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Core Magic Review | Does Ab Trainer work?

Core Magic Review | Does Ab Trainer work?

What is Core Magic? Everyone wants those toned sizzling abs but ab exercises on the floor are too hard for most of us and can strain your back and neck. Core Magic claims to be a new ab exerciser that gets you off the floor. Like its predecessors,...

MaxiRider Review

Product Claims Name Analysis Claim Analysis Price Analysis Offer Analysis Product Review Our Verdict   Product Claims What is MaxiRider? MaxiRider has revolutionized the picture of traditional gymming with a two-in-one...
Power Legs Review | Foot Massager Exposed

Power Legs Review | Foot Massager Exposed

What is Power Legs? How does it work? Power Legs Review Our Verdict     What is Power Legs Technically speaking the Power Legs is a portable version of the vibration plate exercise machine with acupressure feature....

Theragun vs HyperICE Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus

  Theragun G3PRO HyperICE Hypervolt HyperICE Hypervolt Plus Verdict Speed Settings 2 Speed 2 Speed 3 Speed HyperVolt with 3 settings has an edge over Theragun and Hypervolt basic model. But speed setting alone is not the parameter...
Total Gym Apex G5 vs XLS vs G3

Total Gym Apex G5 vs XLS vs G3

Compare Differences Total Gym Apex G3/G5 vs XLS Common Features and Accessories Total Gym XLS Pros and Cons Our Verdict Side-By-Side Comparison In the time of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic it is safe to stay indoors and make...

Wonder Core Genius REVIEW

What is Wonder Core Genius? How does Wonder Core Genius work? Wonder Core Genius Claim Analysis Wonder Core Genius Review Our Verdict on the Wonder Core Genius What is Wonder Core Genius? Wonder Core Genius claims to be a revolutionary,...

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