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Product Claims

What is MaxiRider?


MaxiRider has revolutionized the picture of traditional gymming with a two-in-one fitness machine that blends the benefits of cycling with rowing for an incredibly effective full body workout. The machine is uniquely crafted to combine two exercises in one device.

Cycle while you row in a single move to burn more fat and make your exercise session twice as useful.

The movement of the machine is perfectly smooth, and the result of the exercise becomes evident within half the time as the MaxiRider machine delivers twice more effective and efficient results.

How does it Work?

The fitness machine, MaxiRider, works to burn more fat and lose the extra pounds in half the time. The machine runs to provide cardio and strength workout at the same time.

The indexing display of the machine is marked with eight levels of magnetic resistance. You can increase the level of resistance to put in more strength and lose more calories during the workout.

The combined workout focuses on the development of lean muscles while burning out the body fat at the same time. Working out with cycling and rowing at the same time helps in the development of all the major groups of muscles in the body.

How to use MaxiRider?


The best and most effective way of using the MaxiRider machine is to make it run on both the modes that include rowing and cycling. However, if you want to relax your torso while causing the lower part work, then you can slide the resistance to a lower level for ideal cardio day workout.

You can also increase the level to the position of the spinning bicycle for maximum and full-fledged workout.

The Name “MaxiRider” (Name Analysis)

The name combines the two words- “Maxi” and “Rider,” the former being derived from the Latin word “Maxima,” meaning maximum. Get the maximum benefits of your workout by riding the machine of dual facilities of rowing and cycling.


The manufacturer wants to deliver an idea about how wonderfully useful the machine is for the desperate weight loss aspirant. There is nothing more that we love than anything in the world that makes promises of making you slim, fit, and gorgeous, and the way the manufacturer projects the claims we get swayed by them.

But it is up to the buyer to buy the product and investigate the promises it makes.

Claim Analysis


Let’s check how far this fitness machine is useful in making you fit, that too in half the time.

  • “1 machine, two workouts with patented Row+Cycle Motion.”
    There are hundreds of fitness machines in the world that come with promises of a hot body, but not all of them can live up to the expectations, and some of them fail miserably. The MaxiRider machine is one of them. The combination of cycling and rowing is an unhealthy combination for the body as it can have adverse effects on the movement of joints in the body.
  • “Get strength and cardio workout simultaneously.”
    A simultaneous combination of cardio and strength takes an adverse toll upon the body. There is hardly any effect of the dual workout on body weight and fat, and such an exercise gives painful body cramps and muscle spasms. 


    The promise of reducing more fats in less time does not sound convincing either. These are mere advertising gimmicks meant to allure customers into their profiteering business.

  • “8 levels of magnetic resistance for the perfect workout.”
    The display of the MaxiRider machine might show you the marks from 1 to 8, but you can hardly feel any difference in power between 2-7. Yes, the power is minimum at 1 and maximum at 8, but what about the numbers in between? The manufacturer has no idea about these numbers either. How terrible is that?
  • “Focus on building lean muscle while you spot reduce fat.”
    The dual combination of the MaxiRider machine over strains the lean muscles and drains them out of energy. Yes, it does help to reduce excess body fat, but that comes at the cost of severe muscle cramps and spasms that affect the health adversely.
  • “Target all major muscle groups with one machine.”
    Working out on the MaxiRider machine indeed targets the major groups of muscles, but not with development but with pain, tautness, and cramps.
  • “Low impact perfect for all fitness levels.”
    The MaxiRider machine is not suitable for people with a low level of fitness or who have just started gymming, as the dual workout takes a significant toll on muscle health and well being.

Price Analysis

The price of the MaxiRider machine is $34.95 (with free S&H) which is too expensive as compared to traditional and more effective gym equipment.


Invest in traditional gym equipment like separate rowing and cycling machines for good health.

Offer Analysis


The MaxiRider machine is available for free delivery with free S&H and a guaranteed return within thirty days of use if proven to be ineffective for the customer. The machine is payable by a credit card.

Reviews on the Product Site

The website seems to be a hub of cooked reviews. While some say that they lost quite a few pounds in a just a month of double workout with MaxiRider, other are raving over how slim and fit they have become within a couple of weeks of use. The reviews do not sound convincing at all and are indeed not authentic.

Product Review

MaxiRider targets the weak points of every individual on earth, and that weak point is that everyone wants to shed fats and get fit and gorgeous. But fitness can only be achieved through sincere and dedicated exercise and workout, and not by running after claims and promises that random manufacturers make on the internet.


Our Verdict

There is no proof of the effects of working out on the MaxiRider. The manufacturer promises to return the money if the machine is proven to be ineffective, but what he does not say is the kind of questions and harassment that the customer will have to put up with to extract even a penny from the manufacturer. So, before you dole out your bucks by advertising gimmicks, think twice and save your budget.

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