan is bulky but it does blow the air very well. It can be worn around your neck but women with long hair have to be alert. You hair can get tangled in the fan.

UP TO 12 STRAIGHT HOURS COOLING RELIEF – Not really, it just the lows the air that is around you, is the air is hot it won’t blow cool air. The Go Cool Fan does not produce “cool” air – so this claim is a bit misleading.



Lightweight and Durable Design – The Go Cool Fan is lightweight and there are no issues with hanging it around your neck but as the reviews mention, it is not durable. The Go Cool Fan is made up of plastic and hence it breaks easily from the constant twisting you do to adjust the breeze. Secondly reviews also reveal that the Go Cool Fan is not long lasting.


Go Cool Fan Reviews

Works well but the fan broke

One reviewer says that the Go Cool Fan works great while the battery lasts, but the fan broke when it was twisted into a different position. She further adds that she probably received a defective product although the fan worked great while she had it.



Cools well but lacks power charge

One review states that the Go Cool Fan keeps you cool. It is not heavy at all. However it does not stay powered on very long. Even though you ensure it is fully charged before using it still won’t hold its charge.


Clean, Sleek and Lightweight

Another reviewer says that she bought the Go Cool Fan for her daughter. The fan is clean, sleek and lightweight. The three speeds of the fan and the actual fan can rotate 360 degrees so it ensures you are being cooled.


Cool and Functional Color Changing

One review states that the LED lights go to single color or multi changing so it’s cool and functional. When you press the switch it changes.


Powerful Fan but bulky in the back of the neck

One reviewer mentions that the Go Cool Fan is a super powerful fan! She took it to a parade and used it on the highest setting for two hours and it was still going strong when she packed up to leave. This Go Cool Fan is a great buy for anyone who loves the outdoors but they are bulky in the back of the neck so the hard plastic hurts her neck when lying down.



A Little Noisy

One reviewer complains that on the high setting the Go Cool Fan is a bit loud so if you are on the phone you may want to put it on low or medium. There is a similar complaint from another reviewer saying she bought the fan to use at work but it is noisy and she can’t hear her coworker talking to her although she is really close to her. She further claims that the fans are rather far apart from her face but her still gets tangled easily in it.


One reviewer alleges that Go Cool Fan actually kept the cool air blowing. She turned it away from her face but even with it blowing in the other direction she could still feel the air. She compliments it with a “nice invention”.


Price Comparison

Fan Price Reviews Ratings Price Difference
Go Cool Dual Personal Fan $19.99 None None 43% More Expensive than other USB Fans
Tikduck Neck Portable Sports Fans Hand Free Mini USB Rechargeable Desk Fan $12.99 600+ Reviews 4.5 Star 54% cheaper than the Go Cool Fane
USB Neck Hanging Fan Personal Hands-Free Fan Neckband Fan $15.99 300+ Reviews 4.5 Star 25% cheaper than Go Cool Fan
Neck Fan Lazy Neckband Personal Fan $12.99 300+ Reviews 4.5 Star 54% cheaper than Go Cool Fan



Comparison Verdict

Go Cool Fan is not the only “Rechargeable USB Fan” in the market. There are several of these available at Amazon.com. A simple search for “neck portable fans” or “”rechargeable neck fan” will list a dozen of them. Some with as many as 600 reviews. The above comparison shows that the Go Cool Fan is 44% more expensive than the other fans. We see no reason why you should buy the Go Cool Fan when you have so many “tried and tested” fans available. We would recommend one of them instead of the Go Cool Fan.

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