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What is HD Cube Cam ? Prepare for the latest technology in compact video camera. It has been created to replace all the old cameras. It's your personal security camera with a built in audio mic and so small that you can place it on a shelf! Yes...
Mr Microphone Review | Wireless Bluetooth Microphone As Seen On TV

Mr Microphone Review | Wireless Bluetooth Microphone As Seen On TV

How does Mr Microphone work? Mr Microphone is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth wireless microphone with built-in speaker amplifier. According to the claims Mr Microphone lets you take your own music anywhere and broadcast your own music over any FM radi o ...


How does MyLite work? MyLite Claims MyLite Price Analysis Offer Analysis MyLite Review Our Verdict How does MyLite work? MyLite lights the way for an older audience for getting out of bed to use the restroom during the night so they...
Nordic Personal Fan REVIEW

Nordic Personal Fan REVIEW

Why the name "Nordic" One reviewer mentions an interesting fact about the use of the name "Nordic" in this personal fan. He says it has become a trend to name the products according to the nature of their use, which is often an exaggeration. Product...

Power Remote REVIEW

POWER REMOTE Claims The Name - "POWER REMOTE" POWER REMOTE Claims Offer Analysis POWER REMOTE Review Our Verdict Product Claims If you're easily spooked in dark places and don’t want the hassle of having an expensive bulb installed ,...

Zero Germ Review | As Seen On TV Cell Phone Sanitizer

What is Zero Germ? How does Zero Germ work? Zero Germ REVIEW Our Verdict on Zero Germ Official Website: What is Zero Germ? Zero Germ is an ultraviolet cell phone sanitizer and charger . The promoters of Zero Germ...

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