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What are Better Buds?

Better Buds are Bluetooth wireless rechargeable earbuds that claim to replace your expensive wireless headphones and earphones.These earbuds fit in your ears and connect to your phone or computer to play your favorite music. The Better Buds claim to be a convenient replacement to wired headphones that often cause tangled mess and wireless headphones that are still a hassle to carry. Wireless, Bluetooth connectivity and Rechargeable are the salient features of Better Buds


Better Buds Review
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How does Better Buds work?

The Better Buds come with a charging bed where they rest when not in use. Simple take the Better Buds out of the charging bed and near your phone. The Better Bud Speakers automatically connect to your mobile phone – be it an iPhone, Android phone, computers and laptops with Bluetooth functionality.

The makers of the Better Buds wireless ear speakers claim that the gadget uses “Smart Fit Technology” that makes sure the Better Buds speaker stays put in the ear. The sound of the Better Buds is claimed to be crystal clear. It is not just about hearing your favorite music, it is easier to answer a phone call, just tap the Better Buds to answer a phone call.Tap twice to turn up the volume. The Better Buds features a built-in microphone so that you can talk over your phone hands-free! great while driving.

The compact case charges the Better Buds earphones for upto 5 hours. The long duration of the charge makes it perfect to use in office and long distance traveling. The Better Buds also claim to be water-resistant [remember they are water resistant and not waterproof. Don’t soak them in water]. The automatic connection feature of Better Buds comes handy for older folks so they don’t have to fiddle with the Bluetooth settings.


Where to Buy

The Better Buds Earphones are available only at the official website They are priced at $39.99 with Free Shipping. The kit includes 1 Better Buds Wireless Headphones, 1 Compact charging case and 1 USB cable. You can but two such sets for $59.95 with free shipping, saving you $19.99 [50%] compared to the price of one set.

Better Buds REVIEW

Ok, now that we have seen the claims made by the promoters of the Better Buds in the official review, lets see what the users have to say about it. The Better Buds reviews are not very good. Almost 80% of the reviews that we have analyzed are COMPLAINTS  about the as seen on tv earphones.Lets see the reviews. The issues with the Better Buds can be categorized in two parts – Sever and Moderate. Sever issues include call quality, disconnecting and off-sync etc. While the moderate complaints include sensitivity, inconsistency, battery life, charge duration etc.


Does not work for Calls

The biggest complaint of the Better Buds earphones is that they do not work when you have to talk over the phone. Almost 90% of the reviews attest this fact. People at the other end can’t hear you over the phone call. Looks like the problem with the microphone. The earphones work well for the music though.


They Disconnect and are not SYNCED

Another major complaint about the Better Buds earphones is that they keep disconnecting from the phone and you have to reconnect them everytime. Also both the earphones connect to the phone/computer separately. That means they are not correctly synced. This causes a lot of issues as in most cases only one of the earphones connects to the phone/computer and you hear it only from one of the Better Buds earphones. Many people had to reach out for their headsets. The earphones are not a pair since they de-sync when you shut them off.

Limited Range

The Better Buds have a limited range. The call fades away if you leave your phone a couple of feet away.


Too Sensitive

Some users have complained that the “tap” feature of the Better Buds is so sensitive that your hair can set the commands going. It becomes particularly annoying when you are working out or jogging. People have complained that they have accidentally hung up, given the ultra-sensitive touch.


Breaks Easily

The Better Buds come out of your earlobes very easily if you are working out. That is true for any other earphones. If they hit the floor hard, they break.



The Better Buds are inconsistent, in the sense that too often both the earphones do not work. Either of them keep disconnecting.


Unsubstantiated Claims

The official review Better Buds makes an unsubstantiated claim that the wireless headphones are complicated to connect to the cellphone. Well, this is not true, many people who bought the Better Buds as an alternative to the wireless headphones, regret it.


Water Resistant Feature is Exaggerated

The Better Buds official review shows a person in rain wearing the earphones, to prove that they are water-resistant. This is the most blatant false claim they make in the Better Buds official review video. Reviewers have complained that sweat from the ears makes the earphones malfunction.

The 5-hour Charge Claim is Exaggerated

The Better Buds earbuds die in less than 3 hours and in no way last upto 5 hours. These earphones can clearly cannot be used on long range flights and travel.


Pairing is Easy

The connect to the phones and computers seamlessly but then keep disconnecting in the similar fashion.


Better Buds vs Headphones

While Headphones certainly provide rich music experience as compared to earbuds like Better Buds, people tend to go for wireless earbuds mainly for convenience. If you are a music lover you will not get the same experience from the Better Buds like you would get from the “over the ear” headphones. Comfort is another area where headphones are advantages as compared to Better Buds, many people have complained that the earbuds simply don’t fit snugly in their earlobes. More info on earbuds vs headphones here.


Better Buds vs Earphones

Better Buds ARE NOT EARPHONES. Though Better Buds and Earphones look similar there are important “design “differences that make them two different products, earphones are in-ear devices while earbuds like the Better Buds are external. Earphones come with a cushion [made from memory foam, rubber or silicone] that fit comfortably inside your ear canal. Better Buds on the other hand is an earbud that sit outside the ear canal and keep slipping down. Given their rich features, earphones are expensive than Better Buds. Earphones have better bass and sound control compared to Better Buds. Earbuds like the Better Buds often come as “free accessory” with cellphones and laptops. There is more sound leakage in Better Buds than in earphones since the Better Buds sit outside the ear canal. But if yo don’t want to to be engrossed in the music completely, then you may want to go for earbuds and not earphones.

Our Verdict

Based on the reviews, we do not recommend the Better Buds. They are not the only wireless Bluetooth earphones out there. There are plenty of these available at and they are cheaper than the Better Buds. There is nothing special about them. These are certainly not an alternative to the regular headset.

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