Total Gym Apex G5 vs XLS vs G3

In the time of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic it is safe to stay indoors and make the most out of staying indoors with these latest models of “Total Gym”. Each newer model has more exercising options to meet the requirements of everybody – from newbies to the hardened ones. Inclined weight training is tried and tested method of building stronger body in the comfort of your home. Build strength, improve your balance and endurance, strengthen core muscles and optimize your metabolism with these versatile home gyms. But with so many Total Gym models, it would be tougher the one that suits your profile. Here we have a comparison of three of the latest models of Total Gym – Apex G5, G3 and the Total Gym XLS.

Total Gym Apex G5

Total Gym Apex G5

Total Gym is the leading brand when it comes to Home Gyms but with so many models it can be confusing to select the right model. You may end up buying an expensive Total Gym model which would be an “overkill” considering your fitness goals.

Compare Differences: Total Gym Apex G5 vs XLS vs G3

Here is a summary of the differences between Total Gym Apex G5, G3 and XLS.

Compare Resistance Levels

The Apex G5 has 10 resistance levels while the other two have 6. The Total Gym Apex G5 is a winner here when compared to the other two models XLS and Apex G3.

Number of Exercises

The Total Gym XLS and Apex G5 offer 80 exercises while the Total Gym Apex G3 offers 60 exercises. Considering the high price of Total Gym XLS and lesser exercise options of Apex G3, Total Gym Apex G5 emerges winner in this parameter.

Max User Weight

Here XLS has an edge when compared to Apex G5 and G3. Total Gym XLS supports upto 400 lbs of user weight while Total Gym Apex G5 is rated slightly below at 375 lbs. The max user weight Total Gym Apex G3 can support is 300 lbs. So if you are a “really big guy” then you should go for Total Gym Apex G5 or XLS. For most people Apex G5 is the right option.

Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS

Flexible Nylon Strap Handles and Pilates Kit

The Total Gym XLS comes with the Flexible Nylon Strap Handles and Pilates Kit, they are included in the price. while Total Gym Apex G5 and G3 are compatible with the Flexible Nylon Strap Handles and Pilates Kit but you have to buy them separately. These kits are not included in the price of Apex G5 and G3.

Ab Crunch Attachment

This is an essential attachment of any Total Gym which helps you workout your core ab muscles. The Total Gym XL model comes with the Ab Crunch attachment while the other two models Total Gym Apex G5/G3 do not come with the Ab Crunch accessories, though they are compatible. XLS scores over the Apex G3/G5.

Squat Stand

Total Gym Apex G3 does not come with squat stand which lets you slim and tone your legs or build and strengthen muscles, though the Total Gym Apex G3 is compatible with the Squat Stand. The other two Total Gym models, Apex G5 and XLS include the squat stand.

Dip Bar

Only the Total Gym Apex G5 comes with with a Dip Bar. Apex G3 and the XLS do not come with the Dip Bar.

Stability Mats

Only the new Total Gym Apex G5 comes with the stability mats that improves the stability of the gym unit. The Apex G5 is more stable as compared to the other two.

Total Gym Apex G3

Total Gym Apex G3

Compare Price

The prices differ mainly because of the various attachments. The most important comparison parameter and the most decisive for Total Gym Buyers. The cheapest of the Total Gym model is the Apex G3 priced at $399, then you have the latest version – Total Gym Apex G5 priced at $499 and the costliest of them the Total Gym XLS at $999.

Compare Warranty

Total Gym APEX G3 comes with 6 months warranty, Apex G5 comes with 1 year warranty while the XLS model comes with lifetime warranty on frame and 6-month warranty on spares and parts. XLS offers more benefits over Apex G3/G5.

Total Gym Apex G3/G5’s Edge Over XLS

Total Gym Apex G5 is the latest Total Gym model succeeding the Apex G3. Total Gym Apex G3 is cheaper than Apex G5 ( cheaper by 25%) and XLS (cheaper by 250%). If you have a limited budget, these are the two of the cheapest Total Gym models. They are compatible with all the accessories that the XLS model comes with. If you you plan to build your complete home gym over a period of time then we would recommend the Total Gym Apex G3 or G5.

Why is Total Gym XLS so expensive Compared to Apex G5 & G3

The reason being, the XLS model comes with Lifetime Warranty and has all the accessories included.

Common Features and Accessories

The following are the common features associated with all the three models XLS, Apex G3 and G5.
  • Head Support
  • Quality steel frame construction
  • Auto-lock height adjustment
  • Wing Attachments
  • Leg Pull Accessory
  • Training Deck with Holder
  • Total Gym TV access
  • Cable pulley system with embroidered nylon handles
  • Padded rolling glide-board
  • Exercise Wall Chart
  • Start it Up DVD
  • Exercise Guide
  • Nutrition Guide

Total Gym XLS Pros and Cons

  • The most versatile Total Gym model that offers complete range of total exercises.
  • The XLS model like other models is very well built, to last long.
  • XLS model includes all the accessories but some of these could be on backorder.
  • Offers wide range of Pilates Exercises
  • The XLS model of Total Gym with all its accessories require more space.
  • The Glideboard cannot be moved. If you are a short person, you cannot perform leg exercises.
  • Many users still desire for smaller resistance adjustments.
  • This is a good home gym if you are limited by space.
  • The padding on the XLS is too tough.
  • It is Cumbersome to setup and store as compared to Apex G3/G5.
  • Verdict

    Based on the comparison above we recommend the Total Gym XLS model even though it is the costliest of the three Total Gym models. You probably buy a home gym only once, so go for the best. Total Gym XLS comes loaded with all the accessories and offers more exercise options and support more user weight.

    Side-By-Side Comparison

      Total Gym APEX G3 Total Gym APEX G5 Total Gym XLS
    Price $399 $499 $999
    Number of Exercises 60 80 80
    Resistance Levels 6 10 6
    Max User Weight Supported 300 lbs 375 lbs 400 lbs
    Cable pulley system with embroidered nylon handles Yes Yes New Improved Design
    Padded Rolling Glideboard Yes Yes New Improved Design
    Head Support Yes
    Flexible Nylon Strap Handles To be Bought Separately To be Bought Separately Yes
    Pilates Kit To be Bought Separately To be Bought Separately Yes
    Quality steel frame construction Yes
    Auto-lock height adjustment Yes
    Ab Crunch Attachment No No Yes
    Wing Attachments Yes
    Leg Pull Accessories Yes
    Squat Stand No Yes Yes
    Dip Bar No Yes No
    Training Deck with Holder Yes
    Stability Mats No Yes No
    Total Gym TV Access Yes
    Exercise Wall Chart Yes
    Start it Up DVD Yes
    Exercise Guide Yes
    Nutrition Guide Yes
    Warranty 6 months 12 months Lifetime warranty on Total Gym XLS frame, plus 6 months on all parts

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