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What is Backlounge?

Backlounge claims to be an exercise machine that combines inversion therapy and core strengthening routines. The cause of the back pain is the vertebrates compressing and pinching the nerves in your back. Inversion Therapy reverses the effects of gravity by decompressing the vertebrates and relieving the compressed nerves, thus relieving the back pain.


Backlounge Review | Exposed



How does Backlounge Work?

You slowly pushback on the Backlounge machine that mimics the motion of an inversion table. The stretching supposedly realigns the spine and decompresses the vertebrates. The Backlounge can also be used to strengthen your core muscles that support your back. Sit-ups on ground can strain your neck and back, but with the Backlounge you can get ab strengthening and inversion therapy routines all in one exerciser – the Backlounge.


Backlounge Exercises


How do I get up after using the Backlounge?

Ensure you are in the upright, seated position before you attempt to get off the Backlounge. Gently put both your feet firmly on the ground and grasp the safety handles with your hands. Attempt to firmly stable yourself with the help of the handles as you stand and get off the Backlounge. Being in the inverted position could cause you to fell faint or lightheaded, so it is important you remain in the upright position until you feel better, before getting off the Backlounge. Never get off from the side of the Backlounge as it could tip over.

How long should I use the Backlounge each time?

It is recommended to talk to your physician to understand the level of exercise that is safe and effective for you. If you feel or experience any discomfort while on the Backlounge, slowly return to the upright, seated position and exit the Backlounge. when ready.


Pricing of

The is priced at $199.96 and you can do 4 monthly payments of $49.99. The official website is



Backlounge Design

The Backlounge features a chair like design, it resembles the Ab Lounge, the abdominal exerciser from the early 2000s. The Backlounge features hand-rails at the top and at the arm rest level. The Backlounge also has massage rollers on the back support and lower back and a pair of leg rollers.


Backlounge FAQs


Backlounge Supposed Features

  • Claims to be safe to use. But reviews tell a different story. Users don’t fell safe at all on the Backlounge. It feels like it would snap any movement. The fabric and the frame material is flimsy.
  • Targets Ab and Core Muscles. This too is an useless feature as reported by reviewers. The same exercises can be done without any expensive exercise machine and that too by people of all fitness levels. Besides the Backlounge is difficult to use, it is particularly hard to stretch backward with your feet resting on the leg rollers.



Backlounge Testimonials


Backlounge Reviews

Backlounge Does Not Work

The biggest complaint that renders the machine redundant is that “It does not work”. They have just re-introduced the “ab lounger” machine with a new fancy name – reviewers say. “You don’t feel the burn in your core section while working out on the Backlounge.” You don’t need a $200 piece of exercise machine to get rid of your lower back pain. Simple stretches like the ones mentioned here can give you better results. The Backlounge cannot accommodate tall people. Exercising on the Backlounge is awkward and just does not feel right, users complain.


Requires a lot of Space

Reviewers write to use that the Backlounge requires a lot of space to workout with. One review particularly mentions that you need a separate room to work out on the Backlounge. The machine is bulky and folding it does not make it any smaller, it still requires a a lot of space to store the folded Backlounge. Not suited for apartment dwellers at all.


The Backlounge Looks Delicate

Reviewers complain that the Backlounge exerciser looks like it is going to fall apart. The machine needs to be “handled with care” and does not look like it would last long. The manufacturer [] doe snot provide any information about replacement parts, which you are going to need a lot. There are also complains of the Backlounge squeaking



Does Backlounge Relieve Back Pain?

Not really. The claim is based on the recent study that the zero-gravity nature of inversion therapy can reduce the compression of the lower vertebrates. But these tests were done on a very small group of 47 people suffering from chronic back pain. The test results are still inconclusive and are do not prove that the Inversion Therapy can reduce back pain.


Is Backlounge an Inversion Table?

Nope. Backlounge is not an Inversion Table. You lie down flat on an inversion table and incline the inversion table to 60 degree and maintain the position for about three minutes. In the case of Backlounge you are not lying flat. You legs are bent down on the leg rollers at a 90 degree angle to your body. This is an “unscientific” method of inversion therapy and should not be adopted without consulting a physician.


Difficult to Assemble

The other prominent complains of the Backlounge is that it is an hell of a task to assemble the exerciser. The parts do not fit together, the holes are not lined up and the bolts are hard to pass through. And the Backlounge weighs a lot, not convenient to carry from one place to other. “You need to have a lot of patience to put the Backlounge together”, a user mentions in his review.


Inadequate User Weight

The machine is definitely not built for heavy people and supports user weight up to 250 lbs. only. Inversion tables out there support user weight up to 350 lbs. The reviewer recommends to get a “real” inversion table and not get sucked into the “Relieve back pain” rip-off.


Limited Range Of Exercises

According to one user it is not at all a wise decision to invest $200 in an exercise machine that lets you do a very few exercise. And you don’t need an expensive exercise like the Backlounge to do the simple exercises that it mimics.


Can be Hazardous

One user who has a an old back injury, tried the Backlounge and he complains that the backpain has become more sever after using the Backlounge.



Our Verdict On Backlounge

Backlounge does not work and in fact it can aggravate your lower back pain Never use exercisers like the Backlounge without consulting your physician. It is a cheap [in every sense] alternative to inversion table and the combination of “inversion therapy” and “core strengthening” does not work in reality. If it had really worked, then the big brand We do not recommend the Backlounge.

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