Urine Gone ProClean REVIEW

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What is Urine Gone ProClean?

Urine Gone ProClean

Urine Gone Pro Clean claims to be a proven stain and odor eliminator that permanently removes stains and odors from carpets, upholstery hardwood floors and more! It further states that with its attachable blacklight stain detector, eliminating stains in light and dark will be better than ever before!

How does Urine Gone ProClean work?

Urine Gone Pro Clean alleges that its bioengineered probiotic action guarantees to eliminate urine odor and stains forever! When you spray it on, the stains and odors will be gone forever! It maintains that its secret is its breakthrough probiotic formula. When you spray it, it discharges an army of probiotics that have an appetite for urine. They go deep down into the carpet, pad and floorboards to find it, break it down and permanently eliminate the odors and stains so nothing remains!

Urine Gone ProClean

Urine Gone Pro Clean emphasizes it is 100% safe for you and your pets. It also guarantees to stop your pet from going back to mark the same spot.  It further states it can be used to erase stains and odors all around the house such as: porcelain, plastic, tile, mattress and more!

Urine Gone Pro Clean claims it works so well it carries the Carpet and Rug Institute of America’s seal of approval!

Urine Gone ProClean Review

Intentionally naming a product so that potential buyers believe the claims made by the marketers doesn’t necessarily mean the product actually works. In the same way, simply giving a name such as “Urine Gone Pro Clean” is simply a marketing ploy to get people to believe the solution actually works. Don’t fall for such false claims.

Urine Gone ProClean

“Proven stain and door eliminator”

Oh really? And proven by? I mean if you look online for the best “urine door eliminator, Urine Gone Pro Clean is nowhere to be seen. Good reviews of a product will at least ensure it actually works but with absolutely no reviews of Urine Gone Pro Clean how can one be sure it really works? Falling blindly for such fake claims is nothing but ignorance?

“Attachable blacklight stain detector”

Don’t fall for such tall claims by the manufacturers of Urine Gone Pro Clean. With no mention of what kind of light and how bright the blacklight stain detector is, how do we know if the light will actually help find stains in the dark? To find stains in dim light, it is necessary to have bright light but we cannot be sure that this blacklight stain detector will provide the necessary lighting. Also, if you really need a light to check for urine stains it is advisable to simply use a bright torchlight.

“Probiotic formula – Eliminates odors and stains”

When we see the word probiotic we assume that it will be 100% effective. If this formula really worked 100%, wouldn’t all other similar companies use the same formula? We cannot guarantee that just because Urine Gone Pro Clean is a stain and odor eliminator with bioengineered probiotic action it will definitely work. Thoughtlessly falling for such false claims is only going to cost you money. So it’s wise to do some research before you decide to spend on this one.

“Stops your pet from going back to mark the same spot”

This one beats them all! How does Urine Gone Pro Clean stop your pet from going back to mark the same spot? Does that mean if you spray Urine Gone Pro Clean everywhere in the house, your pet will not urinate anymore? Something not right here, don’t you think? How can spraying something stop your pet from going back to mark the same spot? It’s time marketers think reasonably before making such absurd claims!

“100% safe for you and your pet”

We cannot be sure of whether or not it is really 100% safe for you and your pet. There is no explanation to back this claim.

“Carpet and Rug Institute of America’s Seal”

Okay, so it may work on carpets and rugs but what is the guarantee it will permanently erase stains and odors on all material around the house?

Price of Urine Gone Pro Clean

It is priced at $19.99 plus free shipping.

Urine Gone Pro Clean what do I get offer?

Urine Gone ProClean

Super Sized Urine Gone Pro Clean Stain and Odor Eliminator for only $19.99 plus FREE SHIPPING! As an added bonus you will receive a Blacklight Stain Detector if you pay separate $6.95 fee which is total of $26.94. This is nothing but a tactic to lure customers to buy it.

You can also purchase the deluxe upgrade that includes an extra Super Sized Urine Gone Pro Clean bottle for an additional $10 more for a grand total of $36.94.

Our Verdict on Urine Gone Pro Clean

With thousands of odor removal products in the market today, choosing an effective one can be a daunting task. There are also cheaper alternatives that may also work better. It is better to purchase an odor removal solution that has been tried and tested than one which only claims to be proven but has not been tried and tested by users.

Better still, you could also first try using a natural remedy to remove urine odors and stains that have been tried and tested by users. So save your money and first try natural remedies such as vinegar, baking soda, corn starch and see if it works before you jump and purchase the Urine Gone Pro Clean.

We cannot be sure whether this formula is actually safe for you and your pet. Simply claiming to be probiotic doesn’t necessarily make it safe.

We also cannot vouch for the quality of the Blacklight Stain Detector.  Also, adding this as a bonus is nothing but the marketers trick to attract new buyers. To see better, you can simply use a bright torchlight that most of us surely own. So simply spending an additional $6.95 fee for this Blacklight Stain Detector is nothing but a total waste of money.

We recommend first trying some natural remedies to eliminate odor and stains or used tried and tested products.

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