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What is Ab Ace 360?

“Ab Ace 360” is an abdominal exercise machine. Ab stands for Abdominal, Ace stands for Maestro, and 360 represents the rotating motion of the seat. We haven’t seen an as seen on tv ab exerciser of lately, finally we have one that claims to help you shed weight in the lockdown. It is Ab Ace 360 from Tristar Products INC. The Ab Ace 360 makes the same claims that its predecessors made, tone and tighten your entire core in minutes a day.

Ab Ace 360 TryAbAce.com Review

How does Ab Ace 360 Work?

The Ab Ace 360 claims to mimic the motion of the “ab crunches” – the most effective of the abdominal exercises to tone and tighten your mid-section. The promoters of the Ab Ace 360 claim that the ab exerciser uses patented “Smart Ab Gliding System” that supports your back when you go up and down. The Ab Ace 360 claims to target your upper, lower and middle abs as you go up and down on the machine. This according to the manufacturer lets you achieve the results in half the time you would otherwise achieve through the normal crunches. Reviewers claim that this claim about the Ab Ace 360 is totally false and is a marketing gimmick.

Design of the Ab Ace 360

The ab machine resembles many of its predecessors like the Ab Twister and the Ab Rocket. It has a circular seat that seats on a metal stand below. The back support is curved and not straight [as it is with the Ab Twister]. One of the drawbacks of the design of the Ab Ace 360 is that the curved “Smart Arm Glide System” does not go down all the way like you would do in natural crunches. The curved part touches the ground when you are still at some angle above the ground. The seat is small and you cannot kneel on the pad to workout your legs and glutes, reviews say.


360 Degree Rotating Seat

The back support massage claims to provide deep soothing massage as you work out on the Ab Ace 360. The best part of the Ab Ace 360 is that the seat can rotate in 360 degree providing good workout for your obliques.

Sculpting Resistance Bands

The Ab Ace 360 comes with sculpting bands that attach to the hooks on the seat. TryAbAce.com claims that the bands help you develop sexy arms and shoulders, toned triceps, build biceps, get a well defined chest and more. Ab Ace 360 claims to be for the full body, the straps can be used to work your legs and glutes too. The official review video is loaded with people with well toned abs and well built arms and shoulders to reflect on the capabilities of the Ab Ace 360 ab machine. One of our product reviewers asks, did all those “actors” get those toned bodies using this ab machine? – Certainly NOT.

Price of Ab Ace 360

The price of the Ab Ace 360 is $99.99. You can try the ab machine for a trial period of 60 days for $14.95 [the classic as seen on tv offer] which is the S/h fee. After 60 days you will be charged three payments of $33.33 every month, amounting to $99.99. You can make a single payment of $99.99 and the shipping charge of $14.95 S/h will be waived off. Remember that if you decide to return the Ab Ace 360 machine, you still have to pay $14.95 s/h.


Ab Ace 360 REVIEW

Okay so now let’s analyze the reviews and find out if Ab Ace is really worth the price of $99.99.

Our reviewers opine that Ab Ace 360 exaggerates its features and capabilities. And the official review of the Ab Ace 360 makes a couple of blatant false claims, let’s what these claims are.


Assisted Crunches

The most blatant of the lies is that the promoters claim that normal ab crunches put strain on your back and neck and that you need assistance in doing the crunches. Well this is not true, you don’t need an abdominal crunch machine like the Ab Ace 360 to help you with the crunches. In-fact assisted crunches are beneficial than the normal crunches. So the claim made by Ab Ace 360 that it delivers twice the results in half of the time is poppycock. If you have chronic back/neck pain, you should avoid doing the crunches.

One of our reviewers points out the fact that the neck support mechanism of the Ab Ace 30 actually pushes you up, robbing the stomach muscles of the contraction required to workout the core muscles. Also the motion of the back support is not smooth and uniform.


Quality of the Abe Ace 360 Machine

Reviews mention that the built quality of the Ab Ace 360 is poor. It is not built to last. It is not sturdy. The machine is not stable and it wobbles when you do the workouts. When you lean back, the base of the machine gets lifted. Many people especially those who are BIG find it very difficult to use the Ab Ace 360. So the tall claim that the Ab Ace 360 is “BIOENGINEERED” is utterly false.

The Myth of the Strain

You have to put the strain on the muscles to tone them. If you have chronic back and neck pain, you should avoid crunches of all types. There is no way you can adjust the resistance. Some people may find the machine too short for their liking.


Resistance Band Training

The promoters of the Ab Ace 360 make unsubstantiated claims that resistance bands can help you build biceps, triceps, chest and back. But the fact is that the resistance bands aren’t strong enough to “build” muscles. You need to workout with free weights to build muscle, resistance bands are not going to help you.


Is Ab Ace 360 a Home Gym?

The another false advertising is the claim that Ab Ace 360 is a Home Gym. Well they have the excuse that since the machine can be used to target the upper body [using the resistance straps], the midsection [using the crunch motion], chest, triceps/biceps, back [again using the resistance bands] and legs [with the resistance bands], they call it the Home Gym. But a true home gym comes with “weights” and resistance training is no match to the free weights. So calling the Ab Ace 360 a Home Gym is a big JOKE.


Is the Product Unique?

Nope, there have been similar products (not exactly the same but close to it) like the Ab Rocket and the Ab Twister. The difference with the Ab Ace 360 is that it has the rotating seat and has straps. Well, the predecessors of the Ab Ace 360 too have straps, one other important difference is that the Ab Ace 360 does not have adjustable resistance.

Our Verdict

We do not recommend the Ab Ace 360, it is good for nothing. Neither is it a good ab crunch machine nor for resistance training. We would suggest you ascertain your fitness goals first. Mostly you wouldn’t require any machine to help you out. Doing obliques also don’t require any external help. You can do these exercises on your own without any aid. Even the twisting workouts can be done without any aids. As for the resistance straps, you can buy them for as low as $30 from Amazon.com.

We think that Ab Ace 360 is just an excuse for you to exercise. All the exercises imitated by the Ab Ace 360 do not need any exercise at all. So stop fooling yourself and hit the ground and work it out.

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