Air Lift Soccer Ball REVIEW | As Seen On TV Indoor Soccer Ball

What is Air Lift Soccer Ball

It claims to be an innovative indoor soccer ball that can be used to play safely inside the house too. It is powered with air to make it glide over any flooring without damaging it.

Air Lift Soccer Ball

Air Lift Soccer Ball

Super soccer ball – Air Lift Soccer Ball proclaims to be an indoor soccer ball that comes with a powerful fan that lifts it off the ground. Such a mechanism alleges to make it perfect for gliding and sliding over all types of flooring. It maintains to be functional over tiles, wood, and even carpet. Does Air Lift Soccer Ball really work this well? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Fun-filled design – Air Lift Soccer Ball assures to offer endless fun to children who can play solo or form teams to score. Since it is to be played indoors, it is a perfect physical sport that is unaffected by weather conditions. More will be revealed once users review it. This soccer ball declares to have a color changing LED lights to make it engaging and also help play at night. Also, it maintains to have soft-sided bumpers so that it doesn’t damage anything around. Send us your Air Lift Soccer Ball reviews if your kids liked or disliked it.
What do I get?
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Air Lift Soccer Ball Review

Air Lift Soccer ball is meant to give you soccer fun indoors. The product consists of a battery-powered ball and a goal set. As per the commercials, this a durable a fun product for your kid. Here we provide Air Lift Soccer Ball review based on the feedback provided by the customers who have used it. The Air Lift Soccer Ball Reviews mentioned here are genuine and present the experiences of the users.

Most of the Air Lift Soccer Ball reviews state that the product is not durable. It is made using cheap materials and breaks within an hour. One of the Air Lift Soccer Ball Reviews shares that as far as the ball is concerned the size of it is adequate while the goals are quite small for even three to four-year-old kid. The Air Lift Soccer Ball Review shares that the ball alone can be fun to play with on tiled or hard floor (does not work on carpet), the goals are simply a waste as they don’t keep put. The Air Lift Soccer Ball Review says that the goals fall apart every time the ball hits the net.

Another common complain one can find in the Air Lift Soccer Ball Reviews is that the ball breaks quite easily upon hitting the wall. Its batteries come out, and after that, they do not fit in. Most of the Air Lift Soccer Ball Review share the unhappy experiences of the customers who were quite disappointed by the false claims made by the makers. The thing is said to be cheap and not of much use for your kids.

Our Verdict on Air Lift Soccer Ball

If you want a toy for your kid that stays for some time, then Air Lift Soccer Ball is not the product that you should consider buying. The Air Lift Soccer Ball Reviews share that the products can break as fast as within twenty minutes of usage, too short a time for investment. Also, the goals that come with the set are quite small and fall apart quickly that would certainly disappoint your kid. The ball is okay as long as it does not hit any hard surface otherwise it will break open. After going through the Air Lift Soccer Ball Reviews, we suggest that you should look for some other product that stays a bit longer.

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