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What is SweatZone?

The SweatZone consists of two elements, one the “SweatZone Easy-to-Apply Stick” and second the “Waist belt”. The workout enhancing gel [balm] claims to be made from all natural ingredients like Coconut oil, Shea butter and Aloe. The SweatZone Belt with Gel claims to make you “sweat” and burn fat.

SweatZone Belt Reviews | ShowSweatZone.com Reviews

How does SweatZone Balm Work?

How Does SweatZone Belt Work?

SweatZone Stick – As per the claims made in the official website ShopSweatZone.com, the balm works when performing any kind of exercise including cardio or high-intensity workouts. The SweatZone Balm traps the heat produced by the body during intense workouts, causing sauna like effects making you sweat even more. This way SweatZone balm claims to improve blood circulation which leads to better distribution of oxygen throughout the body resulting in better metabolism of fat.

SweatZone Gel

SweatZone Waist Belt – The SweatZone system also comes with a waist belt that fit men’s with waist size up to 36″. The waist belt is an integral part of the “sweating routine.” And it is strongly recommend to wear the belt while doing the workouts – to boost the sauna results.

SweatZone Belt

SweatZone Belt Price

The SweatZone Belt is priced at $29.99 + Free Shipping and his available only at the official website ShopSweatZone.com.

SweatZone Belt REVIEW

No Extreme Sweating

Users have reported in the reviews that the SweatZone does not produce profuse sweating as claimed by the manufacturer. A user who tried the SweatZone belt during his rigorous workout which included 45 mins cardio and 45 minutes of weight training complains that there is no serious sweating.

Unexpected Benefits of SweatZone Belts

Another SweatZone Belt review reveals that the belt does not do much to help you burn fat but the belt does help you feel softer and unbloated. The belt is comfortable if you are the right fit [though there are many conditions to be met]. The reviewer says that he prefers to workout in the SweatZone belt. The SweatZone gel is messy though. Another set of reviews mention that the tightening of the tummy has an unexpected effect of curbing your appetite. The belt also help you with warming up quicker.

No Size Option

The biggest disadvantage of the SweatZone belt is that there are no size options available. The SweatZone belt is too short for big people. The SweatZone fits good on people with short torso. The other disadvantage of the SweatZone belt is that it has only one strap to fasten, this makes it tight in the middle and loose on the edges. users mention their reviews that there are better alternatives to SweatZone belt available that have better straps.

Big People Struggle in the SweatZone Belt

There are several reviews that confirm the fact that SweatZone Belt is not suited for “big” people as they have to struggle to connect the straps.

Does Not Reduce Fat

Though the SweatZone Belt creates the “burning feeling” in your tummy, it actually does not do much to burn the fat. One users who wears the SweatZone thrice a day while jogging claims that it helps him sweat a lot but it does not help him loose weight. So the claim made by the official website ShowSweatZone.com turns out to be false. But the “sweat” does motivate you to workout harder.

The sweat that you loose wearing the SweatZone belt is not fat but water weight.

Not An Ab Belt or a Waist Trainer

Many users get tricked into believing that the SweatZone Belt is an Ab Belt, which it is not. So don’t expect SweatZone belt to give you six-pack abs. The SweatZone gel is more like a Vaseline and too much gel causes the belt to slide. You cannot wear the belt when doing abdominal exercises. The SweatZone belt restricts the movement. So the belt is mostly useful when you are doing cardio.

Loosens Up Over Time

Another disadvantage of the SweatZone Belt is that it loosens up in a a couple of weeks and des not fit snugly. “At the end of the month it is not as tight as it was earlier” – claims one reviewer. Apart from loosening up it also begins to roll.

Does Not Work to Loose Tummy Weight

One user who tried the SweatZone belt for one month while exercising and complains that instead of loosing the tummy weight the belt itself has lost its shape. It feels loose on all other parts around the waist except where you have the velcro. The SweatZone lasts for about a couple of month before it deforms. Sweating does not necessarily mean that your are loosing the fat. It just gives you the feeling that you are getting somewhere. The sweat is not the melting of the fat as you are made to believe.

SweatZone Gel Review

Not For Simple Workouts

The SweatZone gel does not make you sweat if you are engaged in simple cardio workout. You will see the “sweaty” results only if you do something more serious like HIIT. Users doing HIIT workouts have reported that it does gets warm on the areas applied. It won’t make you sweat if you are engaged in running the household errands and cleaning etc.

Slides the Belt

The SweatZone gel is greasy and causes the belt to slide. It becomes difficult to do ab workouts and does nothing to boost the circulation [Thermo-Circulation] even with the SweatZone belt worn.

Expensive Coconut Oil

Some users report that the SweatZone is nothing but an expensive coconut oil. The SweatZone gel does not give the same results that you would get from fat burning creams. Fat Burner Creams begin to work even with low-intensity workouts like walking and cardio but the SweatZone oil requires you to do much harder workouts. Users even suggest to apply plain coconut oil instead of the SweatZone oil.

The SweatZone belt and oil alone won’t do it for you. You have to maintain a proper diet, eat less and exercise regularly to loose weight. Most users complain that it is hard to tell the difference. Many reviewers claim that it is like Vaseline or Vicks VapoRub which would deliver the same results.

Gets On You Clothes

The SweatZone oil gets on your clothes and makes them damp. Since it is oil it takes time to get absorbed in the skin. You have to use a lot of SweatZone oil or you won’t sweat. The Fat Burning Creams are much convenient to use than this “coconut oil”. Make sure you keep the SweatZone oil at room temperature or else it becomes hard and is hard to apply.

Our Verdict On SweatZone Belt

Apart from making you sweat a bit more, the SweatZone does not do anything more. It certainly does not help you burn more fat in any way. The SweatZone gel is just a marketing tactic with little benefit.

If you are looking for something that will help you loose weight than go for workout training vests that look like corsets.

If you are really hooked up on this “Sweat” belt then we would recommend the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer, the tried and “tested” waist belt that gives the same results[?] as the SweatZone but at a lower cost. The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is a better alternative to SweatZone Belt.

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