Wonder Core Genius REVIEW

What is Wonder Core Genius?

Wonder Core Genius claims to be a revolutionary, multi-functional ultimate, core blasting system!

How does Wonder Core Genius work?

It alleges there is no other fitness product that is as compact and transforms into so many fun & amazing workouts!  Wonder Core Genius system has over 100 effective workouts that you can do so you will never run out of fun & different ways to get into and stay in amazing shape!

It comes with:

The Ab Roller Plus – The exercise bands support the pulling back action which is perfect for beginners. Simply hold the ab roller with both hands, roll the ab roller straight forward, stretching your body into a straight position. After that, start pulling yourself back with the strength of your upper body & core.

The Ab Roller Plus

The Ab Roller Plus

The Skipping Rope – This is one of the best forms of exercise to burn calories in a short amount of time. Skipping works muscles throughout the body, toning and improving cardio fitness. Each rep focuses on muscles in the arms, hips and legs.

The Skipping Rope

The Skipping Rope

The Ab Roller – Removing the exercise bands makes the Ab Roller Plus harder. The Ab Roller focuses on strengthening and stabilizing your core as you stretch out and fight against gravity. Every rep builds strength in your upper body, abs, glutes and thighs.

The Ab Roller

The Ab Roller

The Plank – The balance board helps strengthen your core. The stable mode gives you the perfect plank and lets you focus on the control of core muscles. Attach the balance base to enhance your dynamic movement control and reach a new level of core strength.

The Plank

The Plank

The Resistance Band – The ultimate all-round exercise tool that can tone and tighten nearly every muscle in your body. The pull up and stretching technique requires multiple muscle groups to work together.

The Resistance Band

The Resistance Band

Wonder Core Genius Claim Analysis

The name “Wonder Core Genius” suggests that it will give you the ultimate core workout but this is just a marketing technique to attract potential customers into believing that this will help get them a ripped and tightened core. Don’t fall for such tall claims!

“Targets your chest, shoulders, backs of your arms & your core”

If it claims to only target these areas then how would you get into shape? All fitness experts would recommend it is important to work on all body parts in order to get into shape. But the only tool to work your legs is the skipping rope. Although a jump rope works the legs, hamstrings and glutes it can get monotonous and boring to do the same thing over and over again.  Wouldn’t you want to tone and shape your thighs, legs and glutes too with a more versatile workout?

Burn calories & loose fat fast

We all want to burn calories and loose fat but one must know that only working out will not help you burn calories, it is important to reduce the consumption of fat and sugary foods. All workout systems make the same claim and if Wonder Core Genius really worked wouldn’t it be on top of the list of the best workout systems? Think rationally before purchasing.

Small compact system

Oh really? Come on! Compact is defined as “closely and neatly packed together” but how can the Wonder Core Genius claim to be compact when it comes with an Ab Roller, Skipping Rope, resistance bands and exercise bands. Does all this make the Wonder Core Genius compact? This is just another marketing ploy to attract and fool people into buying this workout system. Buyers, it’s time to rethink! A little research before you spend money on this will go a long way.

Over 100 great exercises

Although it claims to give you over 100 exercises it is important continuously challenge yourself because when the workout becomes monotonous and boring you’ll lose interest. Simply using the same equipment can get very boring so instead hit the gym for versatility in your workouts.

For most people, continually training alone can become boring and de-motivating too.

World-class personal trainer app

This may sound attractive to you but if you struggle with self-motivation and don’t like working out at home, then the Wonder Core Genius may not be for you. But the one major drawback is there is nobody to check your form. This means you may perform exercises incorrectly or unsafely which is a concern for beginners and those recovering from injuries.

A full gym workout in your home

The marketers claim that the Wonder Core Genius will give you a full gym workout but you need to ensure your form is correct without the supervision of a gym instructor, otherwise injuries may occur. And if you end up doing most exercises incorrectly then how does it help? Also, before shelling out your money it’s important to compare costs with the fee for joining a gym.

Great for Any Fitness level

A claim made by all fitness equipment manufacturers!

Price of Wonder Core Genius

You will have to pay 3 easy monthly instalments of £43.33 which is a total of £129.99 plus P&P or one payment of £129.99 plus P&P. If you look online you will find that it is cheaper to buy this equipment individually and you can also download some other fitness apps to achieve your goal. Don’t waste your money on such ridiculous purchases!

Wonder Core Genius what do I get offer?

The offer is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Wonder Core Genius Review

Wonder Core Genius as a Lower Body Twist

It is just another gadget for people who are already in shape.

It’s impossible to use the Wonder Core Genius without holding on to something. You have to hold on to something or you’ll fall. Also, there is no traction so it really moves fast leading you to twist your back and hurt yourself. The idea is good but the motion is really slippery.

The ability to twist is great but the disc is small so your feet may feel cramped and the top disc has a tendency to rub against the bottom disc which will make it hot from the friction.

It is way too narrow to actually engage muscles for a decent workout. You won’t even break a sweat or engage your core while using it. I felt like I wasted my valuable workout time using this. If you’re looking to tone your abs, eat real, non-processed foods & do interval type workouts.

You can use the Wonder Core Genius on your down days, when you want to stretch and still want to do an ab workout but not a serious one. If you want slimmer waistline this is the way to go.

Wonder Core Genius as a Plank Exerciser

The base of the Wonder Core Genius is not semi-circular so the planking exercise side-ways movement is not very smooth and is jerky.  In order for the plank board to be effective it should be unstable. The base of the Wonder Core Genius does not make the board unstable and so you would be able to balance it easily, that defeats the purpose of the plank board. Also a circular plank board is much convenient and comfortable to use than the Wonder Core Genius.

Wonder Core Genius as a Rotating Pushup Grip

The handles have some grip to them but they’re hard plastic and they hurt the hands after a while. Make sure to have a pair of workout gloves handy.

It is better to do push ups. These hurt the wrist and palms.

Although they do an okay job, the handles hurt my hands after about 20 pushups. You may need to stop doing your because your hands may hurt as opposed to fatigue. These Wonder Core Genius pushups grips slip. Motion is not fluid and that hurts.

Wonder Core Genius as Ab Roller

Nothing special about it, it is just like other rollers in the market. The Wonder Core Genius roller is smaller in size and that makes using them difficult, uncomfortable and tiring.

Just know you get what you pay for. You’re paying for a bundle deal so don’t expect something that is too high quality. The Ab wheel is a pretty basic setup. It’s a wheel with a bar and you have to put the handle bars yourself.

Wonder Core Genius as Ab Roller Plus

The plus version of the Wonder Core Genius differs. It is not great and has no resistance at all. It doesn’t work for legs maybe just the arms. The cable snaps easily even with moderate use.

Our Verdict on the Wonder Core Genius

All manufacturers of workout systems claim that their workouts systems are 100% effective and will leave you with a sculpted body as shown in their advertisements. But it is for us to understand that by simply working out you cannot attain results. Diet coupled with exercise is what works best for everyone.

By simply purchasing the equipment offered by Wonder Core Genius individually and performing your workouts with another downloadable app will make it a whole lot cheaper than spending the exorbitant amount of £129.99.

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