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What is “Charge Bulb”?

As per the official review, Charge Bulb is a light bulb adapter socket that converts any table, bedside or desk lamp into an USB charging station. The provides additional USB charging ports for your smartphone, tablet or camera. It is easy to install the device and fits most lamps available in the market. You can do it on your own without the need of an electrician. The patented design of the Charge Bulb enables you to convert old lamps into SMART lamps with USB ports for charging.

Charge Bulb Review



The Charge Bulb socket comes with 2 USB ports so you can use it to charge multiple devices at a time. The has an easy to use on/off switch.

The Charge Bulb provides 2 AMP rapid USB charging port which delivers a stable 5 Volt Direct Current. You can turn off the lamp and still charge your gadgets. The Charge Bulb adapter will fit all the standard E26 bulb base and supports bulb up to 60 watt.


Charge Bulb Price

The Charge Bulb is priced at $29.99 + $6.99 P&H and is available at the official website only.

Charge Bulb Features

Price Comparison

  • Charge Bulb – $37
  • Nyce Power LampCharger Light Bulb Socket Adapter – $19.99
  • Onite – $6.99. A slightly different product but with same functionality
  • Leviton – $6.79. Similar to Onite. Uses



Charge Bulb Review

  • When used in lampshade, the bulb sticks out an inch or so, some people find this inconvenient.
  • Works great for a normal table lamp but the Charge Bulb is too thick for recessed lights.
  • The downside of the adapter is that it is not approved for outdoor use.
  • The Charge Bulb adapter is great for powering outdoor cameras but you have to keep the main powers on.
  • The Charge Bulb adapter if good to charge small gadgets like smartphones and tablets but does not charge something like the Arlo wireless camera. Does not work with security cameras.
  • Some users have reported buzzing and whining sound from the Charge Bulb adapter while some others mention flickering of the bulb.
  • Some reviews question the fast charging feature of the Charge Bulb adapter. One user mentions in his review that after two hours his phone had charged from 9% to mere 38%.
  • The adapter as per some reviews is great for charging your phone while you are surfing the net or watching Netflix.
  • Beware, don’t over-tighten the bulb or you might break the adapter as a few users have reported in the review.
  • Does not work with a 3-way bulb. Neither does it fit a lampshade with a spindle.



Our Verdict on Charge Bulb

The Charge Bulb is great way to transform old lamps into smart light that can be used to charge a variety of gadgets [just phones and tablets]. The Charge Bulb is not the only USB adapter in the market. There is already a similar product by the name Nyce Power LampCharger Light Bulb Socket Adapter.

When you compare the price and features of the Nyce Adapter and the Charge Bulb adapter, they both are exactly the same. So we would naturally recommend the cheaper Nyce over the Charge Bulb adapter.

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  1. | July 11, 2021 at 4:50 am | Reply

    It is a USB Light Bulb Adapter socket, which converts ordinary bulb into a SMART Light Bulb and charging station. The Charge Bulb claims to quickly charge devices with rapid charging ports. With the “Charge Bulb” you can charge multiple devices with 2 USB ports. The easy-to-use on/off switch controls the light bulb. You can use the to charge your smartphone overnight with the light switched off. can be used to light up the outdoor, use the extra ports at the office. The fits any light socket.

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