Core Magic Review | Does Ab Trainer work?

What is Core Magic?

Everyone wants those toned sizzling abs but ab exercises on the floor are too hard for most of us and can strain your back and neck. Core Magic claims to be a new ab exerciser that gets you off the floor. Like its predecessors, the Core Magic too claims to give you hardcore abs, stronger back and improved posture.

How does Core Magic Work?

Core Magic exercise claims to provide low impact crunches in a seated position. The Core Magic provides ab crunches, side crunches and alternating crunches. According to the promoters of Core Magic, you just have to use the exerciser 3 minutes day. The Cor Magic ab machine tones and tightens all the muscles in your core, lower abdomen and back.

Core Magic Review

Core Magic claims to feature a patent pending vertical resistance technology which delivers strain free dynamic workout without impacting your joints.


Core Magic is priced at $59.99 + $6.99 S/h and is available at the official website

Core Magic Review

Lets analyze the claims made by Core Magic

3 Minutes a Day

Verdict – This claim is FALSE. You are not going to get those six pack abs shown in the Core Magic ad with this ab machine alone. And certainly not using it just three minutes day.

Low Impact – No Strain on Your Back and Neck

Verdict – True. Reviews confirm that Core Magic does not put strain on your back and neck like free weights do. The resistance offered by Core Magic is so minuscule that most hardcore users find this hopelessly useless.

Get Your Best Body Ever – Strengthen, Tone and Define Your Abs, Waist and Core

Verdict – Yes, the Core Magic is built to work on your midsection that includes abs, waist and core. But don’t expect to get those flat abs with Core Magic alone. You will have to follow a rigorous exercise routine and may be you can incorporate the Core Magic ab trainer in your routine. But certainly the Core Magic cannot take the center-stage in your abdominal exercise routine.

Improve Flexibility – Make Everyday Activities Easier Than Ever

Verdict – Nope. This claim is absolutely FALSE. Core Magic cannot help you improve your flexibility. Flexibility is built by Yoga, Pilates and Stretching Exercises. You cannot improve stability with a ab trainer exercising just three minutes.

Does Core Magic Work?

More Than Just “Abs” – Work Your Entire Core While Seated

Verdict – Not entirely False. Though Core Magic works your entire core with you in a comfortable seated position but it does not offer the same results that you would get doing the traditional crunches, sit-ups, planks and dips. If you are a hardcore and are serious about getting washboard abs then you shouldn’t rely on Core Magic alone.

Workouts That Fit Your Schedule – Results in just Minutes a Day

Verdict – False, while the Core Magic is just right ab exerciser for those with busy lifestyle, it cannot deliver the desired results using just minutes a day. You need to work your abs (and that means “real” exercises) for at-least 30 to 60 minutes everyday.

Build a Healthier Back – Improves Posture by Strengthening Your Back and Core

Verdict – False. Core Magic is not strong enough to build a stronger back. It does nothing to your back. It is a plain lie and misleading advertising by the promoters of Core Magic manufacturers.

Lose Weight, Get Strong and Look Great

verdict – False. Neither can you lose weight with Core Magic, nor can you build stronger muscles. It is an ab trainer that helps you do crunches in a seated position, that it. It is not a total body workout machine.

Is Core Magic worth the Price?

Nope. Core Magic is definitely is not worth the cost of $60. There are better alternatives available that help you do the ab crunches on the floor, like the ” Perfect Fitness Crunch”. Remember if you want to have those flat abs , you have to go back to the floor.

Does Core Magic Ab Trainer Work?

Nope. The Core Magic does not work as shown on the TV commercial. The Core Magic does not offer any meaningful resistance for a well-built hardcore individual, it is more like a “toy” and suited more for women then men. One reviewer reveals how and why the Core Magic “does not work”. He mentions in his review that the correct way of doing crunches is on the floor and not with the Core Magic. The main complaint about Core Magic is the poor resistance it offers. Unlike Core Magic, floor crunches offer far better “natural” resistance in the form of the weight of the torso. When you use an ab trainer like Core Magic in an upright position, the torso actually helps you “do” the crunches, robbing precious resistance. The Core Magic spring resistance is overwhelmed by the weight of the torso and your upper body (that is what pushes it down!) and the resistance spring expands back offering no resistance at all (when expanding)! This leaves very little “work” to be done by the core/ab muscles that is why you do not feel the “burn” in your abs when using the Core Magic.

Final Verdict

You have to sweat and work hard to build a toned abs & core, and to build a fit body you need to take EFFORTS. Core Magic promises to minimize efforts and yet claims to give you the gym like results, this is not possible. To get real results, you have to go to the floor and not get off the floor (and buy a gimmick like Core Magic) and work hard to get those toned abs.

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