MaxiClimber Sport REVIEW | The NEW Vertical Climber from Max-Climber As Seen On TV

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How does MaxiClimber Sport work?

Burn calories faster and more efficiently with the MaxiClimber Sport. Climb on the MaxiClimber Sports for lean and sexy legs, rock hard abs and tone triceps and biceps. MaxiClimber Sport’s “Integrated Elastic Assistance System” allows you to adjust the elastic bands at three levels of resistance. MaxiClimber Sports claims to combine calorie burning cardio workout with intense muscle toning. MaxiClimber Sports guarantees you the body that you always dreamed of.


MaxiClimber Sport

How many Calories does MaxiClimber Sports burn?

MaxiClimber Sport claims to burn 500 calories in one hour. But this claim is not verified by any competent agency or laboratory. Do not get carried away by such unsubstantiated claims.


What is IEAS in MaxiClimber Sport

“Integrated Elastic Assist System” [IEAS] is just a gimmicky name given to elastic resistance bands to make it sound high-tech and scientific. This is the most common, cheap and prone to breaking elastic resistance bands used in crappy as seen on tv exercise machines. It provides 3 levels of resistance. MaxiClimber Sport Resistance


What Exercises can you do with the MaxiClimber SPORTS?

Maxi-Climber Sports claims to be suited for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). With HIIT you can burn more alories in shorter period of time. HIIT is well suited for people having lesser time to exercise. But there is down side of the HIIT. HIIT is very demanding, can cause injury and fatigue, you have to be already fit to do HIIT. It is not suited for the elderly. The MaxiClimber Sports claims to burn 45% more calories with the HIIT After-Burn effect. The facts have not been verified by any competent authority and hence cannot be relied upon. The MaxiClimber Sport claims to support user weight up to 240 lbs.


What to Expect from MaxiClimber

The MaxiClimber Sports claims to engage all major muscle groups to build muscles and burn calories. You can expect leaner legs, flattened and hard abs, weight loss.


Is MaxiClimber Sports a Total Body Workout Machine?

MaxiClimber Sports brandishes to be a “Total Body Workout System” which is not true. MaxiClimber Sports works on your legs, abs and arms only. It in no way works on your back and lower body. MaxiClimber Sports is not a gym equipment that will work on your entire body. MaxiClimber Sport Specs


Does MaxiClimber Sports build muscles?

Nope. MaxiClimber Sports is not designed to build body. Its main purpose is to mimic the rock climbing motion to help you burn more calories (fats) and attain a leaner body.


Is MaxiClimber Sports a Cardio Machine?

Yes. It is designed to make you sweat and burn calories in shorter period of time. It does not put stress and pressure on your joints.


MaxiClimber Sports Resistance

The earlier MaxiClimber model features Bi-directional Hydraulic Resistance System while the latest SPORTS model has a elastic resistance bands. This is an important change that you as a buyer should take a note of. Resistance elastic bands of MaxiClimber Sports are weaker as compared to hydraulic resistance of the earlier MaxiClimber model. The elastic resistance also has just three levels of resistance compare to the 12 of the earlier MaxiClimber. Elastic resistance bands are more suited for rehabilitation exercises than sports exercises. The benefit of having elastic resistance bands is that you can change the bands when they wear out.


The MaxiClimber Sports Fitness App

The MaxiClimber Fitness App lets you track your progress, calories burned and workout time for each day and month. You can connect to social media platforms through the app and share your workout details with your friends and followers. The MaxiClimber App features a 21-day Maxi-Challenge program. The 21-day plan also comes with a meal plan with 80+ recipes. After you finish the 21-day Maxi-Challenge it automatically unlocks four customized training. The 21-Day challenge is available in English and Spanish language.


MaxiClimber App Reviews

Many users have complaints about the MaxiClimber Sports App. They complain that it is very “rigid” and hard to customize. For example once you finish the 21-day program, you cannot reset the app to the day one of the 21-day program. You cannot pause the app in the middle of the workout, so if you have to attend to some work you then need to start all over again. The app can be downloaded from Google App Store and Apple iTunes


Is MaxiClimber Sports suitable for elders?

If you are an elder and are expecting to conduct HIIT exercises then you may find MaxiClimber Sports very challenging, demanding and overwhelming and may force you to quit exercises all together. But if you are okay to go slow with your exercises than MaxiClimber Sports can be of some help to help you rehabilitate.


How did those models get their body’s

MaxiClimber Sport’s features models with tones bodies, do you think they god those lean bodies with MaxiClimber Sports alone. Nope, they might not have used this machine at all. The get paid to endorse the product. The same goes with the MaxiClimber reviews on the official website. These reviews are not TRUE reviews, the participants get paid to promote the product. Its quite possible they might not have got those lean bodies with the MaxiClimber Sports.


MaxiClimber Sport Purple

Our Verdict on MaxiClimber Sport

Rock Climbing has become a new fitness trend. Rock climbing makes you sweat and burn calories. Vertical Climbers like the MaxiClimber Sport mimic the rock climbing motion and claim to provide the same results as you may get from actual climbing. MaxiClimber Sport combines Rock Climbing + HIIT. But wait you don’t really need an expensive machine like the MaxiClimber Sport to burn calories with HIIT training. has a good article named “A Sweaty 24-Minute Cardio HIIT Workout You Can Do In Your Living Room” which lists a number of HIIT exercises that you can do without a exercise machine, in your very living room.


We are not demonizing the MaxiClimber Sport in this review, we are merely pointing out the fact that you don’t need a $120 climber machine to loose weight and burn calories. Well certainly the capabilities of the MaxiClimber Sport are over-rated. The same results can be achieved by watching videos and using in-expensive workout equipment. Maxi-Climber is a machine and it is going to wear down. The fact that the MaxiClimber Sport is made by a company that has no prior experience of manufacturing sturdy and reliable fitness products, puts serious questions about the quality of the climber. If I am going to invest $120 on a fitness machine I am going to check who the manufacturer is.


MaxiClimber is nothing new there have been many models of MaxiClimbers in the market since its launch in 2014. MaxiClimber was the first “vertical climber” in the market but since then there haven’t been many climbers. And there isn’t a single vertical climber from a reputed fitness brand.


Even the MaxiClimber reviews on say a lot about the product. There are more than 2500 MaxiClimber reviews on out of which 13% reviews are with 1-star rating (poor), 6% reviews are with 2-star rating and 10% reviews are with 3-star ratings. So close to 30% MaxiClimber users (that is approx 750 users) have critical view about the product.


Remember if the MaxiClimber Sport technique had REALLY worked for burning calories, then all major fitness brands would have made vertical climbers. Do you think they (Major Fitness Brands) would have ignored the potential of vertical climbers? – NO. But you don’t see reputed fitness brands (Like Horizon, ProForm, Exerpeutic, NordicTrack, Weslo, Nautilus etc) making vertical climbers. The reason – vertical climbing does not work that efficiently. Vertical climber cannot be a replacement for a treadmill, an exercise bike or a stepper.


Vertical Climbers are just a gimmick and have very little practical value. We would suggest not to invest your money in the MaxiClimber Sport vertical climber.

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  1. René García Macin | July 16, 2022 at 12:25 am | Reply

    Very good device for mountain exercise, which makes me burn more calories.

  2. René García Macin | July 16, 2022 at 12:21 am | Reply

    Muy buen aparato para ejercicio de montaña,que me hace quemar mas calorías.

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